Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blu & Exile: Blu Collar Workers

This video has been floatin around the blog world for a couple of days and its off their Below The Heavens album which came out last September so this isn't nothing new. Blu's currently in the studio working on his next album, The Piece Talk, with producer Ta'Raach (under the collective name C.R.A.C.). The LP drops April 22 so I have to add that to my list of albums to buy in April, the others being Madonna's Hard Candy and The Roots' Rising Down.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh, so Barry Bonds is about an asian guy!

Here is the fourth installment from Kanye's Graduation listening experience that was posted on his blog.


Spotlight on...

Vampire Weekend similar to N.E.R.D? don't know bout that... anyway, these are some funny dudes

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm Still Waiting...

A couple of months back, I posted about the upcoming Danny! album. At the time, I had heard rumors of the album dropping in late January. Well, it's late March and I still haven't sniffed the product, but there is some good news. Urb magazine featured the future release, And I Love H.E.R., with the poster above and also said the CD should drop soon. The magazine also says the album will be hear soon, for what it's worth. Here are a couple tracks off of it:

Where Were You and You Owe Me are on the album Charm (which you can get here) so I don't think they will be on the new album. Also, head over to the D. Swain website which is currently streaming a new instrumental titled I Don't Know.

The Video They Don't Want You To See Part II

Here is the second epsisode of The Boondocks that was banned. Presenting BET's newest show: Uncle Ruckus' Reality Show

McDonald's All-American heading to M.I.A.

Those were the highlights(the very few that there were) from this McDonalds game, which went down a couple nights ago. This year's game was pretty dissapointing, in my opinion, and hasn't lived up to previous games such as the ones back in '03 and '02. Anyways, the reason i posted this is because the Bank United Center in Miami will be hosting the event this coming year. Even though the class of '09 doesn't contain the level of high-caliber players like in the past, i'm still hyped just to see players like Lance Stephenson(Kenny Boynton will get a big advantage due to the South Florida factor as well), alongside others. Big ups to MIA for pulling this one

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vote 4 The JabbaWockeez!!

America's Best Dance Crew has the finale this Thursday. It's time to rise up and support the best dance crew out there. Plus, nobody's really been wearing masks since the Capulets and Montagues ran the streets. This highlight only consists of their performances from weeks 1-5 and the try-outs. Down with Status Quo!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I promise you that this will be the last hockey clip I ever post on The Boogie, but anyone who enjoys a good fight should appreciate this. It's former NHL great Patrick Roy's son, Johnathan, beating the hell out of another goalie in the MHL:

I may be one of 6 hockey fans left in America, but I love this type of stuff.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kanye West Does LSD (or has been blessed with a beautiful mind)

If you know Kanye West, you know he likes two things: the 80's and Japan. That couldn't be more clearer than when you watch the first 3 videos released from Mr. West's Graduation Album Listening Experience. This was created by Derrick Lee (not the first baseman) and some other dude (sorry other dude). The first one is for Good Morning:

GOOD MORNING 2001 from kwest on Vimeo.

The second one is for Stronger and uses cut-up clips from Akira, which is like Star Wars for anime fans.


The third one is for I Wonder:


There were a total of 7 videos made and the rest will be released periodically so be on the lookout.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

F.A.T. Boys

just to add a lil more to the aforementioned post on PacDiv, here's their new video(i think) entitled "F.A.T Boys".. the video is dope and is kinda like a Hype Williams vibe. If you don't know you better ask someone....

Spotlight on Pacific Division

I've really been impressed by the up-and-comers in Hip Hop right now. Pacific Division is another group that is a throwback to the Native Tongues Posse-era. BlindI put me up to them a couple of days ago and I have to say I am impressed by everything they do (especially their hypebeast-inspired atire). Here is their video for Paper. It's really an impressive video.

The group consists of three members- Like, BeYoung, and Mibbs. They are from Southern California and have recieved respect from ?uestlove and Pharrell. Here is Sealed for Freshness, their mixtape that came out in '06. It's old, but if you're like me and haven't been up on them, it will be new to you.

The Cool Kids, Wale, Kidz in the Hall, The Knux, and now these guys? Man, the fure looks good.

