Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Case You Didn't Know...

We here at The Boogie adore Wale. It might actually be an unhealthy mancrush, I haven't decided yet. Understandably, I've been pretty hyped about the Seinfeld-inspired mixtape that's dropping this Friday. When I first heard about it back in April, I had dreams of an ironic rap featuring Wale and the one and only Michael Richards. I could see Kramer making a diss record about black people over a relatively unknown Justice beat. No such luck, though. I did stumble across a couple of tracks off the mixtape and was a little unimpressed. The lyrics were good and the flow was typical Wale, but the beats were nothing to write home about. Maybe he did that on purpose so that everybody would be blown away by whatever Mark Ronson comes up with for the studio album. The second song, "The Hacksaw Jim Duggan," is mostly about spectacle that is fake wrestling. In case you didn't know, Hacksaw Jim Duggan is the drunk looking guy who carries around a 2X4 located at the top of this post.

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