Friday, October 31, 2008

LupEND To Be A 3-Disc Album!!!

The big announcement came today, and I should be getting my Halloween on right now, but this is damn HUGE!

Lupe's big Halloween announcement was that LupEND (his 'final' album) will be a 3-disc set consisting of 2 CDs and a DVD. There has been a lot of speculation on behalf of this big news, and a rumor had been floating around that this was a possibility (basically since Lu announced this would be his final LP).

People thought he might announce a vid for The Cool, or that a CRS album was done, but this is bigger than both (IMHO).

Thank Lu. You've got me, and I'm sure everyone here at The Boogie, drooling in anticipation.

Dope Nike Ad. What else is new?

This is further proof that Nike has been secretly doing a documentary on the career of LeBron James that will hit theaters in 2025. That company is depending on him to be what MJ was for them back in the 80s/90s. If you've watches his first couple games this season, you know there is one thing LeBron is relying on to get himself a ring: power. The man is too athletic. It's not fair to the rest of the world. If James ever, ever develops an outside shot, the man will become unstoppable. It will be over for the rest of us. He'd probably get knighted by Queen Elizabeth and named the ambassador to China.

OMG Boogie Blog Number 3

No better way to celebrate Halloween

I remember seeing this a few years back and nearly falling out of my seat. The writers for Jimmy Kimmel made one of the best moves in late-night entertainment that doesn't involve porn. Putting Bobby Borwn and Mike Tyson together is like putting Chad Ocho Cinco and Adam 'Pacman' Jones on the same team. It's not smart, but it provides some serious enjoyment for fans.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies Win!!!

I'm a diehard Yankee fan, but seeing the Phillies bring the gold back to the City of Brotherly Love, and the look on my dad's face to boot after 28 years of waiting (Love ya, Pop!), is priceless.

Congrats to the Phillies organization, its fans and the Tampa Bay Rays for their magical, unpredictable run.

Also, thanks to MLB for what may have been the most entertaining season of the last quarter-century.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Further Proof Asher Paul Roth is NOT Dead

Finally, Asher blesses us with some freshness-you can only listen to the Greenhouse Effect so many times-to prove the haters he's not falling off just yet.
Asher Roth-The Reading

Wale & Duffy- Warwick Avenue

Off the Back to the Feature mixtape. This is a single-worthy track. Nothing else really to say except Wale is dope, but you already knew that. Peep game.

Charles Hamilton You've Done It Again

New by Charles hamilton and Dj Skee...Enjoy

No more waiting

Finally got it. I'm in the process of downloading it right now so no comment on quality yet.

Here's official tracklist:
1) Intro (produced by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban)
2) Public Speeding (produced by Cookin' Soul)
3) Know My Place (produced by The Amps)
4) Never Changing (produced by nVMe)
5) Miss Trouble (produced by Judah)
6) Back At My Place (produced by Remot)
7) No Love Coming Home (produced by The Kickdrums)
8) Lost Part 1 (produced by Coldplay)
9) A Spy's Prayer (produced by nVMe)
10) Science Is Ignorant (produced by Gooch)
11) The Reverse Fix (produced by Mick Boogie & nVMe)
12) Hola Blanco (produced by Garbs Infinite)
13) Take The Hill (produced by nVMe)
14) Lost Part 2 (remixed by Mick Boogie)
15) Cold Success (produced by 9th Wonder)
16) What If We Cry? (produced by Remot)
17) Beach Chair (produced by Coldplay)
18) Falling In Shadows (produced by 6th Sense)
19) Life of Clocks (produced by Terry Urban)
20) X-Y-Z (produced by Hasan Insane)

Get it HERE

Waiting For Viva La Hova (Part III)

I can't believe this. I woke up this morning and checked to see if the mixtape had dropped. Sure enough, it did. Unfortunatly, THE DOWNLOAD LINK IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. So I guess I'm still waiting.....

(as are you. my deepest apologies)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Waiting for Viva La Hova (Part II)

It's 2:30 a.m. and I just finished studying. Yet, the mixtape is still no where to be found. It's probably wherever the seventh inning of Monday's world series game is. I hope we find both of these things soon. The album will probably drop while I'm sleeping, so I'll check back in the morning.

Waiting for Viva La Hova...

So Mick Boogie and Terry Urban were supposed to drop their Jay-Z/Coldplay crossover mixtape at midnight. It's 12:34 right now and they say they're having technical difficulties. It should be up between 1-2 a.m. which is fine because I'm studying for an exam right now so I'll most likely be up and I'll put a link on this site. If you're like me and you're on the East Coast, you're most likely in bed and you'll read this after I already create a link to the mixtape.

In related news, Kanye says Robocop got leaked and it's not finished yet. I for one am not too worried because I have decided not to listen to anymore Kanye tracks until the official album drops and I can support him with my money. Unless he leaks it himself, listening to it is a sin.

Clipse and Neptunes Reunite

Well, not exactly. They say they won't work exclusively with Skateboard P and Hugo Mind Boss, which kind of disappoints me because I think they are perfect for that Neptunes sound. Regardless, their third studio album Till The Casket Drops will, well, drop in 2009 and feature pretty much every great producer you can think of. Kanye, Hitmen, Justice League, you name it. They even are supposed to work with Rick Rubin. The only dude missing from this list is Dilla. Still, nothing gets me more pumped than seeing a picture like that at the top. For more, hit up the BBC/Ice Cream Blog.

808s and Heartbreak/UMC Album Art

Is it just me, or has 'Ye gotten mad lazy nowadays or has lost his eccentricity? Maybe the cover is a new trend of him portraying his passion for art (i.e. THIS).

For the visually impaired, you can view Com's track list here courtesty of OnSmash
Mark your calendars:
Yeezy's album drops November 25th and Common's is set to drop the 9th of December...hopefully

And the Album of the Year Goes to...

