Sunday, November 30, 2008

"I'm Coming Home Again..."

One of the latest-and greatest- G.O.O.D. Music affiliates made the round-trip home from the UK back to his hometown the other night. Take a gander at the video derived from his homecoming below performing Day N Nite, which apparently is as popular overseas as it is in the states, if not more.

Talk about a crowd interactive concert; people are straight kickin' it on stage with CuDi. Homie needs to come to the Miami area in the near future.

BTW check the pink G-Shock and the 6's. Dude is so nice right now.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from The Boogie

The one holiday where its okay to never set foot off the couch, while watching some football (maybe not the best this season) and gorging your face with home-cooked food.

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers...we know you're out there,

The Boogie.

Keep Bouncin' (Continued)

Those are no lights around Tip; Kamal the Abstract has a glowing aura that he carries with him constantly while rockin' the mic. In short, the 2k Sports Bounce Tour was on some dope sh*t. So many memorable moments from The Knux, Mikey and Chuck, and of course Tip. Lemme breakdown the night chronologically the best I can for ya'll:
The Knux opened up and repped Nola hard. I'm assuming like 3% of the spectators-which would be me and my buddies-had even heard of the Knux before, but they had the club jumping with Bang! Bang! and Cappuccino. They had a short set but it was a nice performance to start the night off right.
Proceeding them was Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish of Illville:

Boys know how to cold rock a party(did I mention I was front row?!). They jumped right into "One, Two" and then did jus about everything-besides Delivery Man- from "88" to Oscar. They also spit some new joint which needs to drop now. The highlight for me was "Bassment Party" which got the crow real live, and my buddy shouting out the Boogie on the mic, courtesy of Mikey. LOL. They fittingly rapped up their set with "Black Mags" and left. Killed it.

Finally, after an hour of delay, I mean waiting:

Man, I didn't know Tip could go so hard. He got the place rocking with the eloquent words of our President-Elect, and went into, you guessed it, Shaka. Me and my homies were holdin' up the "O" for Obama, and we had Q doing the same short after. That was crazy. Later, Tip showed why he does such a dope live show:

Thats right; man straight up hopped on the 2500 and went to work. So amazing.

He must have done about 15 or so records, but somewhere in between this happened:

The famous DJ (Superman) Scratch stole the show, sorta. He had the whole stage to himself as you can see and got the crowd hyped. He played a teaser of Hova's Public Service Announcement(at which point i glanced at the upper VIP section and saw Diddy? WTF? LOL)and followed with an array of tracks like "Engine Number 9" "Ante Up" and "Simon Says." Q had to come on the mic and ask permission to come back on stage.
He eventually came back and took us back to his circa 1992 days in the Tribe. With the joints that defined who they were, Tip jammed with Electric Relaxation, Scenario, Award Tour, and Check the Rhyme. Towards the end of the first verse of the latter song, Tip handed over the mic and I got to spit a bar or so. Sh*t was hella crazy.

For those of ya'll who haven't check out the tour yet, I suggest you hop in your automobile now and head to the House of Blues to catch the trio live in O-Town tomorrow

I leave ya'll with this:

R.I.P. Jay Dee. Your man Kamal got you.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Air Yeezys ARE for sale

Does anyone remember how Sole Collector did an article on the Air Yeezy and said they wouldn't be for sale to the public? Well, as I had predicted when I first read that article, this only meant it would be a while before they went for sale. According to Kanye:

The Louis Sneakers are coming out REEEEETARDED and the Yeezy's drop in march.

There you have it. March 2009, when I'm watching the Tarheels take the national title, the Yeezys will be dropping and backpackers everywhere will be lining up so they can drop $300 on Kanye kicks.

Want proof that I called this. Check out this post.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Check My Fresh: Part Deux

Sorry for the rather large void since the inaugural edition, but I've returned with a vengence, homes. Above is a tee derived from the first batch of joints that Clipse's own Play Clothes has yet to offer, and they're tight until the casket drops (I'm kinda excited).

Anyways, the spot I'm featuring goes by the name of Commonwealth, and its headquarters are based in the VA and DC. Peep the site and consider your wardrobe redone.

