Saturday, May 31, 2008

Did he just say what I think he said??

The spelling bee might be the most underrated event of the summer. Nothing is better when it comes to unintentional comedy. The word he's spelling is funny enough, but what about his expression a the end? Gold.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

You Like Justice? You like Lupe?

Here's something I found on MTV's UK website. I don't know I hadn't heard this earlier seeing that the article came out almost a week ago.

Alongside a "ridiculous" remix of his new single ‘Paris, Tokyo’, Lupe also told Rickie that a certain French electronic duo are remixing his new album: "I’m remixing the album with Justice, I’m gonna shout out to Justice".

Is this going to be another Grey Album-esque mashup. Let's hope so. I don't know how I didn't see this coming. I mean, Lupe opened up at GITD with The Cool served over a Justice beat. Read the rest of the article here.

FNF Dynasty

Here's a track I just found with Gemstones (AKA. Gemini) and Ms. Sarah Green. It falls under the category of "real Hip-Hop" and GemStones does impress. He's also got a mixtape on his myspace, but it didn't work when I tried to get it. Oh well, this song is pretty solid despite having a ho-hum beat. The beat isn't bad, but it isn't good either. Having said that, you should still give it a listen and decide for yourself whether it's for you.

Get Skeletons HERE

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Rick Ross Featuring Skateboard P [Get Down]

"The Boss" may soon lose his righteous title if this song leaks any more than it is now. I'm hoping he wrote this song while he was way gone, but sadly I'm sure he is in that state while making most of his hits. On this joint his lyrics just go terribly wrong, and there are no signs of, how do i put this simply, good. Additionally, we here at the Boogie pretty much fall to the knees of Leonardo P and his fellow clique, but this production is just dissapointing. Even the bridge, which is also a huge strength of P's(as well as the Neptunes), is simply weak. Here's the link for the stream of the song... Didn't think it was worth a download lol.You can either back me up or maybe i'm totally wrong here. I just hope these two never stoop this low again

In Case You Didn't Know...

We here at The Boogie adore Wale. It might actually be an unhealthy mancrush, I haven't decided yet. Understandably, I've been pretty hyped about the Seinfeld-inspired mixtape that's dropping this Friday. When I first heard about it back in April, I had dreams of an ironic rap featuring Wale and the one and only Michael Richards. I could see Kramer making a diss record about black people over a relatively unknown Justice beat. No such luck, though. I did stumble across a couple of tracks off the mixtape and was a little unimpressed. The lyrics were good and the flow was typical Wale, but the beats were nothing to write home about. Maybe he did that on purpose so that everybody would be blown away by whatever Mark Ronson comes up with for the studio album. The second song, "The Hacksaw Jim Duggan," is mostly about spectacle that is fake wrestling. In case you didn't know, Hacksaw Jim Duggan is the drunk looking guy who carries around a 2X4 located at the top of this post.

Monday, May 26, 2008

So This Is What an MVP Does on His Off-day?

This video slipped onto YouTube a few days ago. Its shows the newly crowned NBA MVP, Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant, fooling around with the guys from Jackass, and hurling his body over a pool filled with snakes.

Leaping Kobe, Hidden Harness...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Flashing Lights 2.0

Ye released a new video for Flashing Lights, this time minus the Playmate, the can of lighter fluid and shovel.

The first one went over a lot of people's heads, but the second vid follows the story told in the lyrics. Regardless, I like them both.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

And Who Says Steroid-Users Are Stupid?

This isn't just unhealthy, this is plain disgusting. Why in the world would anyone ever want to look like that. If you don't play sports, don't take steroids (If you do play sports, don't get caught doing steroids). It takes a brave man to sacrifice his life to look like that. It takes an even braver man to look AT that. Why in the world did I post this? Nobody wants to see this. This is most likely going to make all my readers (all of them) really, really sick. Yes, it was required to use the word really twice because it is that nasty. I'm sorry to all that have seen this and I understand if you never return to this blog. Now, click here to see some more.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

FOX Does it Again

FOX has released this teaser for an upcoming series called The Cleveland Show, which will star Cleveland Brown (Family Guys' token black guy):

And yes, his neighbors are bears.

Kobe Learns to Do the Right Thing

Be on the lookout for the movie...

