Monday, December 31, 2007

Straight Cash Homie

I've had just about enough of the reruns. I've missed Scrubs for about a month now, and I can't take it anymore.

Jon Stewart paid his writers with his own money for a full week, but that wans't enough incentive for them to continue. It seems that the only new stuff going on is reality TV (but who the hell is paying those writers?), and its disgustingly bad.

Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien are returning next week, and Carson Daly was given an ultimatum to return (go on or get cancelled..... who watches him anyway?), but not everyone stays up for late night TV.

Writers have been picketing and chanting, trying to make their case for higher wages for going on 8 weeks now. They have solid reasoning behind it too, due to people downloading shows and movies, the royalties they're supposed to get for DVDs have dwindled down to about $.09 per sale (and most DVDs cost about $20 a piece). These guys work hard, regardless of writing a 30 minute TV script or a 2 hour movie script.

Now, maybe we can't solve this problem with long night and a pot of coffee, but c'mon, people want their TV back. Maybe we'll just have to do what we were all taught from the comedies:

Give a monkey a typewriter and hope for the best.

I Could Give a Damn About a Grammy

But what is the point this year? All I really care about when it comes to the Grammy's is the Hip-hop rap catagory and god was i dissapointed this year. I was mad enough last year when Lupe lost the Best Rap/ Hip-hop album to Ludacris' Release Therepy, but this year takes the cake. There are some good things though.Kanye got nominated for Album of the year and he probably is going to win. Also Common got nominated twice for 'The People' and 'Southside'. Also Nas got a nomination for Hip-Hop is Dead, which i really enjoyed.

Now heres where it gets worse. For the Best Rap preformance by a Duo or Group category, not only is 'Make It Rain' nominated, but it is accompanied by 'Party Like a Rockstar'. Also the is a Best Rap/Sung Collaboration category, which I don't even wanna get into because you know its a terrible category. Also R. Kelly got a nomination for 'Same Girl' which was easily the stupidest fucking R&B song next to trapped in the closet. R. Kelly is a singing narrorator and it pains my ears to listen. I miss the 'I believe I Can Fly' R. Kelly.

And finally I went to look at the best Rap Song of the Year.

I Look and see 'Ayo Technology'-terrible

'Big Things Poppin'- ok

'Can't Tell Me Nothin'- pretty good

'Good Life'- ehhh

and the one reason why i lost all hope in the Grammy's....


The grammys are supposted to be the biggest award in Music, you are taking away credibility from yourself when you do stupid shit like even mention Soulja boy's namewhen it comes to recieving an honorable award. He sounds like he is illeterate, and i could only imagine what his acceptance speech will sound like if he wins.

If Soulja can win a Grammy, I can be the next Elvis. I give up man. Im boycotting the Grammys

Sports in 2007: A Look Back

So 2007 is hours away from ending and I feel its appropriate to take a look back at the biggest sports stories of the year.


In college sports, it was the year of the Gator. UF had a year that no other college has ever experienced. A football national championship, a basketball national championship, and a Heisman trophy. I am a Gator fan so its been pretty good but I cant stand everybody's all-american Tim Tebow. It seems that he's just too perfect. People brag about how he is not only a perfect player, but he's also a great student and a humble person. Well, Tebow isnt a good student being that he had to be home schooled throughout high school to stay acedimically eligible and barely got excepted into UF with a 900 SAT score. As for him being humble, I've been told he's actually pretty cocky. Im not saying he doesnt have a reason to be cocky and I dont think its terrible that he's not really smart, Im just tired of everybody at ESPN and all other sports shows acting like he's superhuman.


As far as professional sports go, the place to be was Boston. The once "curse" Red Sox won their second world series in four years. The Boston Celtics transformed their team from the worst in the NBA to potentially one of the best in franchise history (and in Boston, that means something). I mean, how lucky are Celtics fans? One monent, the team is on the verge of trading away their only star to rebuild, the next they've added KG and Ray Allen AKA. Jesus Shuttlesworth. And then there's the Pats. The team just finished the regular season 16-0 after stealing Randy Moss and Wes Welker. Do I want the patriots to go undefeated? That issue is for another time.

