Monday, January 21, 2008

Blue Scholars: More rappers that are pretty good who havent made any $$$

For those of you that have heard of Blue Scholars, you know what most people are missing. The Seattle based Hip-Hop group says they look to guys like Nas, Rakim, 2Pac, and Common for inspiration and they do a pretty good job of emulating those conscious rappers.

The group consists of emcee Geologic (whose Filipino) and producer Sabzi (whose Persian). They met at the University of Washington and have been working together since 2002. I couldnt think of a more appropriate post to make on Martin Luther King Day seeing that I've watched 2 of their music videos and in both ones they've touched on MLK and issues surrounding racism. The two videos I'm talking about are

Joe Metro:

and the politically-charge Back Home:

If you like what you heard, get the group's latest album Bayani here.

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