Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I usually don't like it when rappers make music about nothing...

But when I heard Wale's making a mixtape with a Seinfeld theme (kind of like Lupe did with Revenge of the Nerds), I started cursing like Michael Richards without the racism. Mark Ronson is rumored to produce some of the tracks and anytime you get a Grammy award-winner producing your mixtape, you're probably gonna have a sick tape.

Which made me start thinking about Seinfeld. Why do we get upset when musicians make music without meaning but a show proclaims it's "about nothing" and we celebrate it as the best show ever? Its because Seinfeld wasn't really about nothing. It was a situational comedy about everyday events blown out of proportion. Also, why was there a stereotype that Whites in the 90s watched Seinfeld while Blacks of the time watched Martin? People made it out to be a race thing when there was really no need. Black people can enjoy Seinfeld and Whites can get into Martin. It wasn't a Black-White thing, it was a comic taste thing. If you like dialogue-based humor, Seinfeld was your thing. If you were into physical comedy, you probably liked Martin better.

Anyways, I can't wait for the new Wale tape.

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