This year's college football season had two historic finishes. I guarantee these two plays will be shown over and over for years to come just like CAL v STANFORD "The Band Is Out On The Field!"
Biggest upset of all time:

Craziest finish I've ever seen:


Soccer was supposed to be legitimized in the U.S. by the arrival of superstar David Beckham. Instead, all we saw was Beckham do was sit in the owners box and walk the red carpet with Tom Cruise. I guess America will have to look to its youth to make soccer popular.

And in the NHL... wait. Did the NHL even have a season this year? Exactly.


LeBron James became the best player in the NBA when he dropped 48 on the Pistons defense. For all those out there that say LeBron is overrated, name any other player that could score every point for his team in the final 18 minutes of the game. In the playoffs.


Oh, and every baseball player from the 90's took steroids. I honestly dont care anymore. Im over it. Can we talk about the players who arent juicing in the 00's (I guess thats how you abbreviate this decade). A-ROD, Johan Santana, Prince Fielder. Lets talk about those guys.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

N***a that brought you ice creams 2 for a pair...

ite guys, so i just got in from the big apple last nite. the place i was most looking foward to going was the bbc/ice cream flagship store, and i was definitely not dissapointed. the store was crazy, and its def a must see if any of you hit up NY soon. If you're a Startrak maniac like myself, then'll you'll love the atmosphere of the store. They were blazing a buncha tracks blessed by the looniest P and Hugo mind boss themselves. so here are a few pics.. sorry they're kinda limited cos of the crazy security up in there

Even the stairs were crazy! While you work your way up to the bbc floor, you're almost blinded with the words, "Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket."

so there you have it. basically, the store is nuts; you definitely gotta check it out if you can. its located at 456 West Broadway. unless you have the mentality of the aforementioned slogan,though, don't plan on buying anything..

Friday, December 28, 2007

HIP-HOP news

>>>Young Joc showed up to court 7 hours late on a gun possession charge. I guess it must be that Dope Boy Magic

>>>Chuck D is looking to be the new Def Jam President. Is Chuck the right man though. I say bring back Rick Rubin

>>>There are new clues in the Tupac murder case. Too bad its been over a decade and no one still thinks he faked is own death and is hiding in a town in Africa called Rukahs which is Shakur spelled backward

>>>Diddy got a Hollywood Star on the walk of fame, right next to the honorable Farnsworth Bently.

>>>Finally my man Ghostface made an appearance in the Dewy Cox movie. Just thought you should all know

Naledge is Power

Kidz in the Hall mixtape.
Here it is: link

Track List:

Mo Money, Mo Problems

So Rich Rodriguez has jumped from West Virginia to Michigan. Good for him. I honestly dont understand why somebody would want to leave a program they built and cant possibly be fired from in favor of a "prestigious" school like Michigan. Good luck dealing with all the boosters, media, and crazed fans who cant wait to burn your car after defeating Ohio State. What's more, at a big time program like Michigan, its very important to cover up all the academic foul play that goes on (and it DOES GO ON. Its not just at FSU, its at every school where sports are important, like 95% of universities.).

Usually the story would end there. But in old Rich's case, he's more concerned with staying rich than moving on (yes, pun intended). Last year, Rodriguez thought about becoming Alabama's coach before signing a contract extension at West Virgina. Dude got a $4 million dollar bonus for signing. In his contract, there was a stipulation that said if Rich left for more money, he'd have to give back his big bonus. Obviously, nobody wants to give away $4 million dollars, but a deals a deal.

Now, Rodriguez is refusing to give back the money because he says West Virginia didnt live up to everything in his contract. Those "things" he's talking about are big issues like control over the sideline passes and the temperature of the milk in his office (So maybe I'm exagerating a little, but you get the idea.). The school is now suing him for the $4 million dollars. Rich, you should just give it up and start doing things that Michigan hired you to do. You know, like recruit football players.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

JunoWatImSayin..... Too Corny?

