Friday, February 29, 2008

If you were a chick, who would be the one guy you'd sleep with?

Will Ferrell is a movie empire. Semi-Pro is opening up tonight and he's got a new movie this summer. His brother is the guy who was his best friend in Talladega Nights. Will Ferrell movies are like a fine wine: they get better with time.

Quick fingers used for something other than playstation

A lot of people out there have seen the Daft Punk Hands video on youtube. If you haven't, here it is:

Now, there is a new, digitally-enhanced version. Some people may say that the video isn't as cool because they used editing to make it work, but those are the same people who say Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds are frauds just because they used roids. Well, they actually are frauds, but this video is still tight. The hand on the left shows what Daft Punks says, the one on the right shows what Ye is saying.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keepin the soul alive

Alright, this is gonna sound kind of confusing but bear with me. I found this site off another site and the site I found is my new favorite site. What do I mean? I was on waymorefresher earlier today (one of my favoirtie sites) when I found a post about another blog called thesoulsample (my new favorite site). Thesoulsample is basically what it sounds like. The entire site is dedicated to old jazz and soul songs from the 70's that have been sampled by today's producers. If you're a music nerd, you'll love this site as it allows you to download the original and new track.
Some people, mostly anti Hip-Hop people, say that sampling music is uncreative and proof that today's musicians aren't as good as those from "back in the day." To a degree, that is true. I have to admit that some samples are nothing but a rip off old songs. Take Eminem's sample of dream on by Aerosmith. The chorus is literally Aerosmith. There is like no differnece in the music. That is an example of a sample lacking any creativity.
But there are a lot of samples that sound almost nothing like the original or the original is so obscure that 90% of people would have never heard it before. Take Kanye's sample of PYT. Sure, if you start to listen to the original song with only 40 seconds left, the sample is quite noticable. On the other hand, if you listen to the majority of that song you would never guess PYT and Good Life have any relation. When I first the sample, I thought, "Who would ever think to make an entire song out of that little effect that lasted like 15 seconds?"
Now, as far as musicians from back in the 60's,70's, and 80's being better, that is simply not true. Its just that music today incorporates more technology.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Dude, i know for a fact you don't like to party!"

A couple of weeks back, Gonzo posted his thoughts on Joe Budden's Mood Muzic 3. Well, if you like Joe Budden and producing music, here's your chance to get some free equipment and become internationally famous (well, at least you're friends will start to care about you).


And if you happen to be in the Northeast,

The Takeover

I just had a revalation. I'm not sure how this came into my head, but i was watching Kanye's sppech from the Grammys on youtube because i boycotted it as you all know. although while i was watching the speech he made when he won best rap album i realized two things

1. Kanye is the new top dog in music

2. He is the artist that will end up defining our generation

I mean the man is unstoppable. Lyrically i don't think Ye is even in the top 5 of some of todays rappers, but he will be the artist remembered when you you look back on our generation. The 50's was Elvis, the 60's and 70's was the Beatles, the 80's was Micheal Jackson, the 90's was BIG and 2pac (even though Pac was terrible), and when people look back at the first 10 years of the new milenium Kanye will be the artist people remember.

He will never lose a grammy nom in Best rap album, thats a given, but i'm starting to think he is the new and improved Jay-Z. Listen im not saying Kanye is a better rapper by any means, but he will always have bigger publicity than Hovito.

Kanye makes music for everybody, Jay has never really stepped out of his comfort zone to try something new. Yeah he did the Linkin Park Album, but Kanye is just so much more outside the box with his creations he surpasses Jay's creativiness like a Bently next to a Pinto. Ye has a certain swagger to him also, and hate him or love him you respect him. the main reason why he will go down as the artist of this decade is because he makes a sort of underground music for mainstream listeners.

