Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Takeover

I just had a revalation. I'm not sure how this came into my head, but i was watching Kanye's sppech from the Grammys on youtube because i boycotted it as you all know. although while i was watching the speech he made when he won best rap album i realized two things

1. Kanye is the new top dog in music

2. He is the artist that will end up defining our generation

I mean the man is unstoppable. Lyrically i don't think Ye is even in the top 5 of some of todays rappers, but he will be the artist remembered when you you look back on our generation. The 50's was Elvis, the 60's and 70's was the Beatles, the 80's was Micheal Jackson, the 90's was BIG and 2pac (even though Pac was terrible), and when people look back at the first 10 years of the new milenium Kanye will be the artist people remember.

He will never lose a grammy nom in Best rap album, thats a given, but i'm starting to think he is the new and improved Jay-Z. Listen im not saying Kanye is a better rapper by any means, but he will always have bigger publicity than Hovito.

Kanye makes music for everybody, Jay has never really stepped out of his comfort zone to try something new. Yeah he did the Linkin Park Album, but Kanye is just so much more outside the box with his creations he surpasses Jay's creativiness like a Bently next to a Pinto. Ye has a certain swagger to him also, and hate him or love him you respect him. the main reason why he will go down as the artist of this decade is because he makes a sort of underground music for mainstream listeners.

I mean no direspect to Jay at all he is one of my all time favorites but kanye is that dude. He will forever be labeled as one of the top artists of all time in any genre. Congradulations Ye you did it!
For the most part, you're right. The Beatles aren't really the best group of the 70's being that they never worked together after finishing Abbey Road in the summer of '69 (haha...69). The best group from the 70's is probably a rock band, maybe ACDC being that they have the 2nd highest album of all time and it came out in that decade. As for the 90's, rap still hadn't made it mainstream yet so I don't think Biggie & Pac were really the biggest musisians of that time. I'd make an argument for Nirvana.
As for this decade, I had actually been thinkin about that for a while. I personally think Justin Timberlake will go down as the biggest artist. At the begining of this decade, he was part of one of the biggest groups since The Beatles. Now, he's made it a habbit of winning Grammys and teaming up with awesome producers like Timba, Danja, and P en route to making the best music possible. I'm mostly a Hip-Hop guy, but I think the majority of people out there will put Justin at the top. Timberlake is the Michael Jackson, 'Ye is the Prince. Oh, and please learn how to spell congratulations. -Siempre

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