Bonus: Clipse- Play Cloths Intro

And don't forget..."Road to 'Til the Casket Drops" mixtape dropping 12.01.08!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Whats Your Name Again?

The almighty DJ Semtex kicks it with the Cons (fool, word!), CuDi, and Mr. Hudson backstage on the GITDDT-thats the Glow In The Dark Dream Tour- which I'm lately envying with the new lineup it maintains, which is rolling squad deep. Remember that Mr. Hudson guy I briefly spoke about before? Well take a look see around the ten-minute mark and get a first impression of the singer/songwriter.

If that doesn't impress you, I assure you this track will. Have a listen

The Limited Edition

Some of us here at The Boogie had to wait until today to grab Ye's album, but I'm happy I waited, and that I stopped listening to leaks after hearing Love Lockdown, Heartless and Coldest Winter.

I walked into Best Buy today to find to versions of 808s & Heartbreak sitting in front of me: the hard case/standard and the soft case/limited edition.

I'm guessing the only difference is the bottom pic (the lyrics sprawled out on a second booklet, which the hard case doesn't have?).

I've enjoyed this album quite a bit, though this would still rank 4th in terms of Kanye's work, in my opinion (Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808s).

Its a toss-up in terms of my favorite track. I've loved Coldest Winter since the first time I heard it, but Robocop is a very close second, the true studio cut is amazing.

I don't dislike any track on this album, but I could do without Weezy's feature on See You In My Nightmares. He sounds like a dying dog on a few notes.

I'm praying Kanye drops a studio version of Pinocchio Story (the 12th track). It would be amazing all doped up on synth and autotune.

That's my two cents on it.

Dope? Nope.

This is not one of Kanye's best live performances, to say the least. His voice was way off. No, Kanye, I'm not hating, I'm just calling it like I see it. Plus, the women in the background are tripping on something. They look out of it. And the raccoon tail, come one. You're a trendsetter, so I'm sure there is going to be plenty of pole-jockers wearing these sometime in the future, but it was NOT a good look.

Sorry Kanye. I know you take stuff like this personally- and it's what I like about you most- but this was just not good. I can't really find anything positive to say other than "Your shades were pretty cool."

I'm sure Skateboard D will disagree with me. I'm not a hater, I'm just a man with an opinion.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Never On Schedule, But Always On Time

Thats right. You're staring at Ye's ground-breaking, straying from his normal boundaries album 808's and Heartbreak which is supposed to drop TOMORROW(!), but I happen to have gotten my hands on it. Apparently someone f*cked up, big time. And believe me, I'm not messing with ya'll and it's not some photo-shopped procedure I have created. I don't have the steady hands and the technology to perform an operation like that. Anyways, I don't know who else is aware of this but I may be one of the very few to obtain this album thus far.

As you may or may not be right now, I was in a state of perplexion but am fully taking advantage of this opportunity. The wait is over-for me at least. Sh*t is so fresh right now, my Zune can't even recognize the CD, hence myself acclaiming it one of the biggest f*ck ups in some time, but whatever.

Sidenote: For all ya'll thinking they were up on their sh*t saying that Kid Cudi was providing the vocals for Paranoid, you were wrong. He was replaced by this guy and I will further elaborate on this topic later

"Soooo Amazzzingggggg..."

Kanye performed a dope set tonite at the AMA's and we'll surely have the performance up in just a few hours.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Steve Jobs targets backpackers as his newest market to take over

For all the Boondocks-heads out there, iTunes has just released every episode. Yes, every episode. This includes the 2 BET-related episodes that never aired in America. If you never saw them, they are available on iTunes (or you can download it for free somewhere else, it's up to you).

Friday, November 21, 2008

Common launches sup cool flash website

So Common just launched his site/blog. It's very similar to the BBC Ice Cream blog as far as layout is concerned. Check it here.

Also, here is Chicago's finest talking about his new site:
He does a better job of explaining his site than I do. He says he's not an internet guy. Except, of course, when it comes to The Boogie.