I mean no direspect to Jay at all he is one of my all time favorites but kanye is that dude. He will forever be labeled as one of the top artists of all time in any genre. Congradulations Ye you did it!
For the most part, you're right. The Beatles aren't really the best group of the 70's being that they never worked together after finishing Abbey Road in the summer of '69 (haha...69). The best group from the 70's is probably a rock band, maybe ACDC being that they have the 2nd highest album of all time and it came out in that decade. As for the 90's, rap still hadn't made it mainstream yet so I don't think Biggie & Pac were really the biggest musisians of that time. I'd make an argument for Nirvana.
As for this decade, I had actually been thinkin about that for a while. I personally think Justin Timberlake will go down as the biggest artist. At the begining of this decade, he was part of one of the biggest groups since The Beatles. Now, he's made it a habbit of winning Grammys and teaming up with awesome producers like Timba, Danja, and P en route to making the best music possible. I'm mostly a Hip-Hop guy, but I think the majority of people out there will put Justin at the top. Timberlake is the Michael Jackson, 'Ye is the Prince. Oh, and please learn how to spell congratulations. -Siempre

Afirkan Boy Is Lookin For His Visa

If you don't know who Afrikan Boy is, he's the dude on "Hussel" off the M.I.A. album. He hasn't done anything major yet, but it seems like everybody and their mother is anticapting his next move. I just like him for the same reason I like all my other favorite artists: he dresses crazy and fresh. Peep his myspace to here a couple crazy fresh songs. Also, click here to give his paper planes remix. He reminds me a little of Soulja Boy AKA. If he ever gets big, I'll shoot myself. But he's kind of like alcohol: good in moderation.

Here's a video about shoplifting... if Shake That Laffytaffy can get big, why can't this??

And here is Afrikan Boy freestylin while drunk. $10 to the first person who can tell me what he's actually saying.

P.S.- He lives in the U.K., not Afrika... Afrika is not a real place.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just For You...

Just found this while surfing the web. It's some dudes remix of P's "Frontin." Now I've heard a bunch of mixes to this track and thought pretty much 99.9% of them ruined the song, but i'm taking a liking to this one. Plus, they didn't f*** up the bridge like all the other remixes.

Pete Rock-"Till I Retire/Best Believe" feat. Redman Vid

This is the first video to be leaked offa Rock's "NY's Finest" album. Homie ain't D-E-A-D.

Coachella '08

From April 25th to the 27th, in Indio, California, the biggest music festival in the US will be on: Coachella. It'll be the 10th year of the festival, and it will be sure not to disappoint. Headlining this year is Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd). But, this event typically isn't known for its stars, but for the indie artists that take the stage and the spotlight.

Fans of every genre, and I mean every genre, flock to Indio to see their favorite artists. Some of The Boogie's favorites like The Cool Kids, Spank Rock and Little Brother will be there (just to name a few of the hip-hop acts), as well as some of the most eclectic bands around: Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Kraftwerk and The Raconteurs.

For those of you who've got the time and money to attend, here's the festival's site for all the tickets and info you need:

New Wale

Every bloggers favorite rapper just teamed up with Bun B for a new song. I like it just like I like 100 miles and runnin & everything else he's touched so far. Get Go Mode Here and let me know what you think.

Floyd Mayweather gets paid just to pretend to fight

If you know anything about the circus that is the WWE, you know the "sport" will do anything to get attention. Last year, the company's founder, Vince McMahon, hired Donald Trump to shave his head at Wrestlemania. This year, the company is paying $20 million to Floyd Mayweather to wrestle the Big Show at Wrestlemania in Orlando. Mayweather made $35 million last year when he fought Oscar De La Hoya. So, Mayweather can get filthy rich fighting for real or fake fighting? The man has joined Hannah Montana as the only people who are legally allowed to print their own money.

If you know anything about wrestling, you know there has to be a storyline. Here is the Mayweather storyline (It may be a little confusing so I'll try to explain):

Here we have a tiny man in a mask who appers to be hurt. Medical "experts" have come to his aid but a giant ugly man just appeared and started talking to everybody. Now he is deciding to hurt the tiny man because he is one of the few truly evil people on this earth. He is yelling at Mayweather, who just happens to be at the evebt and sitting ringside. Now, Mayweather is ounching the giant man in the face.