Fresh From The Bake Sale

I've been out of town the last couple of days, hence the lack of posts this week. The music to anticipate this week was definitely The Bake Sale by The Cool Kids. For the most part, it was identical to their Totally Flossed Out EP, except for three new tracks. If you never got T.F.O., Bake Sale is worth the money. But for those of you that already have the previous EP, just get the new tracks and wait for the duo's studio album, When Fish Ride Bicycles, to drop later this fall. But what about those new tracks? Lucky for you those songs are all over the Internet. If you haven't gotten them yet on the hundreds of blogs that they're floating around on, you can get them below.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blood, Gore and Ironman in Blackface

August 15th will be quite the day for Hollywood. As a movie about making a movie will be released called Tropic Thunder. It stars many comedy heavy hitters like Jack Black and Ben Stiller, but Robert Downey Jr will also co-star, playing a Russell Crowe-esque Aussie actor who really gets into his role.

The 'ironman' undergoes a risky surgery to make himself black to completely fufill his role, here's the trailer if you don't believe me:

Too bad its 3 more months til this hits theatres.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How About This Election? It's quite a doozie. Maybe a Barn-Burner.

Here's everybody's favorite fake journalist, Ron Burgundy, interviewing one of the most famous real journalists, Tom Brokaw. This is why Anchorman is one of the funniest movies of all time. Ron Burgundy is more than just a character, he's an empire. I found this on Funny Or Die.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

UK I See You!

Above is the album cover for the UK version of "Seeing Sounds," which drops a day prior to the US date. "Fly or Die" topped the charts in the UK, and the Nerds 3rd album should continue its prominence there. Heres the tracklist to go along with it:
01 - Intro / Time For Some Action
02 - Everyone Nose
03 - Windows
04 - Anti Matter
05 - Spaz
06 - Yeah You
07 - Sooner or Later
08 - Happy
09 - Kill Joy
10 - Love Bomb
11 - You Know What
12 - Laugh About It
13 - Lazer Gun
Get hyped.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Go Cool Kids

Hope you've saved room, because the Bake Sale is just around the corner. The Cool Kids' much anticipated debut album hits shelves this Tuesday, and this looks to be an intriguing album and def something to bump to in the whip. Not sure as of yet who is set to appear (if anyone,) but I'm still hyped and you should be too. To hold you over until then, enjoy a day in the life with "cool cats" Mikey and Chuck:

Get This Mixtape. Now.

Here's a mixtape courtasy of Illroots. This involves J. Rockwell who, before this, I had never heard of before. I've now been put on notice. His verses are extremely tight and he reminds me of Lil Wayne without the hype. Here's The Tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Interlude
4. Rock Your Body
5. Truth (Ft. Freddy Crooks)
6. They Aint Gon Let Up
8. Superbad Interlude
9. What It Is
10. Mike Waxx Speaks
11. One Way Street
13. Interlude 2
14. Superstar
16. Zude
17. Do Me Baby
18. Interlude 3
19. NY Dreams (Ft. Arlis Michaels)
22. Fiesta
23. Outro
24. BONUS: Touch My Body [Remix] (Ft. Mariah Carey)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

West Virginia is Still Stuck in 1955

So Barack Obama got massacred by Hilrod in West Virginia's primary on Wednesday, mainly due to him being black and a Muslim. The video explains it all (the race card is played around 1:45):

Thanks West Virginia, you have officially jumped in the Delorean and traveled back to 1955.

Song of the Summer?

I don't know how long this song has been floatin around, but Shwayze just got my attention. He's teaming up with Cisco (from Whitestarr) on this song. Cisco brings his acoustic guitar on this song to create a laid-back feel. There's also a chopped-up version floating around featuring one my favorite artists right now, Wale.
Get the Remix Here

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yeezy + Weezy= Remix Magic

Here's the remix of Lollipop that SkateboardD posted a little while back. This time it's cleaner and includes the whole song. In Kanye's verse, he says he won't let Wayne murder him but Kanye looks like the assassin by the end of the song. I'd actually say 'Ye is 2-0 against Weezy seeing that Kanye's verse on Barry Bonds owned the self-proclaimed "best rapper alive"s take.

Get It Here

Let There Be Light x The Coolest

So here at the boogie we've been sort of reliving our GITDT experience via YouTube videos and such. Quite possibly one of my favorite moments of the concert was the very beginning. The runner of the FNF crew came out with a bang, performing the best lyrical song on The Cool (The Coolest) over yet another Justice hit, "Let there be light." Lu spits fire, while the stage is just dope. I'll let video speak for itself.

No Regard for Human Life

Now, I'm not a big fan of Lebron's, but this dunk on Kevin Garnett last night had me and everyone around the nation speechless:

Thank Kevin Harlan for the call.

