Thursday, November 27, 2008

Keep Bouncin' (Continued)

Those are no lights around Tip; Kamal the Abstract has a glowing aura that he carries with him constantly while rockin' the mic. In short, the 2k Sports Bounce Tour was on some dope sh*t. So many memorable moments from The Knux, Mikey and Chuck, and of course Tip. Lemme breakdown the night chronologically the best I can for ya'll:
The Knux opened up and repped Nola hard. I'm assuming like 3% of the spectators-which would be me and my buddies-had even heard of the Knux before, but they had the club jumping with Bang! Bang! and Cappuccino. They had a short set but it was a nice performance to start the night off right.
Proceeding them was Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish of Illville:

Boys know how to cold rock a party(did I mention I was front row?!). They jumped right into "One, Two" and then did jus about everything-besides Delivery Man- from "88" to Oscar. They also spit some new joint which needs to drop now. The highlight for me was "Bassment Party" which got the crow real live, and my buddy shouting out the Boogie on the mic, courtesy of Mikey. LOL. They fittingly rapped up their set with "Black Mags" and left. Killed it.

Finally, after an hour of delay, I mean waiting:

Man, I didn't know Tip could go so hard. He got the place rocking with the eloquent words of our President-Elect, and went into, you guessed it, Shaka. Me and my homies were holdin' up the "O" for Obama, and we had Q doing the same short after. That was crazy. Later, Tip showed why he does such a dope live show:

Thats right; man straight up hopped on the 2500 and went to work. So amazing.

He must have done about 15 or so records, but somewhere in between this happened:

The famous DJ (Superman) Scratch stole the show, sorta. He had the whole stage to himself as you can see and got the crowd hyped. He played a teaser of Hova's Public Service Announcement(at which point i glanced at the upper VIP section and saw Diddy? WTF? LOL)and followed with an array of tracks like "Engine Number 9" "Ante Up" and "Simon Says." Q had to come on the mic and ask permission to come back on stage.
He eventually came back and took us back to his circa 1992 days in the Tribe. With the joints that defined who they were, Tip jammed with Electric Relaxation, Scenario, Award Tour, and Check the Rhyme. Towards the end of the first verse of the latter song, Tip handed over the mic and I got to spit a bar or so. Sh*t was hella crazy.

For those of ya'll who haven't check out the tour yet, I suggest you hop in your automobile now and head to the House of Blues to catch the trio live in O-Town tomorrow

I leave ya'll with this:

R.I.P. Jay Dee. Your man Kamal got you.


HazDaPrince said...


whats up guys.
this is the dude Haz that you met at the concert.

your blog is hella dope.

well written review on the show as well.

keep rockin fellas. peace.

SkateBoardD said...

thanks Haz same to you dude. good luck in all your future endeavors and keep making good music!