Friday, November 7, 2008

Jay-Z History, CD-Quality

Wow, this song completely changed for me once I heard the official rip. People who say Jay needs to hang it up have clearly gotten way too caught up in the rapper/athlete analogy. Athletes are in a business where getting old will lead to more injuries, deteriorating strength/speed/leaping ability and moments where you look at the new up-and-comer and think "yeah, this guy is going to spend $20 mil, hookers, Gucci drapes and a white tiger."

Music, on the other hand, is not touched by age. Granted, I always get giddy (my two favorite words to put in succession) when I hear about a new MC. And, yeah, Hannah Montana is on pace to have $57 billion by the time she's 35 and hosting an aw-shucks talk show.

Regardless, artists-- at least, the truly talented ones-- don't fade with time. Jordan lost his hops, Jay-Z won't lose his flow. Hell, Johnny Cash made music until he died. HOVA making music at the age of 78?? I wouldn't rule it out.

Which poses an interesting question. If Jay-Z does make music into his golden years, will he:
A) Stick it out with Beyonce
B) Pull a Hugh Hefner and star kicking it with some 20 year old gold-diggers.

Coincidentally, it's odd to bring up the hypothetical women in part B seeing that they won't be born for another 10 years.

Anyways, get the CD quality version of History here.

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