Kanye, stop tempting me

So 'Ye put his whole album in an imeem playlist on his blog. It dropped last night at 3 A.M. (east coast), and I was working last night and feeling tempted. I'm saving myself until I get the actual album because I like having things to look forward to. I know, I know. It's a little weird, but nothing makes me feel better than anticipating something for a long time, than actually getting it. Thast's why I've decided to really punish myself and wait until Christmas to listen to it.

If waiting until the album drops is like saving yourself for marriage, than waiting until Christmas is like becoming a nun.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Abstract- Renaissance Rap [Video]

Q-Tip - "Renaissance Rap" from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.
Tip hooks up with Okayplayer fam director, Rik Cordero, for his 3rd (keep 'em coming Q) video of one of the best albums of the year. I'll be seeing homie in 6 days for the much anticipated 2k Sports Bounce Tour which is gona be doppeeeee.
Hopefully ya'll went on and coped or ituned the album by the way.

Did I mentioned i was hyped to see Tip-with a live band- and the Cool Kids LIVE?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's the REMIX baby

Colin Munroe with Wale and Dallas Austin make Will I Stay.

Wale is getting on Lil Wayne-status with all the remixes he's done. Of course, none of them get radio play, so maybe a better comparison would be J Rockwell. Either way, Wale continues his dopeness and it makes me happy to hear his verses, so keep them coming.

Colin Munroe's mixtape, The Unsung Hero, comes out December 1st. Go crazy folks.
Yeah, that's Brandon Jennings- the kid who everyone said was too self-centered. Well, he probably was before going to Europe, but they don't allow that kind of stuff over there (assuming LeBron and Kobe don't invade while still in their prime).

So far, he's been less than stellar statistically. I can't say how he has played overall because I haven't seen him play and basketball is the one sport where box scores don't tell the whole story. Vince Carter is a top-10 scorer this year, but he hasn't played defense since 2001. Meanwhile, Tayshaun Prince only scores 17 points-per-game, but his long, alien-like arms makes everyone in the league scared to try an open-court layup. His arms stretch as long as Michael Jordan on the Toon Squad. Ask Reggie.

But back to Jennings. Going over to Europe might have been the best thing for him. At Arizona, he would have been the best player in the Pac-10 and could tease opponents like he was the second coming of Jesus (Shuttlesworth of course). In Europe he's playing with grown men who pretty much hate him. Why?

A) He's making a lot more money than them (Under Armour gave him like $2 mil)

B) They know he's gonna be at the ESPYs in a few years with some actress that is currenty making a name for herself on the Disney Channel. (The Disney Channel... the farm system for hot female celebritites)

But from the looks of the play above, he's learning. Everyone says he was extremely cocky back at Oak Hill, but he must have lost his attitude along with his flat top.

GLC- Big Screen (featuring you know who)

Peep game.

G.O.O.D. Music family is a dynasty. This one is a slower jam, which means you'll never, ever hear it on the radio. Those folks only like rap that is super-hyper and has an instructional dance theme, but whatever.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wear a Size 10?

...and have 60k?

Well then this eBay auction is for you.

Blu and Kid Cudi get together (don't ask who that white guy is)

So this song is actually by The Alchemist, but I'm much more concerned with the members of the freshman-10 team. It's been a while since I've heard a Blu track, but he reminds me why I love him with one verse. Kid Cudi doesn't shine as bright, but whatever.

The Alchemist-Therapy (feat. Blu, Evidence, and Kid Cudi)

Fam-Lay is Hyped

And so are we for the BBC/Ice Cream Fall/Winter November Releases (Cause, you know, we can afford it...). Here is what I think is the dopest piece of what the Fall/Winter has to offer:

These were released in Hong Kong just as the Neptunians were commemorating the 3rd anniversary of the Tokyo Flagship shop.

Yeah, we're Hypebeastin'

Next Thing I Know He Got a Song With Coldplay...

Heres the video for the remix to Lost featuring Hova, from of one of the illest mixtapes put together this year. Just by watching this makes me kick myself in the head about not seeing Chris and gang live just a week ago.
Look for this joint to appear on Coldplay's 8-song Prospekt's March EP which drops next week.

Now They're Just F*cking With Us...

Apple just introduced a new prototype called the iBangle, a bracelet/iPod that uses an air chamber to inflate around the owners wrists to prevent slippage, and wireless earbuds for sound.