Here we have a review of the first video. Now the Giant is apologizing to Mayweather. Mayweather says he is the best fighter alive. The big man lets Floyd walk away before challenging him to a fight. Wouldn't you know it. Mayweather accepts. Who says this stuff is fake?? JK

Monday, February 25, 2008

smooth like the dude sean connery was playing

1st leaked track off "Rising Down," which will be in stores April 29th. Entitled "75 Bars," and it's pretty self explanitory. Thought spits effortlessly over an ill drumbeat courtesy of... well you know who. No hook. Just one verse. Check it out here and look for plenty more big things to come outta the dudes from the Illadelph.

Some People Smoke Cigarettes, Others Drink, Stephen A. Eats Cheese Doodles

Stephen A Smith is known for yelling about everything, and Quite Frankly, its usually hilarious. But now, Mr. Smith has revelaed the one thing that gets him to calm down: Cheese Doodles.

This is what happens when you get bored.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Cool kids "Stunnas On" prod. by: Starski

Don't know if anyone has heard this remix yet....but just found it and thought I'd share with some of my Boogies.


The Cool Kids - Stunnas On (prod. by Starski)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

So there's the dude from Mexico..

Who happens to be my new favorite (living) producer. At least his myspace says he's from the country on the other side of the Rio Grande. He goes by the name of Afta-1 and, I can't believe I'm going to say this, he somehow reminds me of Jay Dee. I can tell his stuff is heavily influenced by Blues and Jazz and I can only imagine how great it would be to have Talib Kweli or Common cut a rap over this ish. You can peep his myspace here. He's got an instrumental album available for only $6 which consists of 11 tracks. Let me know what you think about him.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Way to embarrass the entire Louisville organization. Thats so bad, words can't even express.

But, just when you thought it couldn't get worse, the creator of "Crank that Louisville", decided to benefit from his recent success and come up with a "Detroit Lions Low" , which features background music of Flo-Ridas hit song "Low". Don't worry he's got his fine ass sidekick to help him out with the background lyrics.


Murder, Midgets (Sorry... Dwarves) and Elepahnts

The good ol' British/Irish comedy is back, but with a twist. In Bruges puts every other comedy to shame with its storyline involving murder, fleeing and brothel going mi... dwarves. I'll let the trailer explain itself:

I'm not sure how many people have heard of this movie, but it may not be for everybody. Take it from me, if you have a slightly twisted sense of humor and a few bucks in your pocket, stop by the closest theatre that shows In Bruges (only being shown in limited theatres at the moment), and prepare to laugh your ass off.

My favorite N.E.R.D. song

I know everybody else is all about Lapdance and Rockstar, but I feel like this is the band reaching their full potential. I can't wait for N.3.R.D. to come out this spring. This song makes me think of...

The video was made by a kid for a project at his school. I think its really cool and wish Lupe (the king of cool) would take this video to all the music-illiterate executives at MTV and BET and make them play it becuae I'm getting really tired of seeing Flo Rida.

If you're into soul music...

You'll must likely get into Chester Gregory. I persaonally don't like having seperate classifications for soul and R&B music because I feel like its essentially the same thing. Similar to how some people consider Rap and Hip-Hop different. Yes, there are minute differences between the categories, but who cares? I know he's been around for a while, but most people only think of guys like R.Kelly Usher when it comes to slowin music down. Check out his myspace and let me know what you think.

Also take a look at his R.Kelly impersenation from The Daily Show last September. lmao

And here is a music video for "Questions"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MGMT- Oracular Spectacular

At the begining of the year, I put this album on my list of albums to not sleep on. Well, I just got the cd and, I gotta say, I am really feeling it. Are you going to loke it? That depends. Do you like M.I.A. and Spank Rock? If so, you'll most likely enjoy MGMT. I've had their first single, Time To Pretend, for a long time. Now I've got the whole album and it seems pretty consistant. If you want Oracular Spectacular, click here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did You Just Congradulate Me For Reading?

