Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rick Ross Featuring Skateboard P [Get Down]

"The Boss" may soon lose his righteous title if this song leaks any more than it is now. I'm hoping he wrote this song while he was way gone, but sadly I'm sure he is in that state while making most of his hits. On this joint his lyrics just go terribly wrong, and there are no signs of, how do i put this simply, good. Additionally, we here at the Boogie pretty much fall to the knees of Leonardo P and his fellow clique, but this production is just dissapointing. Even the bridge, which is also a huge strength of P's(as well as the Neptunes), is simply weak. Here's the link for the stream of the song... Didn't think it was worth a download lol.You can either back me up or maybe i'm totally wrong here. I just hope these two never stoop this low again


Anonymous said...

bro david, your production is jokin.The is as tight as hannah montana's vagina



p.s. post a comment for once

SkateBoardD said...

Thats other peeps job to post comments.
And the production is jokin!

Siempre Fresco said...

Pharrel and Rick Ross is the oddest duo in Hip-Hop history. Its like putting Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford in a movie together. It would never work.

Anonymous said...

i agree with big kev. this is looser than mark olsomer's booty hole. probably one of the weirdest rap combos since charlie wilson and snoop dogg suited up. never the less i kinda like this shiz.

Don't act like u don't know the name.

-Pop$ikle out