Monday, October 27, 2008

808s and Heartbreak/UMC Album Art

Is it just me, or has 'Ye gotten mad lazy nowadays or has lost his eccentricity? Maybe the cover is a new trend of him portraying his passion for art (i.e. THIS).

For the visually impaired, you can view Com's track list here courtesty of OnSmash
Mark your calendars:
Yeezy's album drops November 25th and Common's is set to drop the 9th of December...hopefully


Siempre Fresco said...

What happened to the Chester French joint. Maaaaan, I was lookin for that one.

SkateBoardD said...

Lets not jump to conclusions here

Its still obtains the same title but lets hope due to CF's lack of fan base they just didn't think they were that relevant to include them on the tracklist

Is this album really not consorted with G.O.O.D. music?!