Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We Are The Indians, We Got Rid Of The Cowboys

I was listening to Breakdown off Wale's 100 miles & Running mixtape and I thought, "Man, I really wish Wale did a remix of this song about the Washington Redskins." Just kidding. But, for real, this is pretty tight. I wish all rappers would spend more time representing their hometown teams. In fact, I'm pretty surprised I haven't heard a Lil Wayne song about Chris Paul & David West (seriously, if there's one out there, let me know). Unfortunately, I live in South Florida so I would most likely be forced to listen to DJ Khaled yelling "Listen!!" and, more ironically, "We The Best!!" over a track about the 1-15 Miami Dolphins or the 15-67 Miami Heat. It would still be tight for other cities.

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