Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boomer Goes Ape Sh*t

Here's a vid of ESPN's Chris "Boomer" Berman losing it on a 2000 Monday Night Football broadcast. Just crashed onto the interweb yesterday:

Drink your Diet Coke and slip into your happy place.

Why I Cant Wait Till The Superbowl is Over...

Dont get me wrong, I love football, but I just cant wait untill next week. I havent even turned on ESPN during the last 2 weeks because of the way over-the-top coverage of the Superbowl (more on that at a later time). But February and March are an awesome time for college basketball. I like the NBA, but I love college basketball. For those in the same baot as me, here's a little something to wet your pallet:

Top 10 Vince Carter dunks at North Carolina:

Texas vs. Oklahoma State, Kevin Durant vs. Mario Boggan, Triple Overtime

Keyon Dooling Over Kansas Player (Don't ever try to take a charge, even if you get it, you'll look bad)

Baylor gets mentioned on Sportscenter for the first time since 1982

And The Greatest Play Ever...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Era and DC Comics gettin Funky Fresh

Hypebeast reported a new series of hats are going to be released in March at European New Era outlets. I love the colors and wish they were coming stateside. If anybody in Europe can get the Batman hat in 7& 3/8, hit me up because I think its siiick.

Keep On Looking Up

I'll switch it up a little and post a vid of one my favorite rappers: Hezekiah (feat. Bilal). This song is called "Looking Up". Just one of those tracks that puts you in a good mood:

Who is the best live act in hip-hop?

So last Friday, I went to the wu-tang concert in Miami, and I had a pretty good time. The mics were pretty shitty, but got progressively better, and I really don’t think the crowd knew what was going to happen at the concert. Like when Method Man stood on the hands of fans to do ‘The Rockwiler’ the crowd proceeded to drop him, which lead to the weirdo standing in front of me who began screaming “Bring him over here! We can hold him; don’t worry Meth we got you!”

With the upcoming glow tour with Kanye, Lupe, and N.e.r.d. I thought I should tell you the best live acts in hip-hop

5. The Game
If you know The Game, then you’ll know hes for real. Game is good live because he gets into his tracks with the corwd he doesn’t just scream for a while then go off stage, and he is really good at playing the right songs at the right time

4. Sage Francis
Not many people know Sage, but he is my favorite rapper. For those who are fans of Sage you know that he is fucking insane on stage. Sage has a metal back round, for example he won scribble jam in a Metallica shirt. At Rock The Bells in New York he went on stage in an American flag pair of overalls, he also break dance at a lot of his shows.

3. Lil Wayne
I saw weez in October and wasn’t really expecting him to be much of a showman, but as soon as he stepped on stage he had an ora that made him larger than life. He even brought Baby on stage, I don’t even like Baby but I went fucking nuts because I wasn’t expecting it. But Weez makes you feel like its just you and him in the room. When he plays a song that you like its like he played it just for you.

2. Method Man
Meth is a sight to be seen. He loves the crowd and is amazing at getting love back. He makes the other Wu-Tang members on stage look dead. He stage dives, he interacts, and does it every show and never takes a break.

And the winner is…

1. Busta Rhymes
Now if you’ve never seen Busta bust live or even live on tv, your missing out. Him and spliff star interact almost perfectly on stage and there is so much energy its scary. Bust gets so into it sometimes you cant even understand what he is saying. He reserects summer jam every year he performs. He killed it in the rain a couple years back and remains the number 1 live act today. This video is one of my favorite performances of all time, despite the Lupe mess up.

Glow In The Dark Tour Poster

As reported by Skateboard earlier in the week and updated last night, Kanye will be touring with N.E.R.D., Lupe, and Rihanna.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If I could express joy through typing on my keyboard...

I'd be screaming right now. But I can't so I'm just going to explain to you how pumped I am for a new Gnarls Barkley single. Cee-lo and Danger Mouse have created the most unique sound in Hip-Hop and isn't that what Hip-Hop, at its roots, is really about? I said in an earlier post that Barkley's new CD was on the watch list for this year, but I didn't tell you how high it was. While everyone is going to go bananas over Tha Carter III in the next few weeks, I'll save my emotions until Atlantis (the rumored title for album number two) comes out. Now, about that CRS album...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Some People Are Doctors & Lawyers... Others Run the Gauntlet

So, a new season of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge kicked off last week, and this time its the Gauntlet III. The theme for this season is Veterans (everyone w/ at least 2 challenges under their belt) vs. Rookies (1 challenge or less). But, I'm not here to talk about which person I hope wins or which person I wouldn't mind seeing plummet off a cliff, but how some of the late 20/30-something contestants still do nothing for a living.

Take Coral for example. She's a 29 year old woman (who still rocks a nosering) and has competed in almost every challenge MTV has put on the tube, not to mention a few other reality competitions that have aired on FOX and Bravo. Or, how about Beth. The perenial ultra-villain, who is now 38 years old and still doing these challenges as a way to make some cash.

I don't understand how some of these people still come back to these shows in search of money. They leave their homes for months at a time to run through obstacle courses in Mexico, for a $50,000 prize that they have a 1 in 32 chance of getting!

It makes me wonder whether half of these people have jobs, or if they go around to clubs and malls saying, "Hey, I'm (fill in name here) from the Real World/Rules."

Seriously, grow up, get a job and find out what the actual Real World is like.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

'Ye + N.E.R.D.=@!?%!