Which form of 'stupid' do we call this?

Check the rest here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Remix Specials Keep Coming

Remember how Danger Mouse really got this whole thing started when he did The Grey Album? DJ Benzi just remixed some Kanye joints with the help of A-Trak, The Kickdrums, Diplo and a bunch of other people. Check it here and, yes, there is a download link available in the near future.

Spanish Pistol Pete: Part II

Yeah, Mike D'Antoni is having a wet dream about this guy running the point for the Knicks next year. I'll post videos of Rubio whenever I find them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No! Say It Ain't So!

As if I don't hate Jimmy Fallon enough, but when he takes Conan's slot in late night following Jay Leno's retirement, another retirement will take place in the form of The Roots. They will stop touring in March of '09 and become Fallon's house band for the show (? or Thought in Kevin's role... I don't dig it).

Let ?uest explain it for himself:

This next statement is sincere and from the heart:

Fuck you Jimmy Fallon.

Maroon 5 Fans, Hip Hop Fans Unite

I like Maroon 5. There, I said it. I think Adam Levine is the ish and liked when he teamed up with Mr. West on Late Registration. Therefore, I was pretty excited when I heard about Call and Response: The Remix Album. If you haven't heard yet, it's all the Maroon 5 hits remixed by the minds of Swizz Beats, Questlove, DJ Premier, Pharrell and others. I can't wait to hear Harder to Breath, The Cool Kids remix.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I couldn't take it any longer. While I was restlessly sitting on my computer listening to the new(est)Terry Urban x Mick Boogie x B.O.B. mixtape just a few hours ago, it hit me. So, I headed out to Best Buy and coped the album. To use the most over-used adjective in the hip-hop facet of the blogosphere, its dopeeeeeee. I mean really, like potential album of the year status (Note: I have only made one go around on the CD and am currently keeping it in rotation as I write, so my opinion will most likely elevate). Never have I been so impelled to an album as this since probably The Cool, which WAS the best album of '07. Back to my man 88-Keys; this is easily the best debut solo album by an artist since 'Ye's The College Dropout and, wouldn't you know it, he happens to be the executive producer for this masterpiece (stay up, Yeezy!)
From the beginning of this story-mode CD, as I like to call it, we learn our man 8 is simply horny. Initially, I start to feel for Adam, after he wines-and-dines a chick only to find out she only sees him as a "Big Brother" and like many of us with troubles with people of the X-chromosome (females), is found in "The Friend Zone." The only way Adam will reside to being BFFs with the chick is if they are "Best F*cking Friends." Thats a little bit of a spoiler of the album for ya'll, but I'm telling you, its like playing Grand Theft Auto or any story mode video game; you'll become submerged into the story line and will be gripping to your seat-I sat in my room listening to this the whole way through.
From a production standpoint, this is arguably the most well-thought and put together album thats been conceived in some time. Its like Jay Dee is living through 8 in this album, and Keys is the closest thing-besides his brother, Illa J-to JD from a producing standpoint. I highly advise you to purchase this album for 2 reasons:
1) I'm going to come out an say it is the most creative (the friggin credits sheet is a report of investigation file, doesn't that say it all?) and possibly best album, this year.
2) Its your only chance our hearing it in it's entirety. In case you haven't noticed, there aren't any bootleg/leaks of this album to be found in the CNN of hip/hop AKA Internet Blogs.
Although I was desperately awaiting the arrival of 808's and Heartbreak come November 24th, this blessed CD may have mitigated my feelings. I'm not trying Yeezy; like I said before, he executive produced the record.
Get this album NOW! or if not, just like our homie Adam, you may become another victim to the power of the p*ssy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome to Heartbreak

While tracks are leaking from 808's and Heartbreak worse than a Californ-i-a mudslide, I decided to switch things up... I give you the 808's and Heartbreak COMMERCIAL.

For a 20-second spot, its dope, and with that I belive you have all the incentive you need to COP this album-no matter if indeed all the joints off the album have leaked.

Don't front and say you aren't hella-hyped for the album to drop.