Monday, May 12, 2008


This video represents the state of CRS. I have heard rumors that Kanye is accusing Lupe of stealing Yeezy's lines during a CRS recording session. If these rumors are true, the greatest supergroup Hip-Hop has seen might be dead before ever being born. Assuming that 'Ye is, in fact, accusing Lupe of doing him dirty, the group is done. Despite all his greatness, Kanye West is the most insecure musician I have ever heard. CRS has the potential to be amazing, unworldly even. But Kanye is willing to ruin all that because Lupe stole some lines? Come on. Even if Wasalu DID bite, all Yeezy should do is tell him to stop. That's it. It's not like Lupe couldn't come up with something fresh. If Kanye stops CRS because of a tantrum, I will riot. Then, I will proceed to buy Kanye's next album. That's how good the dude is.

Oh, and there is a CRS remix floating around on the net. I'm not going to put it up here because you can find it practically everywhere else.

You know how I know you're gay...

For way too long, people have been dissing Coldplay because they don't fit into the typical parameters of musicians. But now that Chris Martin did a collabo with 'Ye and also with Jay-Z, I'm hoping people will lose their ignorance and appreciate good music, regardless of genre. The group's new album drops June 12th and should be worth listening to.

If you're someone who has been into Coldplay since before it was fashionable, congrats. You are probably pretty pumped about this album and don't need an advanced listen. At least, that's how I felt when Graduation and The Cool came out. I'm so in love with Lupe and Mr. West that their release dates were like holidays for me. If that describes your feeling towards Chris Martin's gang, skip over these songs and wait it out. If you're skeptical, have a little listen.

Coldplay-Violet Hill

Coldplay- Viva La Vida

Coldplay- Lost

Coldplay- Life in Technicolour (Rough Cut)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold

That's personally one of my new favorite album titles from now to eternity, and it was thought of by the duo known as Atmosphere (Ant and Slug). Their new album came out about 3 weeks ago, but I just picked it up on Thursday, and have quickly become a big fan of it.

They're more of a story-telling type of group, from Minneapolis, so their slow paced lyrics and not-so-catchy hooks are something to get used to. It did debut on the Billboard at #5, though.

Here's their first single off of the album Shoulda Known:

And, the second one, Guarantees:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Its Like Porn... With Smerfs

Tuesday may quite possibly have been the greatest and most proud moment of my life...the GITDT(i know thats bad). It was like watching the 1992 U.S. Dream team obliterate opponents in Barcelona. I was most anticipating N.E.R.D., though, and cherished the 1800 seconds or so that they blessed that precious stage. That played a lot of new tracks, and maybe the one that got the crowd most hyped was "Spaz"(even Chris Breezy joined the fun). I'm loving this single, and its a good look for the new Zune spot on your TVs. Here is "Spaz" which has just leaked into the airwaves. Seeing Sounds is out June 10th!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

500 Million Reasons to Make a 5th

The results were given out yesterday as to how much GTA IV dominated the gaming world last week, and nobody could've imagined how they would annihilate the competition:

Rockstar employees should be getting their Christmas bonuses early, as GTA IV sold $500 million dollars worth of units in one f*cking week. That nearly doubled the first week sales of Halo 3, and now sets the bar for every other game to be released in years to come.
Its a well deserved half-billion, as the entire game is nearly flawless (well, unless you have a PS3). Well-designed cityscapes, great dialogue and a seemly endless amount to land to torch, are the main focal points.
Kudos to the guys at Rockstar Games for finally making a game live up to its own hype.

For the 13 people out there who still read books

Here's something I found out there and I thought was worth a look. Whether you read it to laugh at all the idiot tattoos people got (there's one of a dolphin smoking a bong) or because you want a tattoo, No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever is a book worth reading. Some people are so stupid.

Hey! I didnt know this was out!

I thought The In Crowd was dropping next Tuesday, but I saw the Kidz myspace it already came out on iTunes. It's only $10 to get it digitally and it will probably be $14-15 to buy it at Wal-Mart (and support communism) or Best Buy. I'd suggest getting it now and, no, I won't be loading up this album. The Kidz in the Hall have established themselves as a band that deserves your money. Here is the track list according to iTunes:
  1. The Blackout (feat. DJ JI Joe)
  2. Paper Trail (feat. Phonte of Little Brother)
  3. Drivin' Down The Block (Low End Theory) (feat. Masta Ace)
  4. Lucifer's Joyride (feat. Travie of Gym Class Heroes)
  5. Snob Hop (feat. Camp Lo)
  6. Mr. Alladatshit (feat. Donnis & Chip the Ripper)
  7. Love Hangover (feat. Estelle)
  8. Let Your Hair Down (feat. Skyzoo & Lil Eddie)
  9. Middle of the Map pt.1 (feat. Fooch)
  10. Middle of the Map pt.2 (feat. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson)
  11. The In Crowd (feat. Tim Williams)
  12. The Pledge (feat. Sean Price & Buckshot)
  13. Inner Me
  14. iTunes: Drivin' Dwon The Block [remix] (feat. Pusha T, Bun B, and the Cool Kids)
  15. God Bless