Alright, so back in March of '07 'Ye appeared on MTV and mentioned "The Glow in the Dark Tour" which would feature both Mr.West and Chad, P, and Shae on the same stage (!!!). At first i thought nothing of it, but after checking a post on Kanye's blog which said, "This is my shit... GET READY FOR THE GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!" with pics from Fly or Die on it, i realized this is actually going to happen. This could be the greatest collabo to ever tour the US (for me, at least) and i would prob do just about anything to get to catch a glimpse of that. If you don't believe me or you're just in shock, check out the site place holder here, and i'm sure theres a load of info over the web. You're welcome
*UPDATE* 1/29/08

Above is a "snippet," if you will, of the tour's poster, according to 'Ye's blog. If i am reading correctly, I'm pretty damn sure it not only names N.E.R.D. and Kanye, but also Lupe. Honestly, i have dreamt of this day but was almost positive this would never be a reality. We'll keep you posted...

Everyone Nose: New Version

This is what Timbaland and P were workin on earlier. This is a slightly different version of Everyone Nose than the one released a few days ago. I was hoping the Super Producers would be making something a little bigger than this, but oh well.

I Can Get You The Same Shit Ricky Got Suspended For

Shout out to on the rawkus network for this video. Also the buds in this video is easily the most potent shit i have ever seen. I may just have to move out to cali.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rafael Casal: Poet turned Rapper


If you already know about Rafael Casal, you either are into poetry or you just know more than me. But for those that don't, Casal is a poet from the Bay Area. He started doing performances at the age of 15 and won several awards. By the time he was 18, Casal was the youngest poet to appear on Russell Simmons' Def Poetry.

Now Rafael has begun to shift his focus to music and his myspace says his album will drop in January. Well, January is running out and I still havent heard anything about the album officially dropping so Im guessing its been delayed. But, for now, you can get his mixtape with The GetBack Crew here.

And here is one of Rafael Casal's performances:

I think Im gonna start putting up more stuff like this. If you want to see more of Rafael, look him up on YouTube.

It's a celebration b**ches... le'chaim!

Yes i know, another Pharrell post, but this was a must. The newly acclaimed Louis Vuitton Don(def go check out the new commercial)crashed a wedding celebration in the 305. Here are some pics of the outing, and peep Pharrell doing the hora. For more, click here

The Money Shot

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bond Is Back (again)

Remember like 5 years ago Vin Diesel starred in xXx and everybody was like "Diesel is the new Bond!" If you don't, people were saying that. And not just dumb people, I'm talkin about critics. They were saying Xander Cage (Diesel's character) did things that supposedly the new generation could get into like ride a hoverboard and drive a Pontiac GTO installed with a rocket launcher.
Well, what happened? It turns out the new generation is not idiots. People aren't stupid enough to watch a movie involving unexplainable avalaches and an evil plot to destroy the whole world for no reason and say, "Wow, this movie is what I've been waiting for. There aren't any other movies like this and I hope there end up being a ton of sequels."
So it turns out xXx was in no way the new Bond. And today producers announced the title of the newest edition of James Bond to be Quantum of Solace and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to it. Daniel Craig has made the series fresh again and I was surprised how quickly the newest edition was coming out. If everything stays on schedule, Quantum of Solace will come out this November, 2 years after Casino Royale. To put that in perspective, it took 4 years between Die Another Day and Casino Royale.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Season 6 BBC is in full swing

The drought is over... And no, it's not another Lil' Wayne mixtape. Season 6 products(spring/summer '08) from the fellas at BBC/Ice Cream are being delivered out to retailers near you. The new tees are dope, and you can find a whole lot more stuff all over the internet. Although I love the products, I won't be found rockin' too many of these.
Check out the newest ish below:

I Can't Wait Man

Today designs of two new spaceships were revealed. The SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo are the names and they are pretty similar in basic concept: bring people to space. Virgin Galactic, the company behind this project, projected that the first passenger flights to space will occur in the 2009-2010 time frame. Most "experts" argue that it will take a little longer but will be done by 2015. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From The Man Who Brought You 'Yah Trick Yah' and 'Crank Dat' I Now Present To You...SOULJA BOY TV

N.E.R.D. Everyone Nose

If you haven't got it yet, here's the leaked first single off of the upcoming N.E.R.D. project. The chorus is kinda stupid in my opinion, but its got a good sound to it. Big Ups to The Fader for this one.

N.E.R.D.-Everyone Nose

Monday, January 21, 2008

Will Ferrell continues to say "F*%K Acting Classes"

Whenever I watch Will Ferrell flicks I feel like not even he's taking himself seriously. In spite of this, or maybe because of this, I loved Anchorman, Talledega Nights, and Blades of Glory. What is possibly going through his mind? "I know. I'm gonna make a movie about an all male figure skating duo and then make a movie about a drunk guy playing in the ABA!" Some people may be getting tired of his over-the-top movies, but I'm not one of those people.

Another reason why i cant wait to see this movie is Andre 3000. Considering he's a rapper, he's a surprisingly good actor. I'm not saying all rapper's are bad actors, I'm just saying its no coincidence that the FOX series Method & Red only lasted 9 episodes and Q-Tip's Prison Song didn't win any Oscars. But Andre was good in Be Cool and he created his own cartoon, Class of 3000, which won an Emmy. So, basically, he's not getting movie roles just because of his name recognition.

Semi-Pro comes out February 29 so get ready.

