Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yeah, that's Brandon Jennings- the kid who everyone said was too self-centered. Well, he probably was before going to Europe, but they don't allow that kind of stuff over there (assuming LeBron and Kobe don't invade while still in their prime).

So far, he's been less than stellar statistically. I can't say how he has played overall because I haven't seen him play and basketball is the one sport where box scores don't tell the whole story. Vince Carter is a top-10 scorer this year, but he hasn't played defense since 2001. Meanwhile, Tayshaun Prince only scores 17 points-per-game, but his long, alien-like arms makes everyone in the league scared to try an open-court layup. His arms stretch as long as Michael Jordan on the Toon Squad. Ask Reggie.

But back to Jennings. Going over to Europe might have been the best thing for him. At Arizona, he would have been the best player in the Pac-10 and could tease opponents like he was the second coming of Jesus (Shuttlesworth of course). In Europe he's playing with grown men who pretty much hate him. Why?

A) He's making a lot more money than them (Under Armour gave him like $2 mil)

B) They know he's gonna be at the ESPYs in a few years with some actress that is currenty making a name for herself on the Disney Channel. (The Disney Channel... the farm system for hot female celebritites)

But from the looks of the play above, he's learning. Everyone says he was extremely cocky back at Oak Hill, but he must have lost his attitude along with his flat top.

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