Your local movie theater is begging you to visit. Please give it it's fix and go see Juno, it's the biggest breath of fresh air in 2007.
Juno is byfar the most well-written film of the year, regardless of genre, and it stars are some of TVs most cherished actors (well, if you liked Arrested Development, then you will want to make sweet, sweet love to this movie).

For those of you who don't know, Juno is simply a story of teenage pregnancy and growing up, with a few bumps along the way (sorry I had to steal the tagline).

Now, nothing seems to be funny about this plot, but the actors play the script perfectly, which makes for an hour and a half of Hollywood perfection. Once again Mike Cera (the skinny one from Superbad) plays a dorky kid (Paulie Bleeker) who strives to play it cool, who ends up becoming a baby daddy to Ellen Page's Juno. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but all you need to know is that Jason Bateman kills in this movie.

'07 answered the call for the return of rediculously funny teen comedies, and Juno is just another to add to the list.

And to think it all started with a chair....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas For Everyone!

So its Christmas morning and I just opened up some sick ish (Big Ups to my bro for gettin a bape shirt from London for me). Anyways, I was thinkin there are certain people that need some specific gifts this year so I created a list of what I am getting them.

Nick Saban- my American History textbook. Nick, when you look for it, count how many times it mentions a football game. It mentions Pearl Harbor and 9/11, but where is Alabama's loss to Louisiana Monroe?

Lupe Fiasco- some major exposure. Food & Liquor was the best album of 06, The Cool was the best album of 07. So where are the grammys and sports cars?

Midget Mac- a spin off reality show on VH1. This is kind of a gift for everyone. I'd love to see the biggest G from I Love New York get what he truly deserves. What sexy lady wouldn't want to spend time Jacksonville's most eligible bachelor?

Jaime Lynn Spears- birth control. Because, well, your gonna get pregnant again.

Mike Vick- All Dogs Go To Heaven on DVD. No explanation needed here.

Common- bowflex. Unlike most rappers, your not a little guy so im not sayin your weak. Its just that I heard you were dating Serena Williams. You dont wanna be the guy who is weaker than his girlfriend, do you?

50 cent- some credibility. When you lost to Kanye, you lost your edge. You need to hook up with some good producers (Hi-Tek, Timba, Neptunes maybe?) and better material (I get it. You got shot 9 times. Cool.). The fact that G-Unit signed Michael Jackson doesn't help.

Greg Oden- high quality medical insurance. You missed a lot of your freshmen year and your whole rookie season with injury. Are you sure your only 20?

Tom Cruise- a good script. Most people would suggest some crazy pills or some perspective, but I remember when you were a great actor. Lions for Lambs, Mission Impossible 3, and War of the Worlds doesn't compare to films like Born on the 4th of July, Top Gun, and Jerry Maguire.

CRS- time to make an album. This is for everyone. Lupe has to promote The Cool, Pharrell is making a N.E.R.D. album, and Kanye is busy being a genius. I cant wait till they can come together to create the biggest album of 08.

Monday, December 24, 2007

R.A. is a Rugged Man

"And I thought I was the illest" These are the words of the Notorious B.I.G. on R.A. the Rugged Man. For those who are not aware, R.A. is the most slept on rapper of all time. He is straight out of Suffolk county, Strong Island and he is insane. He was supposted to be the biggest thing ever, but due to a lack of sanity and a overworking sex drive, R.A. was pretty much dropped from ever label he'd ever been a part of. It was rumored that R.A. was given around $150,000 to record an album on jive, but spent a good majority of his money on hookers and other time consuming substances. But none the less he is an amazing lyricist and a truly great rapper. Arguably his most famous verse was on Jedi Mind Tricks' Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story, where R.A. lays down the craziest, most realistic verse i have ever heard. Our boys' over at got a chance to talk to R.A. about the verse and all of you should peep game. It is truly a remarkable verse about his father who was severly effected by the horror scenes of Vietnam and the life altering affects of agent orange. peep game

Bienvenidos a Miami...

