Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did You Just Congradulate Me For Reading?

Its rare to find true meaning to hip-hop on telivison these days. Unfortunity BET is garbage, unless you love Bow Wow and Ormarion, and DJ Cypha Sounds doesn’t really do it for me either. But look no Further to The Boondocks on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.
Siempre and I both agree that the issues the show deals with are on point and executed brilliantly. It deals with all the issues prevalent in Hip-hop and struggles and differences between the Black and White communities and stereotypes.

For Example Southern rappers and diss songs

Dickriding lol


R. Kelly

Im not pole jockin or anything. This show is where its at, give it a watch. Mondays 12 o clock on Adult Swim

Yeah... I'll try to upload each new episode. So far there has been 13 shows in the second season and there is scheduled to be 20 so I'll stay on the lookout.-Siempre Fresco

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