Monday, March 2, 2009

The Dark Age is Over: The Death of the Mullet

Ye's (gratefully) ephermal mullet is gone... for now. Above is Yeezy- featured with his most recent dime-piece Amber, who has been ubiquitous in photos of Kanye's fashion show endeavors as of recent-minus that horrid cut. BTW, notice 'Ye sporting the New Balance sneaks and surprisingly not his Louis Vs or his Aqua 8's.

To reiterate on what homie Siempre threw at yall bout his Story Tellers spot, shit was soooo dope. Bow in the presence of greatness lol Just gonna mention some of the highlights of the show, for me at least:
- Ye finally addressing 50! In case you missed Curtis' recent shot at Yeezy, check that here. No matter how awkward of an acknowledgement it was via Kanye, I'm glad to know he's not shying away from any beef.
-The opening of the set with "See You In My Nightmares" (minus Wayne) was so ill. Shit got me chills right off the bat.
-The sometimes awkward and baffling freestyles that were spit via Martin Louis the King, no matter how dumb he sounded. I loved the emotion and passion Yeezy displayed for this set.
-Lastly, his words on the doctor who performed the surgery on his mother, the great Dr. Donda West. Emotions definitely flared throughout the whole show.

In the words of Siempre, the set 'Ye put on for the folks of VH1 and music audiences in general was truly a blessing. I'm already vigilantly awaiting ANY more pieces to the puzzle of Kanye's alleged tour, "Ye Vs. The Volcano." I'm sure a doppeeee follow up to the GITDT awaits us

Meanwhile, I'll just bump out the live performances that the LV Don blessed us with in my car- with a conglomeration of some Drake joints-until something of this monumental quality comes across us.

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