Monday, November 3, 2008

Say it Ain't So, Mo(Town)

It's final. The once-journey man-who seemed to have finally found a home in the Motor City- has been dealt away in a blockbuster for practice enthusiast A.I. The move came as a suprise to many, especially myself who returned home from school in the midst of the finalization of this blockbuster. The transaction also involved Dice and my sleeper/overlooked piece of the deal, Cheikh Samb(somewhere Manute Bol is smiling), for their respective Detroit Squad. Do I honestly think the Pistons are guaranteed the East with Iverson running the show? No. Iverson has been frontin' with that "pass-first mentality" and thats just not him. What the Piston's needed was a true PG-better yet, what 92% of all NBA teams need-and that exactly what the Nuggets got. With Mr. Big Shot runnning the point and my man Samb getting a chance to shine, which is highly unlikely, the Nuggs have me pole-jocking early as the team to compete with L.A. in the West

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Atari said...

I still don't understand this deal. Why would Mr. Dumars deal one of the most beloved figures in Detroit sports for the last 5-7 years, for a guy (granted its the most underrated player of his generation) who doesn't have to work hard to rub people the wrong way.

Nice to see Dice Man going back home, though.