Observations From 2 Days of Doing Nothing

So I've spent pretty much 2 entire days laying on the couch watching college basketball and that is in no way depressing. During this time I have noticed a lot of things about the teams playing this year:
  • There are certain coaches that I just look at and know they recruit kids illegally. Have you ever seen Bob Huggins hair? It's something straight out of Blue Chips. I also think Miami's Frank Haith is an underground recruiter. He looks like he's never really happy.
  • This year the NCAA student athlete commercials were surprisingly good. Usually I get turned off by the whole "there are thousands of NCAA athletes and most of us are going pro in something other than sports" thing, but this year's commercials were actually kind of good.
  • There must have been a new rule that if you were picked to do bad before the season you have to find some unexpected playmakers and become one of the best teams in the nation. Then, the announcers are required to talk about how amazing this achievement is (see: Drake, Notre Dame, Miami).
  • I should never pick underdogs. I always pick the wrong upsets (Did Baylor really lose to Purdue by 11? Damn) and then see other underdogs ruin by bracket. I mean, can a 5 seed or 4 seed at least pretend they belong in the tournament?
  • The salesman in that Volkswagen commercial has got to be Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
  • There are certain teams that you expect to be loaded with white players (BYU, Duke, Notre Dame, Drake, Butler) and other teams you'd be shocked to see put a white man on the court (Marquette, Memphis, Tennessee, Clemson).
  • Western Kentucky desperately needs a new fight song. Ty Rogers hit the biggest shot of the year and the team's band started rockin out. Listening to it, I'm sure Ty felt more like he threw a ball into a jar at a carnival. (I love the look of Drake's players).

  • Bill Raftery tries way too hard. After his famous "Send it in Jerome!" call back in the day, he's tried to have a memorable moment every 5 minutes. The result? He sounds like your drunk grandfather yelling incoherently about the price of milk and how complicated the television remote is. This is what I'm talking about:

  • State Farm needs to have at least 3 different commercials. I must have seen that commercial where the people have unexplained red circles under them 50 times in the last two days.
  • Digger Phelps may be good at matching his tie with his highlighter (1, 2), but Roy Williams brought the freshness with his.
  • Also, some schools need new uniforms. I should not be confusing Baylor with Oregon and Vanderbilt with Purdue.

Well, this accurately sums up how I've been spending my last two days. Part of me thinks I wasted two days of me, but most of me wishes I could spend every day like that. Now, I have to get back on my couch to watch more basketball.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Is This A Joke?

Remeber VH1's program The White Rapper Show? It was by far the worst show in the channel's history, which is saying something. If you did happen to see this show, I'm sure you'll remember John Brown. He was the boy from the suburbs who planned to "revive the ghetto." He was talkin spiritually, socially, economically, emotionally, physically, and retardedly. Well, John. Is this your first step? Really? A music video about keg parties? I'm not sure if you know what a ghetto is, but unless everybody at that party was forced to live in that house, you aren't close. Oh, and King of the 'Burbs, do girls really ask you to be in their pornos? Is it because your show was such a big hit and you looked so gangster when you ran away from that fat girl who was waving a dildo in your face?

If I Lived In Hong Kong And had A Ton Of Money To Blow...

I'd be hitting up the Bape store to get my hands on these. Hypebeast has the new clothes that are being released this weekend. I'm not one to drink the Bape Kool-Aid, but these are fresh. The stuff coming out this weekend include a reversable tee, a couple other shoes, some khaki pants, a dress shirt, and a belt.

These shoes show the positive side of the Bathing Ape dynasty. They are what the clothing line, at its core, represents. The kicks are exclusive, unique, and fun. It's the type of stuff that make you want to spend $300 on shoes (If only they made them in size 15!!).

On the flipside, there are so many reasons I get turned off by the clothing line. For one, they overprice way too much stuff. I am willing to guarantee that the belt that is being released this weekend will be a coll $100 to $150. I feel that the higher ups at Bape have become complacent and know they can sucker people into buying their products for 5 times as much as they should. There are tons of other street lines that have good looking clothes for like a third of the price of Bape. Then again, those shoes are just so sick.

You Can't Tell Me The War Isn't Over....

