Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keepin the soul alive

Alright, this is gonna sound kind of confusing but bear with me. I found this site off another site and the site I found is my new favorite site. What do I mean? I was on waymorefresher earlier today (one of my favoirtie sites) when I found a post about another blog called thesoulsample (my new favorite site). Thesoulsample is basically what it sounds like. The entire site is dedicated to old jazz and soul songs from the 70's that have been sampled by today's producers. If you're a music nerd, you'll love this site as it allows you to download the original and new track.
Some people, mostly anti Hip-Hop people, say that sampling music is uncreative and proof that today's musicians aren't as good as those from "back in the day." To a degree, that is true. I have to admit that some samples are nothing but a rip off old songs. Take Eminem's sample of dream on by Aerosmith. The chorus is literally Aerosmith. There is like no differnece in the music. That is an example of a sample lacking any creativity.
But there are a lot of samples that sound almost nothing like the original or the original is so obscure that 90% of people would have never heard it before. Take Kanye's sample of PYT. Sure, if you start to listen to the original song with only 40 seconds left, the sample is quite noticable. On the other hand, if you listen to the majority of that song you would never guess PYT and Good Life have any relation. When I first the sample, I thought, "Who would ever think to make an entire song out of that little effect that lasted like 15 seconds?"
Now, as far as musicians from back in the 60's,70's, and 80's being better, that is simply not true. Its just that music today incorporates more technology.

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