Thursday, October 23, 2008

Check My Fresh: Part 1

I would like to introduce a new segment to those of you who actually read this blog, entitled Check My Fresh. What a better way to cap off the inaugural edition then with a boutique from my hometown. The store is called ATC (Air Traffic Control) and its relatively new. The store is right in the heart of south beach, and if you are trying to improve your footwork I suggest you head over there-if you got the dough. I was recently there prior to the Common/N*E*R*D gig and the store is crazy. I walked in as they were playing 93 'till infinity and the store had a dope atmosphere. The dudes are mad cool up there, too. Chester French showed the store some love that day to perform a small set that I sadly just missed.
Anyway, here's the first spot I'm showcasing for this segment and look for there to be a lot more stores I'll be displaying for ya'll soon.

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