Yes, welcome to Miami boys and girls, where its 95 degrees in December. My friend and I decided to hit up the MIA today and we were definitely not dissapointed. Here are some pics of what I came upon during my travels:

Some hats from Invasion. I copped the Avalanche one on the top right.
Shoe Gallery.. Peep the Sir Charles poster on the left

A Cool Kids shirt?! Anyways, I had to cop this one
The Glow in the Dark Pumps
Some kicks via Shoe Gallery
REAL Fantastic 4 see-through forces
RBK is bringin' the Pump back in a big way Some kicks from the boys at Soles Inc.

OK so hopefully you found these pics to be worth your while.. If you're interested in checkin' these places out, here are the directions to these stores so you can go pick up some RBK joints or whatever you are into...
Shoe Gallery
2040 NE 1st Ave
2765 SW 27th Ave
Culture Kings
4300 NE 2nd Ave

Whiz Kid joins Manchester United

In case you havent seen this video, this is a highlight tape of Rhain Davis. The kids 9 and he's been signed by Manchester United... aka THE WORLDS MOST FAMOUS SOCCER CLUB. Imagine if a kid on your little league team got drafted by the Yankees, then multiply that by 1000. Thats how big this is.

The music in the video is kinda... I suggest you play your own music during this video. I played 'My Piano' off Hi-Teks new cd. Trust me, it makes the video cooler.

If Al Gore Designed a Car...

This would be the design. The car, using that term lightly, is called a Aptera. Its creator, Steve Fambro, claims the vehicle can perform at 300 mpg. With gas prices rising past $3, it would cost me $24.62 to drive the Aptera from Las Angeles to New York. Fambro claims the car will cost less than 30K. Sure it only has 3 wheels and 2 seats, but who can argue with the amount of money it would save you. Read full story here.

I remember that girl, she was a hoe... for sho'

XXL Magazine named Angel Lola Luv their "eye candy of the year." To be honest, I dont really care, but when I found out she had a pair of fake tits and a silicon ass, I got kinda pissed. Im not gay, I swear to God Im not gay, but I dont understand why so many girls get plastic surgery. A girl starts off lookin pretty good, but then she tries to make herself "perfect" and ends up lookin unnatural.

It doesn't matter if a girl doesn't look perfect. Us guys arent as dumb as we sometimes seem. We can think with the head on our shoulders as opposed to the one in our pants at times. We know there is no naturally perfect girl out there. We've come to grips with that. For me, I look at girls with fake body parts and immediately assume they're a whore. It doesn't matter how nice they are, I know their is a slut in there somewhere. A little word of advice to any girl reading this blog: if you get too much plastic surgery, you're gonna end up lookin like Tiffany Patterson, the laughing stock of America. Now Im finding out that Kim Kardashian might have a fake ass. Well I already knew she was a whore.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Supergroup Falls Victim to Shrinkray

This is for those of you who haven't already seen CRS' first video for the song 'Us Placers'.

We Believe: '07 Gaming Year in Review

To say 2007 wasn't the best year in gaming history is just foolish. Everything under the sun was available to gamers this year, and we weren't disappointed (well, unless you own a PS3.... but keep your hopes up, 08 will be the year of Sony). So here's a somewhat brief rundown on what happened this year:

- The most anticipated game in the history of the industry was released on September 26th of this year, Halo 3. It broke every sales record imaginable, most importantly selling over $170 million of units in the first 24 hours of availablity.

- 2k Games had one of the biggest years for any production company. They released the most beautiful game to hit a console, Bioshock, which gained insane amounts of critical acclaim (here's one that is still stunned by how great this game was). The boys at 2k also dropped NBA 2k8, which became the pinnacle of basketball video gaming.

- Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare took everybody by storm, and made every FPS look like it was from 1985. Long story short, this game was perfect in every single, kickass way. It strayed away from the regular CoD ways, by jumping into the future, much like the Tom Clancy series, but no one seems to be complaining.