Okay, so maybe that title is still up for debate (cue album covers via the Roots, Game, T.I., possibly 'Ye, and Common if he sticks to his 3rd established album date) but the Abstract is most certainly making a push in the fourth quarter, especially with his latest-and hopefully last-leak from Renaissance, We Fight/Love. The song features soul legend Raphael Saadiq and it is simply beautiful. The joint has an Off the Wall feel to it, and implementing Saadiq was the perfect touch.

Remember, Q's album drops November 4th, and not only do we highly encourage you to cop this album, but to VOTE as well. We here at the Boogie would glady promote this occasion on one of those Rock the Vote commercials, but we lack the credibility and that fame thing so we do the best byusing the blogosphere as our outlet

Lupe Fiasco has something to say....

Lupe Fiasco has said he will make a huge announcement on Halloween (Friday). This only makes sense seeing that the man's latest album centered around a man who rose from the dead and other eerie themes. Some are hoping he'll promise to not retire while others think it will be the debut of a music video for The Coolest. If this is a huge announcement, I'm hoping it isn't related to a music video.

According to lupEND, Lupe dropped this knowledge at a recent concert concerning his Oct. 31 announcement:

"When I told people lupEND would be my last album, I also said it would be the greatest album ever. I am doing something completely new and different, that hasn't really been done before and it's something people wouldn't expect. On Halloween we gonna make a special announcement telling you what that kinda special thing is."

Here's to hoping it is one of the following:
A) Lupe is not retiring (which would not surprise me)
B) He's well into his work for lupEND and it features Pharrell, Michael Jackson, Andre 3000, the lochness monster and $port from Waymorefresher.
C) The CRS album has been complete, is 45 tracks long, only cost $5 and can cure AIDS
D) Lupe just got in a fistfight with Rick Ross and Kimbo Slice, defeating both of them and putting the fight on YouTube.

Joe Budden Halfway House

This is a gift for my man Gonzo, who has been in Joe Budden's corner since '07 died. Budden has been in musical purgatory ever since his rivalry with Sean Carter (AKA Jay-Z AKA Then-Def Jam exec.). While Budden's been waiting for his chance to shine, he's been giving what every fan loves, free music. At heart, we are all cheap. It doesn't matter how much money you've got in your wallet.

After his Mood Muzic 3 dropped, critics (Read: Gonzo) fell in love with the man who was once only known for having a track appear in Madden 04. Mood Muzic, which everyone could easily get for free, sold 10,000 copies despite not having a label backing or promotion.

If you are a Mood Muzic maniac, this will excite you. Here is his newest Budden album, Halfway House. It serves as a prequel to Padded Room, which will not be found here when it drops in 09. That is an album you're going to have to support. In the meantime, enjoy free Budden.

01. Intro
02. On My Grind
03. Overkill (Feat. Heartbreak)
04. Check Me Out
05. Sidetracked
06. Slaughterhouse (Feat. Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Crooked I & Royce Da 5′9″)
07. Under The Sun
08. The Soul
09. Anything Goes
10. Go To Hell
11. Just To Be Different
12. Touch & Go

Shout out to OnSmash for this one. keep the love coming.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ludacris (Don't go running yet) feat. Common & Spike Lee - Do The Right Thing

Okay, now before you point and laugh at your computer screen because I'm posting a song by Ludacris, just look at the features on this track: Chi City's own Common and Afrocentric film director Spike Lee, yes... I said Spike Lee.

Check it for yourself, here.

Oh, and did I mention this was produced by 9th Wonder?

Dap to Hypetrak for the find.

Mos Def-Life In Marvelous Times

For those of you who caught our premier Boogie Blog Numero Dos, Gonzo blessed ya'll with a clip of the new Mos Def joint. Well, it has arrived in full capacity and you can get it here
Suddenly I'm listening to Black on Both Sides and BlackStar a lot lately...

Keep Bouncin'

For the record, NBA 2K9 is the #1 ball game out now; I just finished playing a good three or four games with my Clippers a lil while ago. But there's a bigger picture here, and I think you'll be pretty satisfied with what you are about to indulge in.
Hint: For those of your who were so unfortunate to have missed GITDT AND The Invincible Sounds of Summer Tour, this may be a little bit of a remedy to your sorrows.

Two MVPs, Superman and a Skateboarding Legend + Boxers + Guitar Hero = Genius

Just see for yourself:

Directed by Brett Ratner, the guy behind Rush Hour, Prison Break and 21.

No Pharrell, No!!!!!!!

If you haven't noticed by now, we here at The Boogie don't take ver kindly to certain rappers. The list of all the mainstream artists we've grown to dislike goes on,  but there has been some very damaging news.

There is a rumor going around that our beloved Skateboard P will be starting a "supergroup" which features him, Nelly, Akon, and my main man T-Pain. I really hope this doesn't go down, and it stays a rumor.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yet Another One - Kanye West: Robocop

Another song from the upcoming album. This one doesn't really strike my fancy, the first track to leak to do so.

Listen here.

Nike does it again

Found this on Kanye's Blog

Wale and Mark Ronson doing what they do best

This is Mark Ronson working with DC-based gogo band Uncalled 4 Experience for Wale's debut studio album (which is dropping next spring). This is the second video of a Wale track being produced. First he worked with Travis Barker, now a gogo band. I am a big fan of the live sound, so I'm pretty pumped about this.

The second half of the video is Wale and Mark checking out some leaked pics of the XXL Freshman 10 cover.

Oh, and definitely check out that Uncalled 4 Experience link. Their music is pretty dope.

Jay Z + Coldplay = Crazy Delicious

Hova has been talking about his love for Coldplay - his favorite band, in fact - for a long time now. Well, now that Chris Martin has gotten used to making music with rapper's (on Graduation and Kingdom Come), its time for a Jay-Z/Coldplay mixtape. DJs Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are going to produce it and it will be dropping this Monday. You know we'll be all over that, so hit us up in a couple days.