Its rare to find true meaning to hip-hop on telivison these days. Unfortunity BET is garbage, unless you love Bow Wow and Ormarion, and DJ Cypha Sounds doesn’t really do it for me either. But look no Further to The Boondocks on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.
Siempre and I both agree that the issues the show deals with are on point and executed brilliantly. It deals with all the issues prevalent in Hip-hop and struggles and differences between the Black and White communities and stereotypes.

For Example Southern rappers and diss songs

Dickriding lol


R. Kelly

Im not pole jockin or anything. This show is where its at, give it a watch. Mondays 12 o clock on Adult Swim

Yeah... I'll try to upload each new episode. So far there has been 13 shows in the second season and there is scheduled to be 20 so I'll stay on the lookout.-Siempre Fresco

Frankly, who isn't addicted to C.R.A.C.??

A couple weeks back I posted Blu's album which was a collaboration between Exile and himself. If you liked that album, you'll probably like his newest work with Ta'Raach. If you don't know the man, Ta'Raach has been working in Hip-Hop for over a decade and has experience with the late great J Dilla as well as Dwele. Blu and Ta'Raach's album is going to be called The Piece Talks and is scheduled to release in late April. You can hear a couple of songs, "Life Like" and "Buy Me Lunch", over at Ta'Raach's space. Let me know what you think.

Monday, February 18, 2008

3000 talks about his movie, the state of Hip-Hop, and his rap career.

I love Andre 3000 and desperatly want to hear him rap again. Be it with Big Boi or solo, the most talented lyrisist needs to come back. He's got some pretty interesting things to say.

In case you decided to ignore the dunk contest

I know a lot of people say the Dunk Contest has lots its glamour because all the dunks have been performed, but I still like it. Sure, I've seen all the between the legs, windmills, and 360s to make me dizzy. Despite this, I look forward to the contest each year to see how guys are going to come up with something new. The contest now relies on props so much that I think Carrot Top is coming up with the routines. Anyways, here is Dwight Howard's performance. I loved it even though he didn't really dunk one of them and he quoted Soulja Boy (YoOoOoUuUu!!)

And here are a couple of my favorite all time dunk contest moments:

And then there's this guy who like to stretch for 6 hours a day:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coming Soon...

I'm sure all of you are familiar with the Ice Cream Canvas Waffle Shoes, the $195 clown-like kicks. At first i wasn't really feeling these at all, but after seeing pics of P rocking the banana and blueberry joints(soon to be released) they're starting to grow on me. Check out pics below, and let me know what you think..
blue waffles
of course, these photos were brought to you by the dudes at BBC/ICE Cream

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mickey Factz dosen't want to bring back Hip-Hop, he wants to push it forward

Mickey Factz is doing big things. Check out his myspace here to give him a listen. The FADER just posted his Talk yo ish remix which I really liked and suggest you give a listen. His space also has a Rockin N Rollin remix with The Cool Kids and you can download his Supra Song there as well. Like I said, I really liked his stuff and think you should give a listen.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

For real, stop the violence

I can't believe I'm writing this. It seems like evrytime something like this occurs, we hear about how school officials are going to take threats of violence seriously. Today, at 4 pm, a gunman entered a classroom at Northern Illinois University. I'm not blaming school officials at all because, to be frank, they really had no chance to shut down the school. How could they have known? The kid didn't even go to NIU and had no known ties to the school.

Here are the facts: four people are dead and fourteen people are wounded. Seriously, what is wrong with people. I'm sure everyone knows somebody who likes to joke about killing people and its time to stop it. People who make jokes like that always follow them with "I'm just kidding." Well, its time to stop this. And even though I say it, I no longer believe it will happen. After Colombine, I figured there would be a major movement to stop school violence. And the saddest thing: there was a movement yet people still go on rampages like this.