For those who haven't seen this yet, here's what are troops are doing in Iraq when they're on patrol in their $500,000 MRAP's (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected):

That's ghostridin' to another level.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Video They Don't Want You To See (this time i'm serious)

So every blogger's favorite TV show has been off the air due to its controversial episode criticizing BET. Rumor has it that Huey's hunger strike has led to threats of Black Entertainment Television suing Sony (who apparently produces The Boondocks... who knew?). This is ridiculous. BET, grow some balls and roll with the punches. Granted, if I had my own TV station (which would be dominated by Dennis Rodman's Midget Basketball League and Gumbel to Gumbel) I would not like to be bashed. That said, I still wouldn't take action by threatening a lawsuit. If I were BET, I'd have an army consisting of T-Pain, AKON, Free, Malcolm Jamal Warner (he owes them something for playing re-runs of Malcolm and Eddie) and Shaheed the Poster Boy start a rap battle with the executives of Sony. Considering the state of Hip Hop on BET, this battle wouldn't be as lopsided as you'd think.

I'm not surprised that an episode of The Boondocks was banned, I'm just surprised it was this episode. If you haven't seen it yet, click the link above. This is my second favorite episode of the series behind The Trial of R.Kelly. It has a strong message and, as usual, Huey portrays the model for being an effective member of society. Oh, and look out for a guest appearance by Cee-Lo playing the role of a returning character.
There is another episode that builds off this one and I am on the lookout for it.

How Much Is A Man's Life Worth?

Alright, I'm about to go on a bit of a rant, but I need to get this off of my chest.

Last night, I watched the finale of The Gauntlet 3, in which 6 people from the Rookies beat 10 people from the grizzled old Veterans. The final challenge means everything to these life-long slackers, drunks and whores, being as $300,000 was this season's grand prize. The Vets had 10 people left, their single prizes would be $30k a piece, which is a nice chunk of change for people that run around obstacle courses for a living.

Now, here's where my rant begins: The Vets have one team member, Eric aka "The Big Easy", who is a 6ft+, 300lb+ man, who happened to last the entire season, due to everyone on his team being a coward. As they rolled around to the final challenge, they found out the basic task was to run around a 5 mile course while completing a few other tasks, while all of your teammates are chained to each other.

Now, I don't know about you, but I would find it hard to believe that a 300lb+ grown-ass man can finish an obstacle course in sweltering Mexican heat, and he didn't. He pushed himself to the limit, and suffered a case of heat exhaustion, collapsing and nearly dying on the course. Still his, "friends" and teammates screamed at him while he lay on the ground with his eyes rolling back in his head, all for the sake of winning 30,000 fucking dollars.

I'm not sure how selfish you have to be to encourage someone to keep moving towards the light for 30k, but it's pretty damn close to Paris Hilton's level of selfishness.

For those who blamed Eric for your loss, get a frigging clue. If you think that $30k is the price to pay for a man's life, then you need to have a serious look at your life, and re-evaluate where you stand as a man or a woman.

OK, rant's over.

Internet Killed Blockbuster

Here is a video from the guys over at IGN-- who are pretty much the authority on video games and all things technology. Between this and Netflix, the original renting giant is set to fall.

Let's Start The Madness...

It's time to play hookie, watch basketball, eat bar food, and bet all your excess money. I can't tell you how happy I am right now so I'm just gonna bear some gifts. These are the most random albums to put together... but it's March Madness so this is how I'm doing it.
There you have it. Some old school, some new, and some Daft Punk. For the last 2, you will need WinRAR. So if you don't have it, get it here. I know this is a confusing list (Ego Trippin with Low End Theory?), but I just wanted to throw out some random ish. Now go watch basketball and lose all your money.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Attention All Designers Out There

If you haven't heard of Threadless, you need to. It's a site for independent designers to publish their work and have users rate and buy them. To be honest, I feel like a lot of the clothes on it are kind of lame. Most of them remind me of the type of clothes you'd see the odd emo kid in the back of the classroom rocking. In fact the only one's I'd consider buying would be the ones shown above.

But that dosen't mean I don't see potential. If people could start releasing some streetwear on there, I'd be ecstatic. Exclusive streetwear+ affordable price= me happy. So if you want to get your clothes out there, get to work.

