Monday, May 12, 2008


This video represents the state of CRS. I have heard rumors that Kanye is accusing Lupe of stealing Yeezy's lines during a CRS recording session. If these rumors are true, the greatest supergroup Hip-Hop has seen might be dead before ever being born. Assuming that 'Ye is, in fact, accusing Lupe of doing him dirty, the group is done. Despite all his greatness, Kanye West is the most insecure musician I have ever heard. CRS has the potential to be amazing, unworldly even. But Kanye is willing to ruin all that because Lupe stole some lines? Come on. Even if Wasalu DID bite, all Yeezy should do is tell him to stop. That's it. It's not like Lupe couldn't come up with something fresh. If Kanye stops CRS because of a tantrum, I will riot. Then, I will proceed to buy Kanye's next album. That's how good the dude is.

Oh, and there is a CRS remix floating around on the net. I'm not going to put it up here because you can find it practically everywhere else.

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