Now, lots of people on the news will discuss the causes of this incident for the next couple of weeks. They will blame everything from music to video games to bullies. But, the fact is, none of those things actually led to this killing spree. Whether this unidentifed killer listened to Marilyn Manson or Jay-Z, neither musician led to this violence. I've been listening to Hip-Hop and watching violent movies for years and have never felt like going on a personal vendetta.

How in the world can somebody do this? I wish there was a concrete way to eliminate school violence, but there just is no real way. If I had to guess, I would say these people didn't have good parents growing up. But the Virginia Tech killer supposedly had hard working, loving parents. Basically I'm throwing out a catch 22. I want there to be a way to prevent mass killings like this, but I believe there is no way to prevent them.

Here is an account from a student in the classroom of the shooting from NBC:

Paul Sundstrom of Rockford, Ill., one of 150 to 200 students in the geography class when the shooting took place, told NBC affiliate WMAQ that the gunman was a thin white man wearing a black “beanie” and a black trench coat.

The man entered the room from the back, behind the professor, and began shooting without saying a word, Sundstrom said. Firing in the general direction of the students, he emptied his clip of ammunition and calmly reloaded before resuming firing.

“He just walked in and just started shooting at people randomly,” Sundstrom said. “I crawled out to the main aisle, then just got up and ran and turned around and saw him shooting.”

Sundstrom added: “I just don’t know why anybody would want to do anything like this.”

The basic answer to all the questions surrounding events like this is "I don't know."

I know this is a little different from what we usually put on this site, but I felt it was important to recognize yet another national tragedy. Please post some comments about your opinions on the NIU shooting.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DJ Pop$ikle Presents you: W.O.S Snowtime Fleetz

Ladies and Gentleman strap up...I don't know if you are ready for what you are about to see....
I done told ya'll I would be coming out with hot new products for my brand new Yellow Snowballz line and DJ Pop$ikle did NOT dissappoint.

Feast your eyes on the first edition to the "W.O.S" (Walk on Snow) collection: the Yellow Snowballz "SNOWTIME FLEETZ":

Brace yourself.....

Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Which color looks the best?

DJ Pop$ikle Presents you: W.O.S Snowtime Fleetz

Ladies and Gentleman strap up...I don't know if you are ready for what you are about to see....
I told I would be coming out with hot new products for my brand new Yellow Snowballz line and I didn't dissappoint.

Feast your eyes on the first edition to the "W.O.S" (Walk on Snow) collection: the Yellow Snowballz "SNOWTIME FLEETZ":

Brace yourself.....

Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Which color looks the best?

Kanye West Flashing Lights

So the video is finally here. There was a lot of build up to this, and Im kind of dissapointed. Its a little trippy. Granted, there might be more to this video and im gonna have to wait until tonight to know for sure. One thing you can say about Kanye's music videos: he isn't afraid to try something new. A lot of times it turns out good (All Falls Down, Good Life) and other times it turns out weird (Can't Tell Me Nothing, Diamonds).

I usually don't like it when rappers make music about nothing...

But when I heard Wale's making a mixtape with a Seinfeld theme (kind of like Lupe did with Revenge of the Nerds), I started cursing like Michael Richards without the racism. Mark Ronson is rumored to produce some of the tracks and anytime you get a Grammy award-winner producing your mixtape, you're probably gonna have a sick tape.

Which made me start thinking about Seinfeld. Why do we get upset when musicians make music without meaning but a show proclaims it's "about nothing" and we celebrate it as the best show ever? Its because Seinfeld wasn't really about nothing. It was a situational comedy about everyday events blown out of proportion. Also, why was there a stereotype that Whites in the 90s watched Seinfeld while Blacks of the time watched Martin? People made it out to be a race thing when there was really no need. Black people can enjoy Seinfeld and Whites can get into Martin. It wasn't a Black-White thing, it was a comic taste thing. If you like dialogue-based humor, Seinfeld was your thing. If you were into physical comedy, you probably liked Martin better.

Anyways, I can't wait for the new Wale tape.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chris F**kin' Berman and His 222s

After the vid I posted before of Boomer behind the scenes, I didn't think it could get better, but someone with a vengence is making me happy:

I guess we know what his favorite word is:

And now he teaches us about smuggling pills from the ol' attic we know as Canada:

Hey Cal...Fuck You!