I haven't gotten the album myself so I can't tell you what to expect, but the lineup looks strong and the guests are pretty exciting.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Look At Pastelle

I found this on hypebeast. After a couple of year's of anticipation, here is the first concrete sign the Kanye will actually come out with a clothing line. I can't believe, after all this hype, the first piece of Pastelle to hit the net is an accessory. Don't get me wrong, the shades are ill, but I would have expected a hoodie or polo. The glasses will be a collaboration with the Australian fashion label, Ksubi.
"Ksubi designer, George Gorrow, first worked with Kanye in 2006 to create stage eyewear for his music videos. The line will be launched in October and will feature a limited edition gold frame sunglasses that will go for around $2000"

If that's any indication of what's to come, Pastelle is going to be 5 times more expensive than BBC/ICE CREAM. That's, uhum, slightly out of my price range. I can't say I'm surprised.

Hahaha!! This kid lives near me!!

"It's fun to do bad things." Hollywodd writers couldn't have written a better script. That cop at the end is acting way too nice to him. He needs to tell him about prison and how he'd most likely be anally raped when, not if, he eventually winds up calling the Big House home in the next 15 years.

Star Jones is a "Cougar"

For all of you who have heard the rumors and speculations involving D-Wade and Star Jones, Flash himself appeared on your TV sets recently(we miss you D!)and cleared that nasty rumor up. Dwyane is a good-looking dude(no homo), and i assure you that he would not stoop that low for a 46 year-old washed out celeb (sorry, Star). Heres the clip that aired on TNT recently:

Glow In The Dark Tour... Best. Concert. Ever.

GITD finally landed in Miami last night and, after months of anticipation, I finally saw what will go down as the greatest Hip-Hop show ever. Kanye completely raised the bar for all performers. Next time I go to a concert and the MC simply raps over his best tracks, I'll be slightly disappointed. That's the kind of performance I saw last night. It's clear that Kanye is doing everything he can to take the torch that has been vacant ever since Michael Jackson stopped making Michael Jackson-quality music. But I don't fell like his self-imposed comparisons to The King Of Pop aren't entirely accurate. While MJ was the ultimate performer, Yeezy is more than that. He doesn't want to simply put on a memorable performance for his fans, he wants to annihilate every other musician who ever stepped on a stage. That is the chief reason that Kanye West reminds me of Muhammad Ali if Cassius Clay were a musician. Both men are ultimate showmen.

If you are still waiting for The Glow (I'm not going to say the entire thing because I'm trying to save time. Then again, I'm writing two sentences in parentheses so I've pretty much defeated the purpose.), here is a word of advice: get there on time. Most concerts that I've been to start between 45 and 60 minutes after the announced time. Lupe was the opening act and I checked my cell and it read 7:01 when he came on. I bought tickets with Gonzo and he was planning on meeting me there. He arrived at 7:15 and he missed 5 or 6 songs. Here is my first and only quip with the show: Lupe doesn't get nearly enough love. He plays for only 35 minutes and you feel like he could perform for an hour and 35 minutes. His best songs live were Go-Go-Gadget Flow and Daydreamin'. On Gadget, he absolutely kills it for like 45 seconds during his second verse. As far as Daydreamin' is concerned, it was his final song so he let it all hang out. I felt like he was kind of a tease and I was left hoping for more, but I know he has no control over that. Lupe, after the tour is over, will you please come back to the M.I.A. and perform solo? You can bring you're entire 1st and 15th crew and you can crash at my house if you need to. Please!!!

Then, N.E.R.D. jumped on stage and went nuts. If you've ever seen them live, you know what to expect. For the most part, they played tracks off Seeing Sounds (in stores June 10th). The only songs I recognized were Rockstar, She Wants To Move, Everyone Nose, and Spaz. Regardless, their part was nasty and it ended with Pharrell jumping on an alternate stage and throwing up the Vulcan salute and everyone saluting him back. I couldn't help but feel like Pharrell was the leader of a cult, but I guess he kind of is. Think about it: we listen to all his music, drop an ungodly amount of money on his clothes, and basically do whatever he tells us.