Here's the tracklist:
No Love Coming Home (produced by The Kickdrums)
Falling In Shadows (produced by 6th Sense)
Know My Place (produced by The Amps)
Lost Part 2 (remixed by Mick Boogie)
Cold Success (produced by 9th Wonder)
Science Is Ignorant (produced by Gooch)
Hola Blanco (produced by Garbs Infinite)
Miss Trouble (produced by Judah)
Public Speeding (produced by Cookin’ Soul)
Life of Clocks (produced by Terry Urban)The Reverse Fix (produced by Mick Boogie & nVMe)
Take The Hill (produced by nVMe)
A Spy’s Prayer (produced by nVMe)
What If We Cry? (produced by Remot)
Back At My Place (produced by Remot)
God Gave Me An Encore (produced by Hasan Insane)
We Never Change (produced by nVMe)
Lost Part 1 (produced by Coldplay)
Beach Chair (produced by Coldplay)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Notorious - Official Trailer

Posted the rough cut a few weeks back, now here's the official green band.

Coming in January. Can't wait.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Check My Fresh: Part 1

I would like to introduce a new segment to those of you who actually read this blog, entitled Check My Fresh. What a better way to cap off the inaugural edition then with a boutique from my hometown. The store is called ATC (Air Traffic Control) and its relatively new. The store is right in the heart of south beach, and if you are trying to improve your footwork I suggest you head over there-if you got the dough. I was recently there prior to the Common/N*E*R*D gig and the store is crazy. I walked in as they were playing 93 'till infinity and the store had a dope atmosphere. The dudes are mad cool up there, too. Chester French showed the store some love that day to perform a small set that I sadly just missed.
Anyway, here's the first spot I'm showcasing for this segment and look for there to be a lot more stores I'll be displaying for ya'll soon.

The Foreign Exchange - Daykeeper [Video]

Well, if you haven't gotten the album yet, this is what you're missing.

Don't say I didn't tell you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Ryan Leslie Experience Begins (In '09)

For the few people who actually listen to this super-producer, songwriter, and musician, he has indeed pushed his self-titled album back to February due to one simple reason: lack of exposure. I find this hard to believe, because this Harvard graduate is one of the most talented artists of our time (dude only plays like 25 instruments!) and could surely make a landmark in the mainstream game that all of us here at The Boogie know and love. He's already done it while producing the likes of Britney, Cassie, New Edition, and many others.
Check out this video of the re-making of a dope track titled "Just Right" he recently posted on RyanLeslieTV about 42 hours ago. Frankly, if you haven't heard of RL by yet, shame on you. He puts all contemporary producers in their place-sorry David Banner, Soulja Boy, JD, Scott Storch-and if you aren't inspired by watching the man at work, then you are HEARTLESS (Damn, Kanye). Anyways become a fan of Leslie before he takes over the planet and don't say I didn't tell you so.

Watch The World Series. Root for the Rays. Unless, of course, you lost your soul (to a woman so heartless)

In a world where sports have become a business more than a passion, we've found an owner worth loving. There are basically three types of honors:
1) The ones in it for the money (i.e. Bill Bidwell, Jeffery Loria)
2) The ones who are passionate, but also evil (Jerry Jones, any Steinbrenner, Mark Cuban... please don't buy my Cubs)
3) The ones who love sports and haven't forgotten why

The third group is pretty small nowadays, but the Rays' Stuart Sternberg is most definitely one of them. This New York Times' article talks about how the former Goldman Sachs executive still manages a middle-aged men's softball team. He makes sure everyone plays equally, and can be found out in centerfield when it's his turn. He coached little league teams before he even had kids of his own.

He bought the Rays in 2004, and the team is now in the World Series. If the Cubs can't make it, at least good people did.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote Obama. Vote McCain. Whatever. Just Vote. And Watch This Clip.

Say what you want, but Johnny Mac is absolutly hilarious in this clip. This is the funniest campaign speech I've ever heard. He rips on the Clintons and himself so much. Barack was dying. This is the first campaign I've watched where i get the feeling neither guy has any real hatred for the other. Yeah, they both did some real slanted ads against each other, but that's more business than personal. Anyone who thinks Barack is the messiah (and, at the same time, anyone who thinks he's an anti-American terrorist) is sadly mistaken. I like Barack, but he's not going to single handidly change this nation. Same goes for John McCain. Yeah, he was a P.O.W., but that doesn't mean he's going to save the situation in Iraq. Both sides need to stop their respective pole-jockin.

The best part about this speech: "Oprah calls him the one. I got another name for him: that one"

Note: he's mearly making fun of himself. He's not meaning any harm to Obama. Oh, and by the way: the anchor in the 2nd video, Keith Olberman, is a douchebag who is looking to stir the pot for absolutly no reason. He's like the bizarro Bill O'Reilly. Can there please be an anchor who isn't absolutly biased, one way or the other?

Boogie Blog Numero Dos

BTW here is the Mos Def Clip for his first single from his Myspace. Peep Game

Ummm... You See... Words Can't Describe

I've heard every remix to hear. Royce's. Jin's. Even Tondeff's.

But, behold. There's a new mash-up of Love Lockdown with Radiohead's Reckoner. Just listen, it's... it's... I don't even know. Its too perfect.

Listen here.

For those who care...

... EliteXC, the MMA company that tried its damnedest to rival UFC, has shut its doors and has put the beloved Kimbo Slice out of work.

Thanks to a guy with pink hair, this half-assed fighting business folded like a lawn chair.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Apparently You Can Change Your Look Overnight...

At least in the case of blog-hogger Kanye West. It looks as though we can no longer tag him with the title "The Louis Vuitton Don." 'Ye teamed up with Belgium born photographer/artist Willy Vanderperre to shoot some promo shots for his November 25th release of 808s and Heartbreak. Personally, I'm a fan of 'Ye's Elvis Costello-esque look (let me know if thats a fair comparison or not) and if you want more visit The Clones who I believe had these photographs first.
I also vouch to not make Kanye posts ubiquitous on this blog from this day foward...
Errr at least I'll try

XXL Actually Does A Good Job With This


I was upset with last year's Leader's Of The New School edition. I felt XXL dropped the ball by naming guys like Lil Boosie, Rich Boy and Plies to the team. And the guys that were actually good -- Lupe Fiasco and Saigon -- had already broken through. This year's edition is way better. The only guys I'm not feeling are Ace Hood, Curren$y and Cory Gunz. The rest are mad dope and we've featured them here like every week. Get the magazine November 4th.

