Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yo, Let Me Get Some Crystal!

Ok so I found the new really good show on TV Its called Breaking Bad and its on AMC Sundays at 10. The shows premise is based around a chemistry teacher named Walter White. Walt is played by Brian Cranston, or better known as the dad from Malcolm in The Middle. Walt is a simple man with a wife Skylar and son Walt Jr. (Walt Jr. is a victim of Cerebral Palsy). Walt is diagnosed with terminal cancer and has no life insurance to go out on and does not want to leave his family stranded.

So he teams up with a true scrub, one of his former students who dropped out of high school named Jesse Pinkman, and they begin cooking Crystal Meth in an RV in the middle of the dessert in New Mexico. Walt sees this as the only way to get money to pay for his treatment and keep his family safe financially since he refuses to take handouts from anyone.

Although it turns out that Walt is the Wolfgang Puck of cooking Crystal Meth and he and Jesse are on the rise to be the new kingpins of New Mexico. Here are the first 2 episodes of Breaking Bad

Episode 1

Episode 2

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