Blue Scholars: More rappers that are pretty good who havent made any $$$

For those of you that have heard of Blue Scholars, you know what most people are missing. The Seattle based Hip-Hop group says they look to guys like Nas, Rakim, 2Pac, and Common for inspiration and they do a pretty good job of emulating those conscious rappers.

The group consists of emcee Geologic (whose Filipino) and producer Sabzi (whose Persian). They met at the University of Washington and have been working together since 2002. I couldnt think of a more appropriate post to make on Martin Luther King Day seeing that I've watched 2 of their music videos and in both ones they've touched on MLK and issues surrounding racism. The two videos I'm talking about are

Joe Metro:

and the politically-charge Back Home:

If you like what you heard, get the group's latest album Bayani here.

Cloverfield: Genius or the next Blair Witch Project?

I saw Cloverfield last night and, if nothing else, it was extremely unique. The whole film is shot by one of the main characters with what is supposed to be a handheld camera. The whole story revolves around the group of friends that have the camera as the one character films the entire event.

Having said that, Cloverfield is a movie that film critics/experts will love while casual viewers will, at best, enjoy. That's partly because most people don't like things to be too different from what they are used to. And Cloverfield is definitely something very different.

I persoanlly liked the movie as did $41 millions worth of other Americans. Considering the other movies out right now, there isn't really much of a choice besides Cloverfield.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Douchebag of the Day: Tim Tebow vs. Tom Cruise

This one was a toss up but.. in the end Tom Cruise is the bigger nut job. Thank u for ur time. SO are we gona clean this place up?!

No T = No Dice

Director John Singleton (Four Brothers, Boyz n the Hood, 2 Fast 2 Furious) has announced that he is creating a silver screen version of the infamous '80's TV show, The A-Team.

He hopes to begin production later this year, so a 2010 release is possible, but he first has to assemble a cast. So far, his efforts have been rewarded with a rumor of Woody Harrelson playing 'Howlin Mad' Murdock. But, what makes me mad is the rumor that Ice Cube, yes the former ganster rapper turned cute and cuddly Are We There Yet? star, is being cast as the next BA Baracus!

Mr. T's beloved role is being dished out to a guy that sold out his rap career to star in horrible kid movies and an unnecessary XXX sequel.

Mr. Singleton needs to direct some sense into his brain before he makes a huge mistake in giving this role to Ice Cube, and if he doesn't, I'll personally ask Mr. T to PITY THE FOOL!

"Even Though I Am Legand, I Can Say Will Smith's The Best Rapper Alive"

Ever since Jay-Z came out with the Black Album, all people have been ranting about was who is the best rapper alive. First it was Jay-z singing Dirt Off Your Shoulder and at the end going "the best rapper alive", then Wayne picked it up and ran with it for a good year or two before Jay-Z came out with American Gangster and proclaimed that he was once again king. But i think i found the real deal, the true greatest rapper alive, and he goes by the name Joe Budden.

Yep, joey. The same dude who Pumped It Up a couple years back just came out with his highly anticcipated new mixtape Mood Muzik 3. I have been waiting for a second coming to his first lack luster album self-titled Joe Budden which came out in 2003, but due to recent feuds with Jay-Z his 2nd album The Growth, is yet to be realeased.

Although in todays hip-hop its hard to find a good mixtape/album let alone a great mixtape/album. Mood Muzik 3 is a classic. It is by far one of the best mixtapes i have ever heard in my life. It is all i've been listining two since i got my copy. Joe's flow is on point in every song, his lyrics are dynamic, and his punchlines are sensational. Its refreshing, because other rappers (like lil' wayne) punchlines are mediocre and give you a slight laugh, Joe's punchlines make you rewind the track because you are in awe he said something that crazy. My favorite was on his diss to Jay-Z on the track 'Talk To Em' where he says "when the new generation thinks about Jordan, all the remember is when Iverson cross him"

And even if anyone were to start dissing Joe or go in a battle with him, no one can take him down. Not lil wayne, not Jay-z, not anybody. Joe is a unique rapper who does something that i have never heard before and he dictates your mood. If Joe is happy your happy, if he is telling a story you want every detail, if he is struggeling you feel like these are your problems.

There is no one better in the game right now. Normally i would put up a link for Mood Muzik 3, but i think we all need to support Joe budden and actually buy this one. it's that on-top music!!!

If I Ever Get On Cribs...

Im going to make sure im workin with one of these. The theatre was created by Elite Home Theter Seating, a Canada-based company. I feel that home theaters are a little redundant since I like going to the movies. But if I could get a theater like this in my house, I would. And I dont even like Batman...

9th Wonder: The Begining

I get frustrated when guys like Jay-Z come out with a cappella versions of their albums because I know it will lead to thousands of remixes by aspiring producers. Dont get me wrong, I think its great when an established musician reaches out to young guys with big dreams. Its just that we, Hip-Hop lovers, get bombarded with way too many versions of the same album to choose from.

But then you listen to 9th Wonder and realize what can come from these a cappella records. Before he made a name for himself producing the critically acclaimed but much slept-on Little Brother albums, 9th was just a college student using FL Studio. He remixed Nas' God's Son and Jay-Z's The Black Album and got his name out there. Now he's producing for heavy-hitters like Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z (this time for his real CD).

For 9th Wonder fans, I present to you the 2 remix albums that got it all started:

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Spotlight: The Knux

On this site we've shown our support for the up-and-comers in hip-hop. If you've been on here before, chances are you know we support The Cool Kids, Wale, Kidz In The Hall, and D. Swain. I dont pretend to know everything about hip-hop because, well, that would be impossible. The fact is with myspace and youtube, it has become possible for any aspiring musician to get noticed.