Update: Apparently Kid Cudi is wearing the Air Yeezy's in the 2nd picture. Kanye Posted it on his blog.

Nike Boots video shoot @ Howard University

I don't think a lot of white people go to Howard, but that's just a guess.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Asher Roth x The Cool Kids Freestyle

Asher Roth x The Cool Kids Freestyle @ Sk8tique from Sickamore on Vimeo.

Asher Paul Roth wildin' out with Mikey and Chuck Inglish pre the launching of producer Don Dannon and Stevie William's (DGK stand up!) Sk8tique in Atlanta this past Friday.
And by the way...

Asher Roth is NOT Dead.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Next Movement

According to the ATL's own B.O.B., Hip-Hop is in no way, shape, or form, dead. If you haven't jumped on dude's dick yet, he's ridiculously talented (Generation Lost is my shittt, for the record). This high-school dropout writes, produces, mixes, and arranges his own joints. It's evident the ATLiens have influenced him, and I'm definitely not mad at that. Alongside upcoming names like Kid Cudi and Charles Hamilton, the future for hip-hop looks super bright.

Oh, and here is a fresh-out-the-oven joint derived from the good folks at 2dopeboyz:

Hip-Hop Ain't Dead (The Future)

Friday, October 17, 2008

40 Some-Odd Naked Ladies = One Grand Listening Party

If you didn't hear about the madness that went down a few nights back in L.A., Mr. West alongside artist Vanessa Beecroft threw a dope-to say the least- listening party for 'Ye's forthcoming album, 808s and Heartbreak. About 700 patrons showed up (including Mos Def who fittingly sat front row and center, Will.I.Am, Tip, and even Carol City's Finest Rick Ross) for an ill throwdown of Kanye's newest goodies. To reiterate on the title, there were indeed about 40 nude women seated in the middle-the black girls in front and the white girls in the back-and without an intro of any sort, the entire album was played. To answer the million dollar question: yes, this entire album consists of vocals blessed by West himself... in auto-tune. Contrary to what all the haters say, I personally LOVE (yes I said it) it, and if i were an artist I too would jump on the autotune bandwagon. Kanye has been rocking the vocoder since the College Dropout and even put it to use in Jesus Walks. I know my whole Boogie squad is skeptical about this album, but i think its going to be crazy and a fresh new look for the game.
Anywho, like Siempre reported a lil while ago, there are rumored to be 11 tracks on the album, with guests appearances by Jeezy and Weezy. The songs leaked at the party were said to be a new look for the Chi-native, and the album is primarily about emotional nakedness. The last track played was a joint dedicated to his mother, Donda West, entitled Coldest Winter which is rumored to be the album closer.
Kanye and Beecroft had the party rockin all night and it wrapped up with 'Ye "eloquently" delivering a monologue that pretty much said F*ck you to the people who are doubting his 4th studio album. He also went on to rave about his newest addiction, the "patented Pain" autotune contraption, and how this album is is all about the freedom to do whatever you want. So that explains the whole naked girls ordeal...

*Update 10/18/08*
Somehow I stumbled across the MASTERED(!@$@) version of Heartless. Now you can enjoy the song in even better quality.

Thank you AND You're Welcome

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heartless Download Link

Here it is. I have nothing else to say.

Big Sean and Pharrell in the studio

I first heard Big Sean on Kanye's Can't Tell Me Nothing mixtape on the track Get'cha Some. It was ill and I've been in love with the Detroit-based G.O.O.D. musician ever since. As have the people of BlindI, who put another hot track called Toast on their February compilation, so dig through the BlindI archives for that one. He's mad talented and Pharrell's production is perfect for his style. Listen to his mixtape Finally Famous here. Towards the end of this clip, he says he's working on another mixtape, so keep your eyes out for that.

I found this video over at Way More Fresher, so good looks boys.

How Coulod You Be So Heartless?

So the biggest story has been Kanye's leakage of Heartless on his blog. I'm sure everyone's heard it by now, seeing that it's been available for LIKE 6 HOURS!! I wanted to post it here as soon as I heard it, but I was holding off because the zShare link 'Ye created was f-ed up. I waited for it to get fixed, but I guess it'll never get fixed, at least within the day. My thoughts: soooooo much better than Love Lockdown, not that I completely hated Love Lockdown (hell, it's on my imeem playlist to the right). Heartless is still a lot better. The chorus is more catchy, and HE'S ACTUALLY RAPPING. He's still using auto-tune, but whatever. He says he's been using it since College Dropout, I guess he's getting his politician on (read: telling lies and acting like the obvious isn't true. This war on terrorism is great, right? We should totally stay 100 years!). Whatever. Peep Heartless here, if you haven't done it thus far.


Kanyelive has the unofficial track list. It says their are going to be 11 tracks with features by Jeezy and Weezy (an oh yeah Yeezy!). I doubt said source's accuracy because Kid Cudi said he was on a couple (2) 808s & Heartbreak tracks. The site also says Kanye will release another album next summer. If that's the case: A) damn 'Ye, it'd be stupid to diss you. Even your superficial raps are super-official. And B) This could be the tracks Kid Cudi was talking about. At this point, it's 85% speculation.

Drumroll Please...

Well, if there are any fans of new Eminem music your in luck. I checked up this morning on  and it looks like Em has finally come out with an album name. The rumored names for the highly anticipated album were King Mathers and Empack, two ridiculous names, but Em announced that the album will be titled Relapse. Go Figure. 