The Video They Don't Want You To See (just playin)

This is a pretty decent quality version of the video. Hopefully it stays up for a while before the "debut." The video is pretty dope and the song, in my opinion, is lose yourself with better verses. So far, this is the second-best video of the year behind Erykah B's Honey.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why is everyone a critic?

In the last couple of days I have read some blogs that have been bashing Lupe... calling him a sell-out. First there was the whole Tribe Called Quest incident, now its the superstar remix. Lupe has teamed up with T.I. and Jeezy for the new version and everybody is up in arms. To both of these issues, I say "who cares?" Is Lupe no-longer a backpacker because of this? Guess what. I like T.I. and Jeezy. I don't love either of them, but I do listen to them and I like them. The remix is good (get it here) and I have heard that the two rappers actually approached Lupe about getting on the remix. As far as the whole Tribe situation, he messed up the words to another group's songs for a second. That's it. I'm not saying this because I love Lupe, I'm saying this because it's a fact. If you have forgotten exactly how it went down, here it is:

So Lupe said he didn't grow up on Tribe? Is that really a big deal. Too many Hip-Hop fans have certain expectations of rappers. You have to listen to these guys growing up. You have to wear these clothes. Honestly, this type of stuff is creating cookie-cutter MCs. Seriously who cares and stop judging rappers.

The real reason I've made these statements is because I just finished watching an 80's hip-hop playlist on MTV Jams. As I watched Big Daddy Kane, Run DMC, and De La Soul, I couldn't help thinking "These guys were more playful." I personally think this is a result of too many feuds in Hip-Hop. The genre used to be about having fun and now it has become something serious.

Look at how many different divisions there are in rap: backpack, gangster, grime, house, underground, trip hop, alternative. I could go on but you get the idea. I honestly don't care where it comes from or what type it is. If I like it, I like it. Seriously, can we make this fun again and tell MCs to stop trying to be the next Biggie and Tupac.

I know I've done wrong... and I'm sorry

To the 18 people that still read this blog, I'm sorry. No, I'm really sorry. I've been busy with more irrelevent things than maintaing this site. In the last week and a half, I have done everything from fall asleep on the beach to fill out my tourney bracket. I actually spend way too much time analyzing matchups and my bracket will still be ruined by the sweet sixteen.

Anyway, here is everything that has gone on recently. Obama has a campaigner calling Hilary a monster and Clinton has an advisor saying Barack is only where he is because he plays the Black Card... Lupe came out with a new music video, but you got to pay 2 dollars on iTunes to see it (the 30 second sample looks good, for what it's worth)... these two old men are about to kill each other... Break Sk8 went home on America's Best Dance Crew... The Boondocks has mysteriously disappeared... Gnarls Barkley's new album officially came out... St. Patty's day came and went with nothing exciting... The Houston Rockets forgot how to lose a basketball game... Chuck Anderson (who designed the Food & Liquor cover) and Burton have collaborated on the illest jacket I've seen in awhile... Georgia won the SEC tournament despite not being very good at the sport of basketball... E! decided to renew the series Keepin up with the Kardashians (why!?!?)

There's a lot of other stuff that happened but I can't remember. Again, to the 15 people that still read this... I'm sorry and I have returned.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This Is Why I Still Love Hockey

Donald Brashear has had a history with the Boston Bruins thorughout his career, and he doesn't seem to be getting much friendlier with'em. On the 8th, he got into 2 fights, the first coming 14 seconds into the game:

Then in the 3rd, he high-sticked a Bruin, and Shane Hnidy stuck his entire face into someone else's business, and he payed the price:

And, to sum this all up for Mr. Hnidy is Chris Tucker:

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Blueberry Abstract

New from the Smirnoff Signature Mix Series. a sped-up version of agruably one of the hottest joints of of Midnight Maruaders. Tip is joined by Miami's go to producers, Cool & Dre. Get it here .This is...

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Roots- Get Busy Premier

The Roots' new video was released today, like a week after the 75 Bars video. My favorite part: the return of DJ Jazzy Jeff. I honestly can't wait for the album to drop in April seeing that The Roots are by far my favorite Hip-Hop group right now.