Add to our ever-expanding list of "up-and-comers" The Knux. Their a duo from New Orleans, but that doesn't mean their just a couple of Lil Wayne/Birdman clones. They're pretty much the opposite of the ambassadors of Hip-Hop in New Orleans. Thats a good thing.

I really don't like it when rapper's from an area try to emulate those around them. I felt that was the way things were in St. Louis a couple of years back. Chingy came out with Right Thurr, then J-Kwon made Tipsy. This led to, more recently, Jibbs' Chain Hang Low and Huey's Pop, Lock, & Drop It. Im not saying these songs are identical, but they have a similar "Party Music" theme. These songs get old REAL fast.

Back to The Knux. These guys excite me the same way the other rapper's I mentioned at the beginning of this post excite me. That's not to say they're just carbon copies. In fact, these acts have very different styles. But what they do have in common is the courage to express their style. And Im not just talking about music. All you have to do is look at the way they dress.

People say Hip-Hop is dead. Well, if it died then its going to be revived in the next couple of years. These groups have shown too many good signs for the industry not to be saved. Granted, Im usually too optimistic, but I do believe 2008 is going to be a real good year for Hip-Hop.

Hit up The Knux myspace and let me know what you think.

Check it out: "THE CHRONIC"


Track list:
01 dj cinema the chronic - intro
02 jim jones 50 cent and eminem - payday
03 lil wayne rick ross and wyclef - the haitian mob
04 dj cinema - interlude (the making of nothin but a thang and dr. dre announces detox)
05 eazy-e 2pac game snoop dr. dre and nate dogg - nothin but a thang (2007)
06 lil wayne tony gambino and dr. dre - bloody money
07 dj cinema - interlude (long money)
08 lloyd bank 50 cent and diddy - gimmy da loot
09 fabolous jim jones jadakiss and t pain - baby dont go (remix)
10 dj cinema - interlude (i can't dance)
11 red cafe papoose and uncle murder - brooklyn bullshit
12 jadakiss stack bundles lil wayne and swizz beatz - we get money
13 dj cinema - interlude (confessions)
14 the notorious b.i.g. jay-z dr. dre and marvin gaye - casanovas (the commission vol.2 exclusive)
15 nas az c.l. smooth kanye west tony gambino and leona - end of summer
16 twista young buck and nelly - the mack (the movie)
17 dj cinema - interlude (goldie game)
18 juelz santana lil wayne snoop dogg and t.i. - i choose you
19 jay-z nas and freeway - gorilla gwop
20 young jeezy jha jha remo da rapstar stack bundles & max b. - pop bottles
21 dj cinema - interlude (hustler swag)
22 stack bundles lupe fiasco and jim jones - sunglasses (r.i.p. tribute)
23 dj cinema - interlude (im pregnant)
24 2pac ludacris saigon and leona - lil ghetto girl
25 andre 3000 ludacris and common - oasis
26 dj cinema the chronic - outro

Friday, January 18, 2008

If you're running for president and you're looking for an endorsement...

I guess there's no better man for the job than Chuck Norris. I honestly don't know why everybody is so obsessed with the man, though. He hasn't really done anything good. Unless you're a fan of Walker Texas Ranger. But I have to admit it's pretty funny. Big ups to Mike Huckabee for at least appearing to have a sense of humor.

Hip-Pop Rockstar II

Here's a mashup tape for you. Its done by Clinton Sparks who collaborated with Diddy on this. Sparks is the biggest up and coming DJ. He did the Re-Up gang mixtapes along with countless other tapes.

This tape is pretty good. It mixes guys like Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Akon, 50, and Alicia Keys with older artists like Journey, Bon Jovi, The Jackson 5, and Elton John. Its the type of music you'll hear on the radio at 1 AM on the weekend. So if your into that kinda ish, your gonna like this.

The best stuff on this album is the mashup between Rihana and The Jackson 5 as well as Alicia Keys and Audio Two. But, hands down, the best song on this is with Kanye West and Oasis.

Get it here

Bobby Fischer IS CHESS (and a dick)

I honestly dont know why im posting this. I guess im just bored. Bobby Fischer just died at the age of 64. Here's to the only man who could be described as THE BAD BOY OF CHESS. I honestly dont care about him, but he was apparently a bad man. After the 9/11 attacks, he said all Americans should be wiped out and called Jews "thieving, lying bastards." Im not happy he died, but Im not NOT happy. He did make $3.5 million for winning a chess match, but all the money in the world cant make up for being anti-Semitic. Honestly, the only reason I knew about Bobby Fischer was from the Will Ferrell SNL skit.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pacman Did What!?!?

I love Pacman Jones. Im probably the only one by I always love hearing about his exploits. Just yesterday, I heard he hit some woman while at a strip club. I remeber watching him get drafted a couple years back and i was thinking "Pacman Jones looks like the type of guy who spends all his time at the strip club." While every other player getting drafted celebrated with their family and threw a classy party, Pacman was shown sitting on a couch with a couple of hookers.

Now that he just punched a woman, I dont know what to say. It turns out the woman is a defense attorney, which is pretty ironic. But, to me, the funniest thing about this story is the fact that a female defense attorney was chillin at a strip club. Im sure she didnt belong with all the middle-aged truck drivers and young crack addicts that usually are found in a strip club.