Also I read that Em will be designing 313 pairs of a special rare Eminem version of the Jordan 2, which is apparently the rappers favorite set of kicks. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wale, 9th Wonder, Skyzoo- 5 minutes

Wale and 9th Wonder are teaming up for a mixtape that should drop by the end of 08, capping off a helluva 4th quarter for Hip Hop. The mixtape is going to be called Back to the Future. Didn't Mickey Factz release a mixtape with that exact same name? Regardless, it will most definitely be dope. It is sponsored by LRG, making it the 2nd Wale mixtape with a streetwear backing. The Mixtape About Nothing was sponsored by 10 Deep.

Here's the first track that's been leaked. It's called 5 minutes and samples Short Eyes by Curtis Mayfield.

Nike is the best brand in the world. Period.

This is yet another nasty commercial by those boys out in Oregon. This time, we've got LT and Troy Polamalu in a head-to-head collision. The ad tracks both men from birth, as if their respective status' in the league were predestined by Jesus Christ. I don't know how Nike constantly pushes the limit with their ads, yet there are only 5 TV shows worth watching right now. How are commercials better than the actual TV shows?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go Get This Album!

I didn't believe at first, even after downloading the sampler off of BlindI, but now I do. This is the second effort from Phonte (from the beloved Little Brother) and Dutch producer Nicolay, and its stunning. It almost defies words as to how good this album is.

I'm not posting any DL links, if you love music and the people behind this album, you'll spend $20 to get it.


It's Charles Hamilton (Again)

To reiterate on the last post I made about the man yesterday, here is his newest mixtape in its entirety, which includes 11 other tracks. This is dude's 4th mixtape brought to you by none other than the homie DJ Skee.

Peep Game

MGMT: Our Job is to Freak You Out With Our Vids

Now, MGMT has become one of my favorite listens since The Boogie's own, Mr. Fresco, introduced them to me. Their music isn't really for everyone, with the odd usage of synths and heavy bass lines, and their vids pretty much describe their music in a nutshell. Here's the new feature for their track 'The Youth':


Further Prrof the NBA is losing credibility

That right there is the Nets' Devin Harris getting beat in one-on-one., and it wasn't like Devin was playing around. If anything, the dapper Englishman was the one playing around. He pulled off some And-1 ish and put the ball through Harris' legs on the second point. No matter how much he tried to play it off as good fun, Harris was definitely embarrassed.

This comes a couple months after everyone's golden boy (myself included) LeBron got beat by some random dude in H.O.R.S.E. As much as they pretend it's not big deal, it's embarrassing. Hell, I feel embarrassed for Harris.

This also come at a time when some of the NBA's finest are considering a cross-Atlantic transfer to play ball for European clubs. Josh Childress did it and got way more than the Hawks were willing to give him. LeBron would bring in about $50 mil per year in Greece, compared to $20 mil in David Stern's strict league where you have to where suits every day like your Warren Buffet's manslave.

Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

Ill new track from Joe Budden Ft. Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce the 5'9, and Nino Bless. There was a rumor going around tht Royce and my boy Budden were supposed we to start beefing, but I guess this puts a rest to that. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Charles Hamilton is Nice Right Now

Contrary to popular belief, pink is still a good look-for him at least-and should only make you love the 20-year old Sonic-infatuated Harlem resident more. After his recently realeased mixtape "Death of a Mixtape Rapper," Hamilton has officially landed on the map (the homies over at Entourage recently showed him some love, too), and is one of the big names involved in the next generation of Hip-Hop. Here are 2 tracks I found floating around the web to make you a believer:

Hell boys

If you don't know... now you know

Boogie Blog Numero Uno

I promise production will get better, I'm still learning lol

The Invincible Summer Lives On

The Invincible Sounds of Summer Tour wrapped up in the 305 on friday and the tri-set of performers surely didn't show signs of fatigue after a long summer-almost as long as the delay of Com's album. Like many of the fortunate ones who attended, I was hyped for the event-maybe the several free monsters i consumed took toll-and the stakes were set high for the night after seeing evidence of the magic derived from the boys over at BBC/Ice Cream.. The night couldn't have started out any better for me. Prior to the opening of the Filmore, I had the chance to meet up with my man $port over at Waymorefresher(I am telling you, man is like the reincarnated Dilla; I'm imploring you to check out his work) $ even handed me a disc of some of his stuff and i have been bumping to it ever since.It was a really good look. Dude has really inspired all of us here at the Boogie. Now about the show... it was as dope as advertised. D.A. and Max from Chester French did their thing opening up with a limited set, and they had me up for "She Loves Everybody" and other were in awe that I knew their stuff, which showed their disloyalty to the StarTrak Fam. The reason for partaking in this function proceeded them, and I got to see a Chad-less (not suprised) N*E*R*D finish up where they left off from GITDT. The did about a 10 song compilation, and some of the highlights for me were personal favorite tracks like Bobby James, (!) Provider, Maybe, You Know What, Run to the Sun, and others joints that they went plain stupid on. I'm forever savoring their performance. Common, being the headliner, of course followed and tore up the spot. He killed it on Sex n Sugar, I used to love h.e.r., the Light, Go, UMC, and the new aid to all your hip hop sorrows-Gladiator. He even did his own rendition of other artist's hits with the likes of MIAMI State of Mind, They Reminisce over You, Get 'em High, to name a few. Dude even spit like an 80 bar freestyle that had the crowd in a trance. I couldn't have dreamt the event better myself.

One Love... N*E*R*D... Peace

*Before I forget, I would like to give a special welcome back to my man Gonzo, who now returns wearing the 45 like Michael with his much-needed return to the blogging game.*

I Told You I'd Be Back

Its been so long but its good to be back. If you remember me I created all this you see here. This whole time I was managing team Boogie instead of playing, but I decided to pull a Jackie Moon and manage and play for for my on squad, so in short I'm back and sorry for leaving. Also as an added bonus we here at the Boogie appreciate your readership so I will be introducing my new video blog with updates every week. Once again I'm sorry to all 6 of the people who actually remember my posts and to the new readers who have grown to know the triangle of ill writers here at team Boogie (it's like Siempre is Jay-Z, Skateboard is Memphis Bleek, and Atari is Beanie Siegal, and I guess I'm Kanye since i was always down but I didn't emerge until later... from a writing standpoint, I guess).