Get This Album

We here at The Boogie love to hype the future. A lot of times I feel we get swayed by the possibilty of what could be and overhype artists. One group I've mentioned in the past is The Knux. Well, their debut album Remind me in 3 Days just dropped and it's so dope. The New Orleans-based brothers have major upside. Unlike most dude's ou there, Krispy Kream and Rah Al Million actually play their own instruments. If Prince made Hip Hop, this is what Prince would have made. If that's not a big enough endorsement, I don't know what is.

It's The Chester Remix!

Here's She Loves Everybody remixed by the Neptunes. I guess we gotta make Chester French a little more "club accessible." Whatever, it's dope. Get it here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bow in the presence of greatness

They say this was not quite from the foul line, but it was damn close. For those that say LeBron is over-hyped (you know who you are Gonzo), this is a big F-U. He finished with 41 points and 6 dimes. I think that there are so many people out there who hate on LeBron when ALL 30 TEAMS are hoping to score him in 2010. That includes a certain Boogie-blogger's Nets.

My 2 NBA predictions:
1) LeBron takes MVP
2) The Blazers are the most fun team to watch

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa Has Come Early

Patrons of the arts, the wait is almost over

To hold you over, I present to you this:

If I'm not mistaken, I believe this was directed by the Cohen Brothers, but I could be wrong. Those effects are revolutionary.




That has to be the most painful moment in Joe Kemp's (Tulane's Quarterback) life. I guess that crazy University of Houston crowd was too loud for defensive end Phillip Hunt to hear the whistle blowing the play dead. But, EVERY OTHER PLAYER ON THE FIELD didn't seem to have that problem. Plus, i've been going to games at The Swamp all year and I've never seen any player have a problem like this. And I think The Swamp is a little louder than Reliant Stadium, where the University of Houston faithful reside. Just a guess.

Jim Jones and MGMT? Destiny

Here is one of our favorite bands teaming with one of our least-favorite rappers for the Electric Feel remix. Love the music better than the verses (I know, shocking), but I see some potential here. I want to see more rappers team up with MGMT to make music like this.

Get it here.

Monday, November 10, 2008

We Sure Chose the Right Guy

If you needed any further evidence, President Elect Barack Obama is the right man for the job. Dude can ball! He's like a spitting image of Tayshaun Prince; lengthy, versatile, and that left hand is oh so pretty. Obama reps Chi-town to the fullest out in the Hoosier State, although the announcer might be on his dick a little much. Anyway, here is your future president come January 20th

Sunday, November 9, 2008

JT(Smoove) is Simply Magic

JT is back like he never left, with the leak of a super-smooth track entitled Magic. Is it a coincidence that the only two significant (white) R&B artists obtain the same titles as their singles? Anyway, I like this track a whole lot better.
Produced by those Norweigan cats that go by the name Stargate

Would you go gay for him?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jay-Z History, CD-Quality

Wow, this song completely changed for me once I heard the official rip. People who say Jay needs to hang it up have clearly gotten way too caught up in the rapper/athlete analogy. Athletes are in a business where getting old will lead to more injuries, deteriorating strength/speed/leaping ability and moments where you look at the new up-and-comer and think "yeah, this guy is going to spend $20 mil, hookers, Gucci drapes and a white tiger."

Music, on the other hand, is not touched by age. Granted, I always get giddy (my two favorite words to put in succession) when I hear about a new MC. And, yeah, Hannah Montana is on pace to have $57 billion by the time she's 35 and hosting an aw-shucks talk show.

Regardless, artists-- at least, the truly talented ones-- don't fade with time. Jordan lost his hops, Jay-Z won't lose his flow. Hell, Johnny Cash made music until he died. HOVA making music at the age of 78?? I wouldn't rule it out.

Which poses an interesting question. If Jay-Z does make music into his golden years, will he:
A) Stick it out with Beyonce
B) Pull a Hugh Hefner and star kicking it with some 20 year old gold-diggers.

Coincidentally, it's odd to bring up the hypothetical women in part B seeing that they won't be born for another 10 years.

Anyways, get the CD quality version of History here.

Kanye West and Hype Williams have man-love. They use it to hate on regular love

In case it wasn't abundantly clear yet, Kanye West is an artist and loves to reflect that in his diverse music videos. Chalk another one up for Mr. West and Mr. Williams, two of the best at what they do.

