Monday, February 18, 2008

In case you decided to ignore the dunk contest

I know a lot of people say the Dunk Contest has lots its glamour because all the dunks have been performed, but I still like it. Sure, I've seen all the between the legs, windmills, and 360s to make me dizzy. Despite this, I look forward to the contest each year to see how guys are going to come up with something new. The contest now relies on props so much that I think Carrot Top is coming up with the routines. Anyways, here is Dwight Howard's performance. I loved it even though he didn't really dunk one of them and he quoted Soulja Boy (YoOoOoUuUu!!)

And here are a couple of my favorite all time dunk contest moments:

And then there's this guy who like to stretch for 6 hours a day:

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