Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Further Proof Asher Paul Roth is NOT Dead

Finally, Asher blesses us with some freshness-you can only listen to the Greenhouse Effect so many times-to prove the haters he's not falling off just yet.
Asher Roth-The Reading


Anonymous said...

He is soo wack to me. What's so gret that I'm not getting?

Joe Budden "Halfway House"
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SkateBoardD said...

Lemme drop some knowledge on you right quick:

1) Stop with the anonymous comments; you can do better than that.

2)AR is the real deal. Dude spit like 90 bars on the spot for Hova in the former CEO's officeand got his co-sign right then and there.
Steve Rifkind even came out and said hes the best lyricist he's heard in 10 years.

Dude is a doppeeee MC and is like some much needed febreeze to the game today.
For further reasoning,I highly recommend you cop the Greenhouse Effect

Atari said...

He actually dropped 150 bars in Jay's office, D.

At least according to Asher.