- Assassin's Creed was '07's surprise of the year. It began invading every cable channel's airwaves with epic ads, which convinced many-a gamer to buy this title. Taking place during Medieval times, in The Crusades, it drew kids and grown men alike into a different time, one which many haven't ever seen before.

- Everyone's old friend Mario came back ina strong way, on the Wii, in his new title Super Mario Galaxy. Byfar the most fun you could ever have while playing a game (regardless of being Mario or not). Simply flawless in every way, Nintendo re-solidified it's status as a heavy hitter in the gaming world with this game.
Helluva year. Keep playin', folks.

Roof top like i'm bringin' 88 back...

For those of you not up on your music game(or for those who have been living under a rock), go get yourself a breath of fresh air and listen to the next big thing(s) outta the Chi. If they don't make you keep on pedalin', I don't know what will.

*"Black Mags" is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Yo? Yaooooo

I was watching the knicks game the other day and i realized that Nate Robinson gets on my nerves when he plays. He has to be the worst passer in the NBA. But everytime i watch him play and get kind o disgusted i thnk of this play. So unfortunitly i can't get mad at nate for just being a decent scorer, just because of this play.

"The Industry of Recorded Music Doesn't Appeal to Me"

In an exclusive interview with SOHH, Lupe talks "The Cool", "LupEnd", retirement, CRS (!), and more. Peep it here:
Look for big things from CRS this year...

Friday, December 21, 2007

If You Decieded to Peep Game

here is Wale's mixtape... let us know what you think

Who's the Next...

youtube star- since the new haircut thing is getting old i found the new internet superstar watch and see what i mean

Big Rapper(s)- Kidz In the Hall mayne. Naledge is the next big emcee. and double-o is also a great producer who goes along with naledge vocals like milk and cookies

celebrity train wreck/whore- None other than Jamie lynn Spears. She has the credentials to be the greatest whore hollywood, hollyhood, or 3 6 mafia has ever seen! Cmon she is pregnant at age 16, not to mention shes keeping the baby, and also shes britneys little sister. thats unfair man, mark my words she will be the greatest celebrity slut since Paris Hilton

celebrity to go to rehab- Gunther from the TV show friends. Why? what else does he have going for him. I dont even know his real name. Plus he was a tool o the show, so by law he is a tool in real life. the picture below just screams rehab

Celebrity to show their vagina in public- i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say its going to be a festivial one night and Barbra Walters. She always loves talking about vaginas or pet names for vaginas etc.

big movie- The Dark Knight is gonna be ILLnasty. Christain Bale making a second appearance in his most comfortable role. Micheal Caine and Morgan freeman also return and im pretty excited its gonna be really good

Its Bowling Season

If you watch ESPN in the month of December, which I'm willing to bet you do, you have seen all the Capital One Bowl Week commercials. They always try to make it seem that bowl week(s) is the best time for college football. Their argument is based on the belief that only the best teams are playing. But with 64 teams making bowl games, this is definitely not the case.

Having said that, I have to admit that their are some pretty sick games every year during bowl week.

Vince Young is Superman

Best. Interception. Ever.

And of course, the illest game I’ve ever seen

So if you want to catch some good games in the next couple of weeks, here is a small list of games worth watching.

Holiday Bowl: Arizona State vs. Texas (December 27)- one of the few non-BCS games involving 2 top-20 teams. Arizona State would be in a bigger bowl, but they got eaten up by USC.

Liberty Bowl: UCF vs. Mississippi State (December 29)- OK, so I don't care about either team at all. Still, UCF's running back, Kevin Smith, is going to rush for over 2,500 yards for this season and this is your only chance to see him.

Outback Bowl: Tennessee vs. Wisconsin (January 1)- Usually I'm not a big fan of bowl games named after restaurants but this game involves the second best from the SEC and Big 10. Second place is first place for losers.

Cotton Bowl: Missouri vs. Arkansas (January 1)- The most exciting player (RUN DMC) vs. the most exciting offense. What's not to like?