Lets review the last year for Pacman Jones. He got in trouble for makin it rain with Nelly at a strip club in Vegas (he also slammed an exotic dancer's head on the stage). His entourage got in trouble for a shooting at an Atlanta strip club. He became one half of the TNA tag team champions and he released his first rap single.

Pacman's NFL career may not last long, but he is clearly making the most of his time in the spotlight. I cant wait until he opens his own chain of strip clubs. Click here to hear Pacman's first single.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Gear Up For Reebok This Year

In my earlier post, I mentioned that Reebok was going to have a big year in 2008. Here's why:

That's right. The Reebok Pumps are coming back in 2008 in a BIG way. Yes, the pumps have been released in the last couple of year's, but this year there's going to be a huge selection of different kinds of pumps in a lot of different colors. Among others, the Court Victory Pumps, Omni Lites, and Reverse Jams are being released sometime this year.

You know how the retro Jordans have been the biggest releases of the last 2 or 3 years? That's how the pumps are going to be this year. Im not necessarily saying you'll be camping out for a pair of Reeboks, but its not out of the question.

The colors on the new pumps are crazy. Either you love them or you hate them. I mostly love them despite the fact that they sometimes burn my retina. You could actually argue that Reebok began its resurgence late last year with the release of its Voltron Pack:

But the real explosion will be in the coming months. Like I said earlier, I'm not expecting people to camp out for these, but keep you tent ready just in case.
Here's a couple of upcoming pumps and other Reeboks... let me know what you think: (NOTE: some pics too big for the page, click on them for full picture)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Legendary

Gotta love this video by argueably the greatest group in hip-hop or music in general. Sadly, the message portrayed still goes on in the industry today.

We Got It For Cheap: The Series

If you're a Clipse fan, than you already know all about it (just go to the bottom and download the tapes). For those who aren't up on their Clipse, after they released their debut album, Lord Willin, they had a fallout with their label and had to wait like 3 years for a follow up. In between, the duo formed a group called the Re-Up Gang.

Through Re-Up, Clipse released a couple of mixtapes called We Got It For Cheap. The tapes were made by Clinton Sparks.

A couple of days back, the Gang announced on their blog that the third installment of the mixtape series is due out soon. They left us with the album cover:

Since Vol.3 is coming out soon, I though you might be interested in Vol.1 and 2.

Friday, January 11, 2008

"Racism Still Alive They Just Be Concealin It"

Ok here’s how I look at it, I am not pro-black nor am I anti-white. I’m one of those people who falls under the can’t we all get along category. Although there is one thing I HATE and that is ignorance. There’s some things you just don’t do. You don’t liter in front of Native Americans, you don’t interrupt white people when were watching Seinfeld, you don’t ask every Latin person to do a Cheech and Chong impression, and if your not black you don’t call black people the n-word. Its an unwritten law. This clip I’m about to show you happened on live TV and it made me think of all the notable racist shit that’s happened over the past couple of years.

Now here is a clip from the Bill O’Riley show, I think he is a full fledged racist who hates hip-hop. Also I love to watch Cam’Ron interact with white middle America. YOUUUUU MADDD.

Heres a Seinfeld clip, this has nothing to do with anything I just said but its such a good show. Yeah I know Michael Richards said the N word, but he’s been out of the spotlight for 10 years and I think he got enough bashing. He was sorry for what he did. But here’s a clip to remind you of the good ol’ days. P.s. I heard the cast was THINKING about doing one last scene. I’d like to see it.

And finally the most blown up racist comment of all time.

Its Like Watching A Carwreck....

I, for one, am addicted to VH1 reality shows, whether it be the notorious I Love New York, or another season of Surreal Life (hope that's back soon), but yet another new show has sprung to life on the network: 'Celebrity Rehab'.

The title is kinda misleading, because the so-called "celebrities" are either has-beens or D-listers. It portrays 9 celebs in their quest to become sober and hopefully restart dead careers, before they get too far along the road to kick the bucket themselves.

The "stars" of this show include: Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer (ex-wrestler), Daniel Baldwin (actor, lesser known Baldwin), Jeff Conaway (former actor, full-time drunk), Marey Carey (pornstar/Cali gubernatorial candidate), Jaimee Foxworth (former Family Matters actress, now pornstar), Ricco Rodriguez (UFC Champ), Shifty Shellshock (ex-frontman for one-hit wonder, Crazytown), Jessica Sierra (former American Idol finalist, coke abuser), and Brigitte Nielsen (Surreal Lifer, former wife of Sly Stallone, alcoholic).
Just looking at that list of names, you may be able to see why all of them have turned to drugs or alcohol in their lifetimes for comfort.

Each of them, over the course of the series, is slated to get help from Dr. Drew (morning talk show radio host, but he really is a doctor), in effort to rescue their lives. But, in only one episode, a cast member has already been put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital: Jeff Conaway, who was obviously in the worst shape of the entire cast.

Its tough to sound cold-hearted, but its hard not to chuckle a bit when watching this show as the celebs came to the rehab center and were questioned by Dr. Drew. He asked the same questions to everyone, 'When did you start using?', 'Do you abuse or just binge?', etc., etc. And, almost every person had the same response, "Yeah, I binge, but I don't think I have a problem." That's just pitiful.