808's & Heartbreak drops Nov. 25. Get hyped (williams). Sorry, I had to.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jay Electronica- Exhibit A

If you aren't on Jay Electronica, do so now. For those that don't know, he is not electronica music. He's real. Get it here.

Consequence - Job Song

Love pushing this guy...

Support GOOD Music!

Africa Is a Continent? Prove It!

This could've been our VP. And, Republicans are still pushing her for in 2012.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Will.I.Am on Some Star Wars Ish

Thats right. What you're seeing here is no allusion-or is it?-and I was going apesh*t when I caught this while I was overdosing on CNN last nite. Will.I.Am being interviewed via HOLOGRAM (!). This right here is monumental.
The best part about the interview? Just wait 'till the 1:38 mark when... BAM!!! Will hits Anderson Cooper with the body wave. Wow. I'm speechless.

Obama's President

What's the over/under of rap songs about this election that will be leaked in the next couple weeks?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Change is Here

Well, after two years of campaigning by countless hopefuls, and the last 3 months of debates/mudslinging/bad commercials, we have a new President Elect.

His name is Barack Obama.

88 Key's the Death of Adam [Video]

Ok so thats kinda weak but it definitely applies for my man 88 Keys.

Cop The Death of Adam November 11th!

Spanish Pistol Pete

I should have made this post a couple months back when I first heard about him, but better late than never. If you are one of the few who have not seen Ricky Rubio's highlights, you'll be hearing about them a lot soon. If you are are in the same city as a future lottery team, you'll really be hearing about him. How excited am I about Rubio? Let's just say I put his name in google alerts and I'm currently receiving emails every time his name is dropped in any newspaper in the world. I'm probably going to get an email about this post later tonight. He's got one of the best crossovers people have ever seen and is a playmaker. New York Knicks fans are drooling over the possibility-- which is what the NBA is based on-- of Rubio running the point in Mike D'antonio's 7 second or less offense.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Sorry...

For 2 reasons
1) Yet again I have fell victim to my ultimate kryptonite-stumbling upon new 'Ye and not being able to resist
2) For posting this prematurely
I'm not gonna front, the song is fire, but I'm well aware that plenty of people will most likely disagree with me (cue the auto-tune remarks). This beat could have easily been used on a Chromeo album in my opinion, but I love this look for 'Ye.

If you're like me and are continuing to ruin the element of suprise and the hip-hop game as we know it by illegaling downing joints, then get at me with some thoughts.

I was hesitant at first to come out and say it, but after further research I am now 100% correct that the vocals on the hook are provided by none other than Kid Cudi. Glad too see 'Ye stuck to his word on working with the Michael Beasely (yeah I went there, which makes Wale D-Rose, I guess) of hip hop.

Say it Ain't So, Mo(Town)

It's final. The once-journey man-who seemed to have finally found a home in the Motor City- has been dealt away in a blockbuster for practice enthusiast A.I. The move came as a suprise to many, especially myself who returned home from school in the midst of the finalization of this blockbuster. The transaction also involved Dice and my sleeper/overlooked piece of the deal, Cheikh Samb(somewhere Manute Bol is smiling), for their respective Detroit Squad. Do I honestly think the Pistons are guaranteed the East with Iverson running the show? No. Iverson has been frontin' with that "pass-first mentality" and thats just not him. What the Piston's needed was a true PG-better yet, what 92% of all NBA teams need-and that exactly what the Nuggets got. With Mr. Big Shot runnning the point and my man Samb getting a chance to shine, which is highly unlikely, the Nuggs have me pole-jocking early as the team to compete with L.A. in the West

A Kid Named CuDi

The official Mixtape, get it here

Just what you wanted, more Kanye posts

Hella Tight just dropped one of the sickest hats I've seen. I feel like a pole-jocker, but I love it. Its $65, so I'm a little weary. However, Christmas is (kinda) near so.....

Oh, and it also glows in the dark. Shout out to hypebeast for this one.

This will be looked at like Swagger Like Us come 2012

Charles Hamilton, B.O.B., Asher Roth. Need I say more? Peep game. Courtesy of illroots.