But much love and its great to be back! 

This has been floating around for a good long time...

You have a choice: do you get John Legend's Evolver now or, like Spike Lee, do the right thing and wait until October 28 to buy it. I love to support my man John, he's one of the best. Then again, I'm a weak man when it comes to dope music. I don't know what to do yet, but I'll post it so you can make the choice yourself. It's up to you...

Friday, October 10, 2008

$3 Camera Checks, Drunken A-Holes and a Damn Good Show

Sorry kids, no pics with no post because the Hard Rock Live in Orlando didn't go for the "Do you know who I am?" bit when they told me to bring my camera to the holding area. I had to pay them $3 for them to hold my camera for 3 hours (f*ck you Stacy).

Anyway, last night was quite enjoyable as I went to the Orlando stop of the 'Seeing the Invincible Sounds of Summer Tour'.

Night started off great with a 4 song set from Chester French, though I was part of the minority in the crowd, being that actually knew the words to their songs.

On to a slight intermission as they set up the stage for a Chad-less NERD (where the hell is he?). Set started with Anti-Matter and the rest was an 8 song mix of everything. Highlight of the set was definitely Spaz, crowd was nuts and that lead into Lapdance, and Everyone Nose.

Common set off the night with his set, pulling out every stop possible, getting the crowd more into it than NERD even did. He performed a 10-12 song set, even mashing up The Corner with NY State of Mind and I Used to Love HER with k-os' Superstarr Pt. Zero. Everyone went nuts when he busted out breakin' during UMC.

He came out for a 20 minute encore, performing The Food, his verse from Get 'em High and busting out Gladiator (from the new album), which I officially am dying to hear.

Despite the loss of a camera for the night, a drunk ass punk who repeatedly elbowed me in the kidneys during Spaz and a phone that would not stop ringing, this show was worth the trip to Orlando.

If you don't have tickets for the few stops left on this tour, please partake in purchasing one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love Lockdown Video

Debuts on Ellen... go figure:

Double-U Tee Eff?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Common feat. P - Universal Mind Control

Vid #2 from the upcoming album, check it:

Kinda cartoony & futuristic, but still great. I want those glasses Common are sportin'.


Just picked up this tee a few minutes ago.

I have an unhealthy obsession with ?uest, dude's a genius beyond many people's knowledge, so this shirt was a sound $25 investment (including shipping).

Comes in blue and white, too. Here's a link for whoever would like to cop one as well.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you don't see me update aThe Boogie for a while, here is why.

So my heart just got pulled out, stomped on, soaked in gasoline and lit on fire. Why? Because my Cubs-- who had the best NL record during the regular season-- just got swept by the freakin Dodgers. Yeah, the team that sneaked in because their division is by far the weakest in baseball.

I feel numb right now. Completely and utterly numb. I've spent the last seven months with these guys. That is how baseball is different from any other sport. Yeah, players are overpaid and shuffled around more than any other sport. But, at the end of the day, the team becomes part of the family. At least, if you are a real fan of your team. No disrespect to those that just look at the boxscore every morning and catch a game maybe once a week, but you don't feel my pain.

I'll admit, I'm only 19, so I haven't been through the worst of it. I don't care that it's been 100 years (and counting... aaaaaggghh) since we won the series. For me, it's been 19 years and that's more than enough. I, while still just a college student, am seriously scared I will never live to see the day the Cubs when the series.

Where do we go from here? Personally, I might have to take a month off. "A month off of what," you say? Life in general. I might just hit the pause button and not do anything until November. No classes, no work, no blogging (I know, how will you survive) , no eating and possibly no communicating with the outside world. If my family reads this they should be seriously worried. Losing 15-20 pounds is not out of question.

But don't worry, I will get over it. Eventually.

The only other time I've completely felt this pain was in 2003. Yeah, the year Prior collapsed, Alex Gonzalez botched a double play ball, Steve Bartman's life got screwed and the Marlins stole the NLCS from us. During my lifetime, the Cubs have made the playoffs four times. This year and '03 are the only times I felt real pain, because those were the only years' I really thought we'd win it. The thought, "this year is going to be our year" goes through my mind every time we get close. Then it gets squashed.

People always assume Cubs fans are just a bunch of miserable schmucks. This is not true. We love baseball. We love it. We adopt our players and give them second, third and even fourth chances. If Sammy Sosa wanted to come out of hiding, we'll welcome him back with open arms. He could be an announcer for WGN and speak broken English like he did at Capital Hill and we'd embrace it. If Kerry Wood is ever homeless, all he has to do is go to Chicago. Not only would he be taken in from anyone on the North side, during an economic collapse mind you, but people would be arguing over who gets to pay for Wood's meals.

So, where does the team go from here? Obviously, Lou Piniella stays. He messed up in Game 1 by keeping Ryan Dempster in during the 5th. Let's say you watch your child keep going near the edge of a bridge. You get a sick feeling that he's going to fall off, then feel relieved when he comes back to you. Are you going to let him get near the ledge again? Nope. That's what it was like watching Dempster pitch. He walked a couple Dodgers in the 3rd, but got out of a bases-loaded jam. Everybody felt relief. He got hit pretty hard in the 4th, but got out of that by good fielding. We got lucky Lou, but don't bet the house again. In the 5th, Dempster walks the bases loaded. Sometimes, you just got to put a man down. "I know momma, but he's my dog. I'll do it." In 03, we lost the whole series because we kept Mark Prior in for too long. That same year, the Red Sox lost their series for keeping Pedro in for too long. But Piniella kept Dempster in.

James Loney hit a grand slam. We lost the only lead we ever had.