This may be another shameless ploy by these celebs to get their name back over the airwaves, but the way these people handle themselves in an environment that is meant to save their lives is shocking. It just shows that fame can be too much for some people.... way too much.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Am Legend

Yes, the multi-talented soul sensation is back, with his soon to be released CD/DVD entitled, "Live from Philadelphia." Target will be the exclusive retailer of Legend's live album, which will be released on January 15th. The CD/DVD package contains 19 performances, including covers and duets with other very talented artists. Kanye's first signee is doing big things as of lately, with his Show Me Campaign (def check that out),which beneifits a Tanzanian town, as well as signing promising UK artist Estelle to his new record label, Homeschool Records. Look for more big things from Legend in '08, who is currently working on his new album, scheduled to be released later this year.
Below is the Penn graduate's latest video, "Show Me," which supports his "Show Me Campaign"

Music Videos - Show Me

Why I Love Greedy Genius


When it comes to shoes, sneakerheads are always bringing up names like Dunks, Air Forces, SBs, and Bapes. Come on, there is so much more then that. 2008 is gonna be the year of Reebok (more on that in a future post), K-Swiss has REALLY stepped its game up, and their are a whole lot more out there that hasn't received enough love.

One example is Greedy Genius. The brand has been out for a while and I never see anybody wearing it. The fact is, Greedy Genius comes up with the best colorways and is less expensive than the forces that everybody wants to rep.

Its not that I dont like brands like Bape and Jordan, its just that they've created a reputation as the undisputed kings of kicks. Bape has gotten way too big for its own good, charging over $300 for a pair of shoes. But if I was running Bape (which i wish i was), I'd do the same thing. If people are willing to pay that kind of cash, why not charge them. Thats business 101 (at least thats what I imagine they teach in a class like that).

Back to the Genius. For the most part, its hit or miss. Most pairs I really like, but there are also pairs where I just close my eyes and pretend I didn't see them. But I do the same thing with Bapes so I can't knock them for that. The group designing Greedy Genius are constantly taking chances and a lot of times they hit the jackpot. To get up on your Greedy Genius, click here. If you want to buy some, head over to

As if you Needed Further Evidence that Sylvester Stallone's Career was Over

You know a film has a cheap production when "Bodies" is the theme song. Stallone has never really had any acting skills. He was just good at playing characters who were uneducated and could get beat up. Sly, you had a good run, but its over. Nobody wants to see sequals to films made twenty years ago. I know you wont stop doing this so I guess all I can do is sit back and prepare myself for Cobra II in 2009. Oh well.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Soulja boy should be tried for 1st degree murder...of Hip-hop that is. His new video, "Yah Trick Yah!", makes me wanna eat paint chips. In fact, the only thing that comes to mind when that song is being played is the thought of ending my life. And by the way Soulja boy if you're reading this, that thing you did at the end...not cool. BET should be ashamed they let this air. Sheesh
-DJ Pop$ikLe OUT

Ladies and Gentleman please brace yourself for this years, "Most Genius" hip-hop song/video of the year:

BRAVO! I can't wait until it makes the itunes top 100 list! I'm definately gonna buy it.... NOoottt!

I'm Speechless

Actually... not really because i will briefly babble on about what i think of this. First off, WOW. And 2nd off, i have been waiting for a serious collabo between the two star-studded hitmen every since "Big White Spaceship"( which is a decent track). I can't wait to see what kind of magic these two VA boys will cook up. I'll surely be watching

What All Sneakerheads Have Been Waiting For

MJ and shoe designer Tinker Hatfield talk about the upcoming Jordan XX3. The Jordan line is either hit or miss. I love the retros but the more recent kicks have been too over the top for me. the exception to that is the XX2s which I actually liked. Im not sure about the XX3s, but my first impression is a positive one.

Danny! Charm is a great Album! Whats with the Exclemation Mark!?!?

Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco, T.I., Ludacris, The Roots. If you're a rapper and your name is mentioned with those heavyweights, you're set. Right? Well, unless your name is Daniel Swain, better known by his performing name Danny! (The ! is part of his name, Im not THAT excited). The dude was named on last year's Grammy short list under the best rap album category for his third album Charm. Danny! was also put on the short list for seven categories for his songs on the album.

Swain has drawn comparisons to Kanye West because he produces almost his entire album and uses a heavy dose of samples. Ye has put down D. Swain (the name he produces under) because of their similarites. I want it to be known that Im a huge Kanye West fan, but I feel he is in the wrong in his actions. West really has prevented a talented musician from reaching the amount of success he deserves.

Previously, Danny! had stated that he was done with the music industry. But since signing to record label Definitive Jux, Swain has released to instrumental EPs and is rumored to be in the works of a new album. The album is rumored to be titled And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. It wont be a soundtrack despite the title. Wikipedia says it will be released on January 22. If that's the case, get ready for it.

So, I present to you Charm. I know its old, but if you don't have it, you'll thank me. It is a concept CD so, if you're into that ish, you'll REALLY thank me. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Congradulations Fred! You did it!

After 10 seasons and over 10,000 yards rushing, Fred Taylor was named to his first first Pro Bowl. In the last decade, Taylor has been one of the best backs in the league and nobody was giving him the love he deserved. The Pro Bowl is corrupt. I mean, players like Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis make the team every year regardless of their performance while guys like Fred Taylor can't crack the roster no matter how good they are.

I Think I Say YOOOOOOO...Chris Brown Gives Marital Advice

Monday, January 7, 2008

Andre 3000- Back To The Future

DJ Pop$ikLe in the building. Thought you guys might be interested in Andre 3000's brand new mixtape, "Back To The Future".