National Championship: LSU vs. Ohio State (January 7)- Even if you think this season was way to confusing and the BCS sucks, you still have to watch the national championship. Its unAmerican not to.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eminem's brother can spit hot fire?!?!?!?

you be the judge

Still got my Nike Boots

Wale is nasty, DC finally has a dope rapper who is "flier than the reat of um"


Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the new Reebok Court Victory Pump... GLOW IN THE DARK! The dudes over at RBK took a very ordinary design and transformed it into a hot shoe- when the lights go off. Nike tried this in '06 with their very own Nike Dunk Glow, and I liked the concept. Don't look for this to become a major trend in the years to come though...
Props to the guys over at

The 10 Other Best Albums of '07

Gonzo took care of Hip-Hop for me, I'll cover the rest:

10. Radiohead - In Rainbows

This really drops on CD in January, but Radiohead took a chance and offered this on their website ( for buyable download, but more people downloaded it illegally than purchased. Aside from that, this is everything a Radiohead fan wants in an album, including Thom Yorke's haunting vocals.

9. Rilo Kiley - Under The Blacklight

Personally, this is one of my favorite bands, and I was worried when this album came out. They are an indie band that went pseudo-pop, with happy beats and more sing along lyircs, but this was still a great album.

8. Lily Allen - Alright Still

To explain Lily Allen's sound is almost impossible, because she combines so many sounds to make one of 2007's biggest breakout albums. Her voice is intoxicating (much like she is most of the time), and once you listen to this record, you won't want to stop.

7. The White Stripes - Icky Thump

The album lives up to its name. Every chord Jack White strikes on his guitar lingers in your ears like an icky leech. And, Meg even makes a few vocal appearances on this record, just to switch it up.

6. Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead

Ever since System Of A Down went on hiatus, I've been itching for an album to hear Serj's voice on, he's just that good. This album isn't for the faint of heart, it points out issues with the government, the war, anything Serj seemed to distrust. The title track also produced one of '07's best music videos....

5. Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full

Yes, I'm serious. I loved this album. It may be a little poppy for most tastes, but its basically McCartney throwing himself back into the days of early Beatles tunes and his Wings days.

4. Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

A lot of people didn't like this album, and I really don't know why. Its got everything a SP fan should want, plus Billy Corgan shows how underrated a vocalist he is on this record.

3. Dropkick Murphys - The Meanest Of Times

Even though they are dedicated to my biggest enemy Boston Red Sawx, they know how to get a crowd going. Bagpipes and punk rock could never sound so good, and the track 'The State Of Massachusetts' puts them in their place as mainstays in this game.

2. Bruce Springsteen - Magic

Five years in the making, and it was worth it. I have never, ever been a Bruce fan (even though I grew up being forced to listen to him), but this album made me a fan. It truly is a magical album. Its another one of The Boss' "Let's put across a message" type albums, and it does in epic fashion.

And the winner is.......

1. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

This whole list was solely based on opinion, so bear with me. This is the perfect showcase of FF's all-encompassing tastes, comprised of fist-pounding rock anthems (The Pretender), down-home country acoustic tracks (Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners) and 'Ha, Ha look at you!' fun-filled songs (Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)). Overall, a nearly flawless album, with just enough of every aspect of rock to make the casual listener happy.

Big Tuna in Miami

So the Dolphins just landed Bill Parcells as their VP. Living in South Florida, I look at the hire this way: this couldn't possibly make the 1-13 Dolphins worse. In fact, Miami could have hired Kurt Warner's wife to manage the team and they'd improve. All I know is there is no way Parcells would have passed on a polished Brady Quinn in favor of an undersized Ted Ginn.

Having said that, do I really think Parcells is as good a hire as football "experts" are going to make it out to be? No. Just because you are successful coaching or playing a sport doesn't mean you're gonna be good at building a team. Jordan drafted Kwame Brown with the first overall pick, the 94-year old Marv Levy has built a Bills team that has won only 3 games (those 4 games they won against the Jets and Dolphins don't count), and Isiah Thomas has made the Knicks, per dollar, the worst franchise ever.