But don't get carried away. This wasn't a team that lost because of Lou's typical vices. If anything, I would have liked to see Lou be more, well, Lou. If he had gotten himself kicked out, or if he had held a press conference where he said Joe Torre slept with an Iranian hooker and gotten ghonorrhea, I think the team would have responded in a positive way. All in all, Lou has to stay. He's a good manager, and the only reason you replace someone on your team is to upgrade. Unless Al Davis thinks otherwise.

Changes have to be made, though. There's plenty of evidence that the current team can't win in October. Alfonso Soriano is the biggest question mark. I've rooted for him so much over the last few years, but he just isn't that good. He hasn't been since putting a Cubs uniform on. We signed him coming off a 40-40 year. He hasn't had 40 stolen bases in the two years he's played in Chicago. Plus, anytime a manager has to keep a player batting leadoff when he clearly belongs in the 6 spot out of fear of a potential emotional breakdown, I don't necessarily think that guy's the answer come October. Alas, we gave him an ungodly $100 million, so we're stuck with him. That's a perfect example of a GM overpaying for a player just so he can prove to his fans that he does care about his baseball team. That's also not a good sign that your GM is getting the job done.

But at this point, I'm not against overspending as long as it brings us closer to the series. Right now, their are only two free agents I really care about and I don't care how much the team has to drop to get them: Manny Ramirez and CC Sabathia.

I know we don;t have a shot at either. But can't we make a play for them? Isn't that what a GM (Jim Hendry) does? If there are 2 Hall Of Famers wading in the free agent pool and we're not fighting to get them, the front office is not doing their job. How can we get them?


It's well documented that Manny is bat-s**t crazy, so let's woo him like he's from the cast of The Girls Next Door. But let's not be too pushy. Manny will only fall in love with the Cubs if we press the right buttons. So the front office would have to do it's research, which is their job so I'm willing to bet they can do that.

Manny grew up a Toronto Blue Jays fan because they had some great Latin players, namely Tony Fernandez and George Bell. Hire both those guys to do something within the organization. Manny will love it. Make a carving in the left-field ivy of Manny's face. Whatever it takes.

Speaking of whatever it takes. Manny is represented by Scott Boras, so we're going to have to drop some money. Shocker, I know. But, at this point, why not? He's one of the best hitters of all time, and the Cubs need hitters.


CC has been very passionate about the lack of Black players in the league. He's one of the few people who actually stands for something these days- a maverick if you will. I'm not saying we play the race card because that would be the dumbest thing an organization could ever do. But we should let him know how much we appreciate his stances and that we want to provide him with a platform to change the league. If that doesn't work, at least we tried.

Oh, and throw in a lot of money.

That's going to be a theme for this off-season. But it's not like we don't have it. Wrigley is always one of the highest attended parks, and we've blown $100 million on Alfonso Soriano, so why not drop some more (hundreds of) millions. Look, I know the Yankees and their $200 million annual salary are going to be fighting hard for these guys. But if we let Hank Steinbrenner out-do us, we're absolutely doomed. If the Yankess- who, in case you haven't heard, have won something like 26 World Series since the Cubs have won their last one- are more desperate for a championship than we are, we've lost before the season even starts.

I'd keep writing, but I've got to try to go to sleep. I doubt I'll get any, it's 3 a.m. and I'm not even close to tired. I have an adrenaline rush going, but not the good kind. This is like when you find out imminent doom is coming and you can't do anything about it. 1908-2009, the symmetry for that isn't so bad.

Sorry Kimbo, But Your 15 Minutes are Up

Well, Kimbo lost tonight in a traumatic (that's what I meant to say) 14 second bout vs. Ken Sham... no wait, Seth Petruzelli; a guy who was supposed to be on the undercard, but took the bout after Shamrock pulled out due to a bad cut above his left eye.

Elite XC, the company that Kimbo dances (sorry) fights for, is now in shambles because its prize thoroughbred just broke its leg 14 seconds after breaking out of the gate. I wouldn't be surprised if this company folds like the XFL in the coming weeks because of this travesty of a CBS special.

Sure, the story may have been kinda nice: a guy taken off the streets by a porn company to beat some idiots senseless for a little dough, turned into a guy brought into an MMA gym and trained to be a one-dimensional fighter (he has no mat skills whatsoever, and throwing some hammers can't get you all that far in the business), but Kimbo's number has been called.

So, where does he go from here? Who knows? I wish the best for him, and hope he doesn't revert back to the guy he was before he was discovered.

I would compare this to David downing Goliath, but Kimbo Slice wasn't thought to be unbeatable, his timer was just running a bit slower than the rest.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Silverman knows politics

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.Jimmy Kimmel's ex knows whats up. Old people in Florida hold the key to the election. As scary as that sounds, its true.

Colin Munroe could seronate your mother

But I still love him. For those that don't remember or never learned, Munroe made a super dope flashing lights remix video. Well, he's working on a studio album that should drop in 2009. According to BlindI, there is going to be a Wale feature on it so you know I'll be all over it.

Anyways, he's got a new track called Will I Stay. Enjoy the freshness.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Zambrano I Trust...

So I'm gonna try to do the running diary for a couple of hours. I've got to go to work at 11:30 (grave shift baby... its why I love college).

It's over... at least I have to go to work. Frankly, I'm glad I don't have to watch anymore.

Hmmmm.... Quantom of Solice looks good

Just grounded into a double play... is this the least clutch team of all time?

Aramis Ramirez commited another error but we're out of it easily. Presenting great moments in announcing history: On October 2nd Craig Sager said, "That's the second error for these Chicago Cubs in the, um, series." Alas, the great Sager could not quite get his facts right. The Cubs have commited 4 errors. 3 in this game alone.

"Sitting next to Don Zimmer for all those years. That must have been a treat for Joe Torre." Someone's got a crush...

If you're pitcher is the only one who can get on base, you've got problems.

I guess those genius ad guys decided Dane Cook wasn't there man, so they replaced him with.... Frank Calliendo. Nice.