1. Hollywood divorce feat lil wayne, snoop dogg
2. Millionaire feat. kelis
3. Interlude
4. Skit
5. Ill call feat. gangsta boo
6. Walk it out remix feat. unk
7. Ham sandwiches feat. e-40
8. You remix feat. llyod
9. Atliens
10. Crooked booty feat. big boi, cee-lo, sleepy brown, khujo goodie
11. Skit
12. Spread
13. Interlude
14. Funkin around
15. Skit
16. Throw some ds remix feat. jim jones, rich boy, game
17. Interlude
18. What a job feat. devin the dude, snoop dogg
19. Skit
20. Morris brown feat. big boi, sleepy brown, scar
21. Interlude
22. The whole world feat. killer mike
23. Skit
24. Gangsta shit
25. Interlude
26. Long way 2 go feat. gwen stefani
27. Interlude
28. Bob
29. Skit
30. Prototype
31. Skit
32. Spottieodidopolicious
33. Interlude
34. Crumblin erb

What About the Children?

I am not going to lie, I am a sucker for VH1 reality TV. Shows like I Love New York, Rock of Love, and the Godfather of all dating shows Flavor of Love. Although as I was watching the I Love New York 2 reunion last night, I came to the realization of how truly terrible the shows actually are. These shows are setting black men and women back a good hundred years. It’s all a fucking joke and a minstrel show.
My first example is It. It was my favorite character from I Love New York 2. If you didn’t watch the show, It is every Black stereotype in one person and not only is it hilarious, but it is really sad. He was a fucking idiot who made for great entertainment and as much joy VH1 got from exploiting his behavior, viewers (unfortunately like myself) received that same exact joy. The man tried to pay for 3 dozen roses with a lemon he was eating. There are so many things wrong with that alone that I don’t feel there is any need to elaborate on the other idiotic shit he did. The video quality is pretty bad, but I hope you can see.

Example number 2, Midget Mac. Talk about aiming low, the man was entertaining, but what the fuck was he doing there. Honestly man lets be real, he was just there for ratings. I wish New York would have actually fallen for the Mac man, but everyone knew he was not making it past the final 8. I’m surprised he made it as far as he did.

Example 3, Sumthing from Flavor of Love 2. Case and point, while attempting to date Flavor Flav, she took a shit on his floor. Classy.
Example 4, The H.B.I.C. herself, Ms., or the now Mrs. New York. She feel in love with Flavor Flav, which is why shes famous. Then she got her own show, and it was a hit, because it showed you that not only can black women make a mockery of their culture, but the black males can do it to. Also the fake hair and tits don’t set much of an example for the younger viewers. Im just saying,, shes a drama queen who really isn’t that mean, her jokes about other people sound like she got them from the 8th grade lunch room.
Example number 5, Flavoooorrrrrrr Flavvvvvvvvvvv. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Flav a part of Public Enemy? You know, the same Public Enemy who sang about revolution and social change in the black community. Well somewhere in the mix all that shit was lost in Flav’s mind. As Jimmy Kimmel said “Flav has 7 kids with 14 different women” and yet he is looking for “love” for the 3rd time. Lets look back, he was in love with Bridget Neilson, Hoopz, New York for a little bit, Delishisss*, New york again for a little bit, and a new women will be crowned the new Mrs.Yeeeeee Boyyyyyyyyy. Dude gave all the winners of FOL a grill. That’s like when Disney emulates black people in their movies by having them dance well and have a lot of soul and using slang that no regular person uses like “you da man!” and “ohhhhh hell nahhh”

I could go on for days, honestly I could. The main point I am trying to make is African american people should not be portrayed like this. It is sad when on these shows you can pick out the one or two intellectual black people that are there. African Americans as a whole are great, smart, and cultured people when you continue to personify these stereotypes is when people start to look down on the people as a whole. I understand the entertainment value that is priced among these characters, but lets put someone respectable up there.
Also I forgot to mention in my list of idiots sister paterson, Pumpkin, Lacey from Rock of Love, Krazy, Bootz, Safari, the other girl who fought for the bed, chance, romance, wolf, and myself for watching.

Deficating on the Name?- 50 vs. GZA

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Just Found The Next Way Im Gonna Waste My $$$

I just stumbled across the sickest shoe customizer I have ever seen. He goes by Mache. He has done AF1's for Rasheed Wallace and Kanye. The only way I can describe him is DAMN!! Peep his space here. He says he'll do kicks for anybody, assuming they've got a fat enough wallet and a big enough imagination to collaborate with him on something retarded. I think I just found a reason to deal:

Friday, January 4, 2008

Flyer then the rest of them

I'm sure all of you have at one point asked yourself,"Hmm... I wonder what Wale's top 10 sneakers of 2007 were?" Well your answer can be found here. I wonder if he will mention his Nike boots...

Albums to look for in '08- Part 2

Now that i've talked about my favorite up-and-comers for the year, its time to get into the hip-hop heavyweights. Last year was a little disappointing, with only a few albums worth your money, but '08 is definitely looking good.

Lose Sleep Anticipating:

Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne- The master of the mixtape and self-proclaimed king of hip-hop finally comes out with a new studio album. Last year, the music game really was Wayne's World as he was featured in almost every song on the radio. Now its time for him to make some real money. How good is Wayne? Dude's whole album was leaked onto the internet so he made a new cd like it was nothing. He's keepin all his songs underwraps for now so I dont know whats gonna be on it, but I guarantee it will be nasty. Tha Carter III drops February 15th.