Honestly, I have no idea if Tuna will be good in his new role and only time will really tell. All I'm saying is Dolphins fans should not be pre-ordering their tickets to Superbowl 43.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lupe Has Saved My Life

For those of you out there who can't get enough of "The Cool", here is the bonus track "Blackout" by Mr. 1st and 15th himself

We Rule the World

New Hives produced by the imperial Skateboard P. Lemme know what you think.. i'm still trying to decide for myself

Best Albums of 2007

By Jaime

So as this year is coming to an end I decided to take a look back at this years most memorable Albums. 2007 was a good year for underground hip-hop so without further ordue here it is...

10. Redman- Red Gone Wild
The gillahouse maniac was back in 2007 with Red Gone Wild. Redman is one of the dopest rappers alive and it was nice to see him back, because lord knows that hip-hop needed him. This was red's first album since Malpractice in 2001. Also i got to hear a new Def Squad track with one of the greatest Keith Murray verses of all time. a little known fact about my boy Keith, apparently he likes to "get drunk and tongue kiss bitches like Flavor Flav." But dont we all? lol Shout out to Red cause it was a great comeback for an artist who was really missed by the people.

9. Jay-Z- American Gangster
President Carter made up for Kingdom Come with this album. The main reason this album is here is because its not Kingdom Come, but American Gangster was a good album. Its unfortunate though because i am a big jigga fan, but watching him rap now is like watching Jordan on the Wizards, in the sense that you know its Jordan and you know all the milestones that were set by him, but hes just not as good. although i will say, American Dreamin was a GOOD track

8. Lupe Fiasco- The Cool
As a pretty big Tribe fan i shouldn't write this, but as much as i love Tribe I felt that this album needed to be on here. Lupe is a smart dude, a little nutty, but smart. Dumb it Down is a great track along with Put You On Game.

7. Wu Tang Clan- 8 Diagrams
Why is it that Method Man is such a better rapper when he is with his Wu affiliates? i dont get it, but 8 Diagrams is ill i love Wu and it was refreshing hearing them all together again. Plus the Heart Gently Weeps is the best song of 07

6. Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass
Aesop is kinda weird, but he is the kind of weird that you like. everything the man says is creative and takes a while to write read the interview see what i mean. -shouts to smoking section for the interview.

5. Common- Finding Forever
it's Common, its 2007, all in all the mainstream game sucks. So common comes in in late July/early august and him and ye lay down a truly brilliant album. It is a banger from start to finish, Kanye's producing matches Commons voice and lyrics so well its scary. Although i do wonder what Common would of sounded like on the 'Everything I Am' beat.

4. Ghostface Killah- The Big Doe Rehab
Besides having the best album cover of 2007 (LMAO!!! Ghost is just amazing. the lyrics, the voice, the swagger. Its unfair how good Ghost really is. enough said.

3. Sage Francis- Human The Death Dance
Personally, my favorite artist. I cant help it the man is a genius. i cant tell you all the pros to this album because there are way to many. Check out the 'Got up this Morning' Video

2. Little Brother- Getback
No 9th, No problem. there not the same without 9th, but Phonte and Pooh are both sensational. I took alot from this album, and loved it, but the one thing i saw was how much pooh improved as an emcee. He was giving phonte a run for his money in the lyrics department. Fun fact if you didnt already know, LB was BANNED from BET for being "too intelligent"

And the winner is.............

1. Kanye West- Graduation
the numbers dont lie. the build up to this album was insane. I remember where i was when i bought this album and listened to it for the first time. Kanye could of not said a word on the whole album, and the instrumentals alone could have been a top 5 album. Swagger, lyrics, beats, and ye's voice made the perfect stew for this near perfect album. kudos to kanye lol.

honorable mentions: El-p- I'll Sleep When Your Dead, Talib- Eardrum, and Beanie Sigel- The Solution