The color commentator's name is Ron Darling. I don't like him.

We're out! We're finnaly gone. I feel like we just escaped from prison. Sure we've still got a lot to get through, but at least where we're going can't be worse than where we've been.

Tears just streaked down my face. Basing clearing triple. 5-0. I hate announcers.

Furcal just bunted for a single. I hate announcers.

Color commentater: "If you can get out of this inning only giving up one run, that would be huge." We're doomed.

Derek Lee (gold glover) just commited an error.... I always say the curse isn't real. But if we don't win this year, we'll never win. The fans are cheering right now, only to encourage players. Cubs fans are the best, we never give up. I swear I'm not either.

Mark Derosa just commited an error.... I hate myself.

Theriot just made an error at shortstop. Just remembered this, and got cold inside

Now that I've recovered from my blackout, why can't we get runs in? We actually had more hits than the Dodgers yesterday. Lou Pinella better be telling our hitters, "don't swing the bat, this guy doesn't want to thor strikes. if you swing, i hit you with a 2X4 in the clubhouse." He's making good money as a manager, and I'm making nothing as a fan, but even I can se that. Billingsley had 10 loses in the regular season. No way he should beat us in October with the weak stuff he's throwing


- Yesterday I said Soriano is due. I hope this is the game. First pitch base hit, then advanced to second on a wild pitch. Lee and Ramierez will come up. If one of them doesn't get him in, I will slam my head against the keyboard.

9:35- Big Z got a K and looks like he is about to rip someone's head off. He's got the intensity of Chyna and Hulk Hogan's offspring. Too bad he plays a sport where being calm is a virtue.

Proof that Kanye reads this blog

Well, judging by our hit count, I doubt that. But when I made a post about 808 & Heartbreak featuring Jeezy, I complained that some of the big up-and-comers like Kid Cudi weren't getting any Kanye love. Well, apparently Cudi is going to be on two tracks, which pleases me.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So I'm A Huge Chi-Town Fan

No, this has nothing to do with my musical tastes (Read: Kanye, Common, Lupe). It's a mere coincidence. But I'm a huge Chicago Cubs fan. I've been that way ever since I was in first grade. My little league team was the Cubs and I rocked the Rec-Specs, so you know everything was good. You know what the funny thing is? I've never been to Chicago. But don't think about questioning my love for the Cubs. I've had a couple summers ruined because the Cubs were at the bottom of the standings in the central. I felt sick and skipped school when the Cubs blew it against the Marlins.

I intended to do a running diary while watching the Cubs-Dodgers game 1 (going on while I type this). I've been very busy working for my student newspaper today, but I'll hopefully do it for game 2. Here are my thoughts thus far:


When are managers going to learn? If your pitcher is struggling in the playoffs, yank him.... immediately... as if you just saw his pitching arm fall on the ground and be blown over the left field fence by the Wrigley wind. This is the same thing that happened in '03, which cost us the NLCS and possibly the World Series. Mark Prior was tired and we let him stay in for the 8th. It turned out he had nothing left and we got beat by the Marlins. IT WAS NOT BARTMEN'S FAULT. It was Dusty Baker's.

Ryan Dempster had struggled all game and walked the bases loaded. Guess what happened next? He gave up a freakin' grand slam and we're now down 4-2. Why keep him in? Even if he had gotten though the 5th, then what. Then you replace him with a reliever. What the difference? What's the plus side of keeping him in?

My other thoughts:
Alfonso Soriano has done nothing tonight, and he did nothing last October. There's only one thing to say: he's due. It's clear game 1 is not going to be his night, but it's coming. How many bad games does a guy have to have before he busts out? I'm betting before the series is over, Soriano is going to either have a real clutch hit or a huge game. I'm talking 8 RBIs, 3 stolen bases, 2 outfield assists, a couple epic diving catches which, by law, the announcers have to call "web gems," and he wrestles an alligator while Jim Beluchi sings the 7th inning stretch.

Which brings me to the announcers. They suck. They said the Cubs fans were calm, probably nervous since they haven't won a championship in, what is it? 100 years? Is that right? I never would have guessed, nobody ever talks about that. My favorite quote:

"You know, last night the White Sox fans were up and cheering on ever 2-strike pitch. Cubs fans aren't doing that tonight." Keep in mind, it was the first inning. One minute later, Dempster had a guy 2-2, and the crowd was going nuts. "Oh, I guess they just needed to warm up." No, you just made a statement about how the crowd is acting when it was only the 1st inning.

I got to get back to work, so I'll try to make an update later.

Crazy Delicious=Digital Millennium Copyright Act violation

So I got an email today about the Mark Ronson remix of a Robin Thicke joint (also featuring Wale and Mary J Blige). Apparently, it was a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I didn't read the rest of the email, so maybe I could be arrested and sent over to Abu Ghraib, who knows. All I do know is that my blog post was taken down and now you can't get that remix, which is a shame because it was the best thing to hit America since The Beatles. You may think I'm over exaggerating, but you'll never know, will you? I guess you could always go out and do the legal thing and go bu----- oh wait, it's not for sale anywhere. You could drop $12 to iTunes and get a bonus remix, but that remix is by Moto Blanco. Did he win the Grammy for producer of the year?

Alicia Keys and Jack White, "Another Way To Die"

Found this on The Fader. This is the theme for the upcoming James Bond film, Quantom Of Solice. It sounds pretty dope. I've never been a huge James Bond theme guy. Paul McCartney & Wings did something special with their rendition, but nothing else really stands out for me. Actually, The World Is Not Enough by Garbage stands out, but only because it was so boring to watch while waiting for the actual film to start.

Update: John Legend and Kanye West produced by the Neptunes

This one is the non-radio rip, and it's fantastic. Evolver comes out October 28. I know Atari is talking about how November and December are going to be OD-worthy, but I'll make the argument that the rest of the year is amazing. Don't forget, Ryan Leslie's album will be out October 21.