Well if you havent heard my favorite High school football story of All time here it is.

well the little bastard finally got a deal to play at Portland State. Congrats Kevin you did it!

I Don't Like Nobody Touchin' My Face

For those of you who actually set the time aside to watch the 3rd season premier of Flavor of Love last night, you would know what the title means.

I'm not going to go in depth with this, but last night had me cringing in pain from the sight of the women they found to be on this year's Flav-quest. It began with Flav letting the women pick their own nicknames (he still kinda did it himself) and ended with him eliminating 4 women who were picked by his "fans" via interweb voting.

To say this season will be filled with laughter is an understatement, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were also filled with plenty of vomit and spit takes.

Flav has vowed that this 3rd trial of love will be his last, beacuse he "just can't do it anymore!", but MJ did retire twice and Evander Holyfield still feels the need to box.
So far, my favorite names for this season: Tik, Thing 1 & Thing 2 (they're twins, who wouldn't rule out a threesome with Flav), Bee-Ex and Seezinz.
Stay tuned.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Herbie Who?!

OK. So for all you Ye fans (or just Hip-hop fans in general) out there wondering who the heck is this Herbie Hancock dude that beat out Mr.West for the album of the year is, I don't blame you. Not many hip-hop enthusiasts are too familiar with this Jazz pianist. So before you go apesh** on why Kanye didn't win album of the year, give the man a listen. If you're into Jazz/Funk like myself, the dude is ill- actually i wouldn't use those terms... The man is damn good and you can check him out


Nas making a huge statement on the red carpet, along with his ride or die chick Kelis, who rocked the words on Nas' tee, except bedazzled on her back. I didn't really watch the marathon that is the Grammys last night(caught some of the big Aristotle on the sidelines in the Suns vs. Wizards game), but i did catch a lil' red carpet action, along with a great performance by Alicia Keys. Heres some footage of Nas gracing the red carpet

If you had any doubts about how tight Glow In The Dark is gonna be...

Kanye's performance last night was nasty. The whole thing looked sick, especially when I saw the fluorescent green violins in the background. Oh, and when I saw Daft Punk, my heart skipped a beat. I can't wait.

P.S. Im not even mad Ye didnt get the Album of the Year grammy. I haven't heard Herbie Hancock so I cant judge. Believe me, Im gonna give Herbie a listen before I decide the legitimacy of that decision.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The earths got gas once it burps its fine...

Ever wonder what that or the rest of "Us Placers" really means? Click here

Barack Obama-YES WE CAN

I'm glad to see musicians making songs about things that actually matter. Not to say that "Low, Low" dosen't touch on important matters, but I think the presedential election is a little more important than whatever instructive dance song is being pumped out of the radio right now. First Kidz in the Hall's Work to do (Check it on their myspace if you haven't heard it), now is making a video based on Obama's New Hampshire's acceptance speech.

Having said that, I'm kind of pissed that people are making this election, or at least the primaries, about gender and race rather than the candidates' stance on issues. To be honest, the only things I know about Barack Obama is that he is a black senator from Chicago (along with some other stuff about his personal life) and all I know about Hilary is that she was the wife of Bill Clinton and a senator from New York. Besides that, I assume that they both have traditional Democratic stances.

A lot of the Hip-Hop community is jumping at the chance to support Obama simply because he is the first black man with a legitimate chance to become president. I know a lot of people, black and white, who are going to vote for him just because he's a black man (actually he's biracial, but that's not important). Thirty years ago, nobody would vote for him because he was black, now its become the exact opposite. America is still racist, its just not discriminatory. Many white people become uncomfortable with situations involving race. Its not that they dislike people of other races, they're just unsure of how to handle non-white people.