N*R*3*D by N.E.R.D.- Pharrell and Chad's funk band is back. For some, thats a big deal. For others, who gives a F*%K? Im on the side of those celebrating because, well, im all over Pharrell's cock, no homo. I love everything he does and you can believe I'll be buying the album the day it comes out (no official date yet, sometime in the spring). The group promises to go back to its roots. This means, musically, the album will be all over the place. I'll keep you posted as songs start to drop. For now, here is N.E.R.D.'s debut album, In Search Of...

N****r by Nas- I dont feel comfortable with Nas' new album name. I know that since I'm white, I am not allowed to have an opinion on these issues, but, if I did, I would think its retarded. The N-word is not like calling a white man a cracker, as much as Nas wants it to be. I dont know any white person that gets offended by cracker, but i know A LOT of black people that get offended by the N****r. Now, onto the music. Despite his last album's failure, Nas is still the man who made Illmatic so I have faith in the man. I think Nas is gonna drop a gem with this one. It comes out in February.

The Greatest Story Never Told by Saigon- The dude who became popular when he got signed by Turtle on Entourage is a real rapper. And despite his threats to quit the business, his long awaited debut album is gonna be hot. Fire hot. He can spit it as good as anyone i've heard outside of Lupe and his cd is handled completely by Just Blaze. To get the Come on Baby remix featuring HOVA and Swizz Beats, click here. The album is projected to drop early in the year.

Unnamed Gnarles Barkley Project- Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo are set to return this Spring and they promise to improve on the success of St. Elsewhere. In interviews, Cee-Lo has stated that the album is, "pretty damn good. What else can I say?" If you ever get a chance check out the duo live in concert:

Its pretty trippy, but its tight.

Rising Down by The Roots- One of the best hip-hop groups of all time will return in April according to ?uestlove. One of the first and only groups to utilize live instruments, I really love The Roots and can't wait to see what they've got cookin. Here is a little classic Roots to tide you over.

And maybe, just maybe:

CRS- If it happens, it'll be the biggest album of the year, hands down. Lupe is a genius and lyrically the best rapper in the game, Pharrell is the best producer money can buy, and Kanye is the best overall musician in hip-hop. Put it together and create a rapper's delight (i know its corny, but im just so excited). When US Placers debuted, I was happy but I knew the song only realized about half the groups' potential. Its like having Kobe, LeBron, and D-Wade on your team. All other rappers are gonna get destroyed.

DMX plans a Gospel Album

In a recent interview with MTV, Dark Man X spilled his plans of creating a a Gospel-Rap album. According to DMX there will not be any profanity on any of the tracks, how 'bout that?? "No songs about bitches, no songs about robbing, just straight 'Give God the glory," DMX explained. But hold up for a second, the gospel album is not the only news here. DMX is planning to release a straight-up Rap CD to be included in the 2-disc bundle album. "I [was] the first n---- to put out two albums in one year [It's Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood in 1998], now I'm gonna hit 'em again -- drop two albums on the same f---in' day, yo," X told MTV. "A double album will make motherf---ers mad, because they gotta spend more money -- plus it's already a long [double] album. I'm talking about a hip-hop album and a gospel album." he continued. The album is set to be titled, Walk With Me Now and You'll Fly With Me Later.

The album is going to
be released through indie label Bodog Music, whom he has recently partnered up with. DMX's last album, Year Of The Dog, was released in 2006 through Columbia Records (whom he has parted ways from.) He explained that the reason for his departure was because of lack of accomplishment and bundles of problems that he no longer wanted to be associated with.

The rapper had five no. 1 albums in a row before the release of Year Of The Dog, Again, but according to him, his record label messed that up for him.

"I had five no. 1-debuting records in a row," X told MTV. "[Year of the Dog, Again] was supposed to be number six. [Sony] released another record the same day they released mine, the Now [That's What I Call Music!] CD. They let the sh-- beat me by 1,000 and they didn't tell me until after the week was up."

Well, he's finally doing what he claimed Mase stopped him from doing years ago: going to God.

I don't know if that's gangsta or suicidal.

The Slipper Still Fits.... Kinda.

Last night's Orange Bowl proved that David still has something on Goliath.

Kansas came into Miami with the mindset of being the bigshot, not the underdog, but critics and so-called experts still doubted their chances in the game vs. VaTech. The Jayhawks didn't see themselves as the Cinderella, but as the team that absolutely deserved their spot in the BCS (I still think Mizzou shoulda gotten a spot over 'em, but what can ya do?)

The Jayhawk D stepped up major in last night's game, neutralizing the VaTech offense, something that Kansas struggled to do all season long. Led by junior Aqib Talib (who plays both sides of the ball), Kansas made their case as a national power by controlling the clock and the score for nearly the entire game, and beating the Hokies 24-21.

But, on the other side of the spectrum, Hawaii showed their WAC schedule incompetance, in an embarassing loss to Georgia in the Sugar Bowl 3 nights ago, by the tally of 41-10. Colt Brennan showed many pro scouts his flaws as a QB, like the fact he becomes deathly afraid of defenses of any team on the eastern side of the Mississippi.

I guess every Cinderella season can't end like Boise State's or George Mason's, but Kansas keeps that hope alive for every other small fry in NCAA sports. Who knows, maybe Idaho will shock the world next year and make it to the BCS National Championship Game.