Sunday, January 27, 2008

'Ye + N.E.R.D.=@!?%!

Alright, so back in March of '07 'Ye appeared on MTV and mentioned "The Glow in the Dark Tour" which would feature both Mr.West and Chad, P, and Shae on the same stage (!!!). At first i thought nothing of it, but after checking a post on Kanye's blog which said, "This is my shit... GET READY FOR THE GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!" with pics from Fly or Die on it, i realized this is actually going to happen. This could be the greatest collabo to ever tour the US (for me, at least) and i would prob do just about anything to get to catch a glimpse of that. If you don't believe me or you're just in shock, check out the site place holder here, and i'm sure theres a load of info over the web. You're welcome
*UPDATE* 1/29/08

Above is a "snippet," if you will, of the tour's poster, according to 'Ye's blog. If i am reading correctly, I'm pretty damn sure it not only names N.E.R.D. and Kanye, but also Lupe. Honestly, i have dreamt of this day but was almost positive this would never be a reality. We'll keep you posted...

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