Friday, November 14, 2008


I couldn't take it any longer. While I was restlessly sitting on my computer listening to the new(est)Terry Urban x Mick Boogie x B.O.B. mixtape just a few hours ago, it hit me. So, I headed out to Best Buy and coped the album. To use the most over-used adjective in the hip-hop facet of the blogosphere, its dopeeeeeee. I mean really, like potential album of the year status (Note: I have only made one go around on the CD and am currently keeping it in rotation as I write, so my opinion will most likely elevate). Never have I been so impelled to an album as this since probably The Cool, which WAS the best album of '07. Back to my man 88-Keys; this is easily the best debut solo album by an artist since 'Ye's The College Dropout and, wouldn't you know it, he happens to be the executive producer for this masterpiece (stay up, Yeezy!)
From the beginning of this story-mode CD, as I like to call it, we learn our man 8 is simply horny. Initially, I start to feel for Adam, after he wines-and-dines a chick only to find out she only sees him as a "Big Brother" and like many of us with troubles with people of the X-chromosome (females), is found in "The Friend Zone." The only way Adam will reside to being BFFs with the chick is if they are "Best F*cking Friends." Thats a little bit of a spoiler of the album for ya'll, but I'm telling you, its like playing Grand Theft Auto or any story mode video game; you'll become submerged into the story line and will be gripping to your seat-I sat in my room listening to this the whole way through.
From a production standpoint, this is arguably the most well-thought and put together album thats been conceived in some time. Its like Jay Dee is living through 8 in this album, and Keys is the closest thing-besides his brother, Illa J-to JD from a producing standpoint. I highly advise you to purchase this album for 2 reasons:
1) I'm going to come out an say it is the most creative (the friggin credits sheet is a report of investigation file, doesn't that say it all?) and possibly best album, this year.
2) Its your only chance our hearing it in it's entirety. In case you haven't noticed, there aren't any bootleg/leaks of this album to be found in the CNN of hip/hop AKA Internet Blogs.
Although I was desperately awaiting the arrival of 808's and Heartbreak come November 24th, this blessed CD may have mitigated my feelings. I'm not trying Yeezy; like I said before, he executive produced the record.
Get this album NOW! or if not, just like our homie Adam, you may become another victim to the power of the p*ssy.

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