I'm a white man, and I'm not voting for Barack Obama. Does that make me racist? No. Its just that I am for a smaller government, which is a republican concept, and Obama is a democrat. But even though I will not be voting for Obama, I would have no problem with him as our nation's leader. I admit that the Bush administration, led by a white man, has made a lot of errors running America which has devistated our economy. Which brings me back to this video. I may not be for Obama, but I am for Hip-Hop and this movementis great for the genre. Finally rappers are begining to take a stand for something important. Now, about Hilary...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Here Come The Grammy's

I know, I know. Gonzo said we were boycotting the Grtammys. But when he said we, he really meant he. As for me, I will be watching and, for some reason, I've decided to make my predictions for the awards that matter to me. So here's how I see it going down on Sunday. Let me know what you think, but don't make any "predictions" come Monday morning. If you think I'm wrong, let me know before it goes down.

Record of the year: What goes Around.../... Comes Around- Whether or not you like Justin Timberlake, you can't argue with his ability to pick producers. He's worked with Pharrell, Timbaland, Danja, and Chad Hugo.

Album of the year: Graduation- Attribute this more to the lack of good albums out than Graduation's greatness. Don't get me wrong, Graduation is a good album, but its not Album of the year good. I actually think Back to Black is better but all the problems Amy Winehouse has had will cost her the award.

Best Dance Recording: D.A.N.C.E.- This category dosen't really matter to me, but I felt I needed to give a little respect to the song that inspired like 1000 remixes in 2007. My favorite is W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.

Best Alternative Music Album: Icky Thump- Pretty much every music critic has said the Wite Stripes had the best Rock album of last year and I have to agree. I was kind of surprised to see Lily Allen in the same category as The White Stripes, but whatever.

Best Solo Rap Performance: The People- There really is no other song that deserves to win this category. Stronger was good, but I felt it had more of a pop feel to it. The only other song that I could justify winning this award would be Big Things Poppin'

Best Rap Performance by a Duo: International Player's Anthem- Party Like A Rock Star and Make It Rain both got nominations which is a complete joke. I like Classic and Southside, but not enough people heard those songs.

Best Rap Song: Can't Tell Me Nothing- If Crank That wins, I am going on a hunger strike for like a month. Can't Tell Me Nothing is the only song in the category that has any real meaning.

Best Rap Album: Graduation- This is really a 3 horse race between Kanye, Common, and T.I. If Kanye wins, he will be 3 for 3 in this category (same goes for Best Rap Song Category). I actually think Finding Forever was better than Graduation. But, again, this will come down to what CD has more widespread appeal.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dilla!!

So today marks what would have been J Dilla's 34th Birthday. He went through a lot during his time on this Earth, but he still managed to absolutly reinvent Hip-Hop from a production standpoint. No man has done it better.

For all those music illiterits, Dilla has been called "your favorite producer's favorite producer." He has been cited as an inspirtaion to Kanye West, ?uestlove, Pharrell Williams, Just Blaze, A Tribe Calleb Quest, and a lot of others I can't think of right now.

Seeing that it's the man's birthday has reminded me of how bad mainstream Hip-Hop really is. I don't feel like I need to go into the whole "Hip-Hop is dead" thing because about 95% of blogs out there will tell you that. Its not that Hip-Hop is dead, its that mainstream Hip-Hop is dead and was never really alive. When you look back on the best rap groups of the 90's, it wasn't like A Tribe Called Quest was dominating MTV and mainstream radio waves weren't exactly pumping out a lot of Wu-Tang.

Bringing this back to Dilla, Pharrell and Chad Hugo were on 106& Park a couple of months ago and were asked what producer they would like to work with, other than each other. Pharrell said Dilla and Free was like "Is that an up-and-coming producer we need to look out for?" P looked pissed and rightfully so. But that is just the way mainstream music has become. Anyways, if you want a real good tribute to Jay Dee, head over to Blind I, where their members have pretty much dedicated the entire day to the man.