Then came the low part of the show in my opinion. Rihanna jumped on stage and "rocked out." I think 'Ye threw her in the lineup to bring some extra mainstream appeal and please the ladies. I looked around and couldn't find one straight guy getting into her performance. Don't get me wrong, she was cute and made me jealous of her "best friend" Chris Brown, but I just couldn't get into it. As I told Gonzo, it was kind of like watching a stripper who could sing. Oh, and at the end of the show, Kanye thanked all his openers and when he thanked Rihanna he added, "and thanks to Chris Brown" before giggling. It was pretty funny and i don't think everyone caught it. The best part of Rihanna's performance was when M.I.A. made a guest appearance and they sang a sped-up version of Paper Planes.

Then we had to wait for The Louie Vuitton Don. Between shows, Timbaland was spotted by the sound boards and everyone rose like he was presiding over a court. The Way I Are played over the speakers and everyone expected Timba to do something, but he just did some pointing which was slightly disappointing.

Now, it was time for Kanye's show. I'm not going to talk to much about it because you have either seen it already or are waiting to see it and I don't want to ruin it for you. All you need to know is it was an extremely theatrical and emotionally-driven performance. He played for about 90 minutes and by the end even I was completely drained, I can;t imagine how he was feeling. I did not take any pictures because I could not bring in my camera and my seats weren't good enough to get a good shot anyway. If you want to see pics, there are plenty of good shots floating around the internet.

If you read Mr. West's blog, you know about his rant against Entertainment Weekly grading his concert as a B+. I think Kanye overreacted and have EW too much power. He can't let one review make him THAT upset. He put his heart and soul into that show and his fans appreciate it. Isn't that all that matters. Oh, and money. I'm sure he's making plenty off this show.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We Are The Indians, We Got Rid Of The Cowboys

I was listening to Breakdown off Wale's 100 miles & Running mixtape and I thought, "Man, I really wish Wale did a remix of this song about the Washington Redskins." Just kidding. But, for real, this is pretty tight. I wish all rappers would spend more time representing their hometown teams. In fact, I'm pretty surprised I haven't heard a Lil Wayne song about Chris Paul & David West (seriously, if there's one out there, let me know). Unfortunately, I live in South Florida so I would most likely be forced to listen to DJ Khaled yelling "Listen!!" and, more ironically, "We The Best!!" over a track about the 1-15 Miami Dolphins or the 15-67 Miami Heat. It would still be tight for other cities.

Monday, May 5, 2008

So That's What Relievers Do In The Bullpen

This might be the biggest brain fart by a sports announcer ever. That is the voice of former pitcher David Cone. I guess he knows exactly what pitchers do in between apperances. Or maybe he's just a bad announcer. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's pretty difficult to become an announcer, but how do you not just stop, apologize, and laugh at yourself hysterically after this happens?

Rock-N-Jocks keep killin it

Here is a blackhawks hat released a couple of days ago by Rock-N-Jocks. If your like me and want custom color New Eras, this site is definitly the best. Hands down.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a World

With Kanye obliterating the US with the GITDT, his buddy Common has had to rely on others to help to with his forthcoming album, Invincible Summer. This feel-good album, as Common depicts it, looks to go a little outside of this Chicagoan's boundaries(think Electric Circus). Santogold, Cee-lo, and possibly the most intriguing artists to appear thus far, Chester French, are set to appear. Definitely look for this CD to have a newer, more fresh sound to it. I still hope 'Ye gets in on at least some of the magic, though. For more on this, click here

East Side... Put On!

Here's a new track from Young Jeezy featuring Mr. West. It's pretty solid, but it sounds like Kanye is jumping on the voice-synthesizer thing. This doesn't totally surprise me since he recently cut a freestyle over Lollipop. Glow In The Dark hits Miami in 2 days!!
Get It Here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Beautiful Game

Not sure how many soccer (sorry potential international readers) fans we have at The Boogie, but I was pretty impressed by Guy Ritchie's newset production... and it's only two minutes long:

Wish I knew the name of the song though. If anyone knows, drop a line in the comments.

And I Love H.E.R. coming soon (still)

I've been waiting for Daniel Swain's album for a while. I visited his myspace today and he posted on his blog that he was hoping to have the album released last week. This might be confusing to most people, but independent artists pay a high cost in exchange for ultimate control. What this means is Danny! has to work harder than most artists to get his work in stores. Regardless, you can listen to some of his new tracks by heading over to his myspace. This joins Kidz in the Hall's The In Crowd as the best albums dropping in May.