Odd Couple Leak

I just found this and haven't even listened to it. I'm giving it to you before I've heard the whole thing. From the bits and pieces I've tasted, I can tell Danger Mouse has left off where St. Elsewhere left us. The reason I'm so obsessed with Cee-Lo and Danger is because of their no-boundries style. They remind me of N.E.R.D. in that respect. I'm not saying P's group and Gnarls are similar, but they both push limits. Here's the tracklist:

1. Charity Case

2. Who's Gonna Save My Soul

3. Going On

4. Run

5. Would Be Killer

6. Open Book

7. Whatever

8. Surprise

9. No Time Soon

10. She Knows

11. Blind Mary

12. Neighbors

13. A Little Better

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So lets say you want to get fresh like Kenna

MySpace Presents: The Fit featuring Kenna

Add to My Profile More Videos

Man, LA and New York are head and shoulders above every other city in terms of streetwear. I was drooling over Suru (the last shop). Besides that, I forgot how Kenna talked and I got to say I am a little dissapointed. I usually like my musicians to have absolutly ridiculous voices like Lil Jon and DMX. Just playin. I like the fact that he is actually an intelligent person. Its a nice change of pace.

In case you missed it...

Here's Ronaldinho's goal from last week. The kick is ill nasty. If you're like me and love soccer announcers, pay attention at around 23 seconds to hear futbol announcing at its finest.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yo, Let Me Get Some Crystal!

Ok so I found the new really good show on TV Its called Breaking Bad and its on AMC Sundays at 10. The shows premise is based around a chemistry teacher named Walter White. Walt is played by Brian Cranston, or better known as the dad from Malcolm in The Middle. Walt is a simple man with a wife Skylar and son Walt Jr. (Walt Jr. is a victim of Cerebral Palsy). Walt is diagnosed with terminal cancer and has no life insurance to go out on and does not want to leave his family stranded.

So he teams up with a true scrub, one of his former students who dropped out of high school named Jesse Pinkman, and they begin cooking Crystal Meth in an RV in the middle of the dessert in New Mexico. Walt sees this as the only way to get money to pay for his treatment and keep his family safe financially since he refuses to take handouts from anyone.

Although it turns out that Walt is the Wolfgang Puck of cooking Crystal Meth and he and Jesse are on the rise to be the new kingpins of New Mexico. Here are the first 2 episodes of Breaking Bad

Episode 1

Episode 2

Monday, March 3, 2008

I've decided who makes the best music videos

Before I say anything, let me first make this statement: Hip-Hop is my favorite type of music. Hands down, it's not even close. Having said that, I have to ask why the genre that, since its inception into slightly-mainstream music in the late 80's, has been known for its creativity has become so dull when making videos. I can pretty much some up 85% of Hip-Hop videos with these characteristics: club, whores, liquor, expensive sunglasses, whores, hoodie, entourage, and whores. That's not to say ALL HIP-HOP VIDEOS ARE BAD, it's just that way too many have become complacent. It's almost like artist are making music videos because they have to, not because they want to express themselves.

Now, there are some videos that I legitimatly enjoy. Just in the last year, I will name some rap videos I saw and liked: International Players Anthem, Good Life, Hot Thing, Can't Tell Me Nothing (Version 2... peep it here), Us Placers. I'm sure there are some others that I just can't think of right now, but the list is still far too small.

Everybody knows about Justice because of their Michael Jackson tribute D.A.N.C.E., but a lot of people do not realize how good their videos are. The video for D.A.N.C.E. provided the inspiration for Good Life and, in my opinion, the best video from last year.

The group just released a new video for their song DVNO. The video is similar to D.A.N.C.E., but it is a little simplar. Its not quite as good, but its still creative.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Snoop Dogg- Sets up (prod. by Neptunes)

Stttraiighht fiya. From ya boy DJ Pop$ikle>


Damn Near Perfect...

Its been 10 years since Mos Def and Talib Kweli released the Black Star album, but its still an incredibly good listen. Its been my main play for about the last 2 weeks, I just can't get enough.

Here's the vid for Definition:

And for Respiration (feat. Common)

Get back in the studio guys!