'08s OK Go

This is Vampire Weekend's second single "A Punk". They're an indie band who are from NYC, and may take the world by storm as the OK Go guys did after their treadmill dancing hit.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"In they Spitfire shirts and SB Dunks"

In case you haven't seen them yet: here are a couple of my personal favorites from the Nike Skateboarding kicks of February.
Skate or Die:
Zoom Air Regime (Red)

Kanye gettin in the google game is a new search engine site by Kanye West that is powered by google and ask. People who use this site will be given swag bucks which can be redeamed for prizes like Autographed CDs and clothes. No more google for me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Tommorow People...Today

Tommorow is national signing day. Its a big day for every college football team as the results on signing day can make or break a program for the next couple of years. It is a bigger day for the athletes signing because it sets up the next 4 years of their life and possibly lead them to the NFL. The odds of makin it big are bad but here's a couple players to look for on Sundays in three or four years.

Terrelle Pryor- will decide tommorow (I'd bet on Michigan)

Sam McGuffie-Michigan

Julio Jones- will decide tommorw (I'd bet on Alabama)

AJ Green- Georgia


Just finished my second t-shirt design for the lupe fiasco "cool" t-shirt competition on Check it out, i hope you like it:


Does Dave Chappelle Really Hate All White People?

I love Dave Chappelle but I'm not gonna complain about what was left unfinished with Chappelle's Show because we all know its not ever coming back and Dave has stated he gre tired of sketch comedy. I wish he would have done more of it... but oh well. I honestly just want to see more Dave Chappelle, regardless of in what form. Movies, Stand-up, Commentator for major sporting events (Oh... if only)? It doesn't matter, as long as I get more Dave (no homo). Here is Chappelle on the Def Poetry Jam a few years back:

Here's another one called F*#K Ashton Kutcher:

Monday, February 4, 2008


DJ Pop$ikle entered a t-shirt contest on Now go vote my design as a "5".


Sunday, February 3, 2008

We Got It For Cheap Vol. 3

The mixtape is finally here. It was posted on the re-up website during the superbowl and is available for download over at waymorefresher. Get it here.

Get Down

So according to a few sources, the Re-Up Gang's We Got it For Cheap Volume 3 is dropping today. In honor of the Gang, I decided to bring it back to '02, with one of their illest videos off of Lord Willin'. The SuperBowl ain't the only thing jumpin' off today...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What You Talking About Willis?

If you ever see this picture next to a post, it means whoever we are talking about is "Jokin"

Yes!!! Finally!!

I love it when douchebag news reporters get what they deserve. They're always way too cocky.

Blu is my favorie rapper named after a color

I know, I know. This CD came out last summer. I was seeing it pop up on sites 6 months ago which is an eternity in internet terms. I'm sorry if you've already got Below the Heavens, but if you're like me and you decided to ignore it for no reason, you need to at least listen to it.

Below the Heavens is a very good album, lyrically speaking, but falls short in its production. But I actually think that is a good thing because it puts the emphasis on Blu's raps instead of the beats.

Blu is based out of California and is currently working on his next album. He's going to be offering free, new music off his myspace about once a month so I'll try to keep you posted.

Miller Boyz- Black history

At first i thought this song might be pretty cool but when I listened to it I couldn't help but feel that the duo was just trying to take advantage of Black History Month. This seems like the type of video that MTV will play between 'Lip Gloss' and 'Low' to pretend like they support REAL Hip-Hop. Lil Romeo's verse was pretty much terrible because it had absolutly nothing to do with what this song was supposed to be about. If you try to fit in a verse about a girl you're trying to get with, the song probably isn't honoring Martin Luther King. Let me know what you think.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Sorry About the screwup from last night's college basketball post. Im talking about the Keyon Dooling Dunk not the Rick Roll video. I persoanlly love that video and the dance moves on display are fabulous. Anyways, here's the dunk:


DJ Pop$ikle here. These are just a few illustrations of the items in my new clothing line: "Yellow Snowballz". I'll prolly be updating the site with new items pretty frequently. Don't forget to comment them if you like or give me some suggestions. I represent the peoples taste so give me a holla. Check it:

**Click on the picture to see the image in its full size.