Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Afirkan Boy Is Lookin For His Visa

If you don't know who Afrikan Boy is, he's the dude on "Hussel" off the M.I.A. album. He hasn't done anything major yet, but it seems like everybody and their mother is anticapting his next move. I just like him for the same reason I like all my other favorite artists: he dresses crazy and fresh. Peep his myspace to here a couple crazy fresh songs. Also, click here to give his paper planes remix. He reminds me a little of Soulja Boy AKA. If he ever gets big, I'll shoot myself. But he's kind of like alcohol: good in moderation.

Here's a video about shoplifting... if Shake That Laffytaffy can get big, why can't this??

And here is Afrikan Boy freestylin while drunk. $10 to the first person who can tell me what he's actually saying.

P.S.- He lives in the U.K., not Afrika... Afrika is not a real place.

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