Friday, March 21, 2008

Is This A Joke?

Remeber VH1's program The White Rapper Show? It was by far the worst show in the channel's history, which is saying something. If you did happen to see this show, I'm sure you'll remember John Brown. He was the boy from the suburbs who planned to "revive the ghetto." He was talkin spiritually, socially, economically, emotionally, physically, and retardedly. Well, John. Is this your first step? Really? A music video about keg parties? I'm not sure if you know what a ghetto is, but unless everybody at that party was forced to live in that house, you aren't close. Oh, and King of the 'Burbs, do girls really ask you to be in their pornos? Is it because your show was such a big hit and you looked so gangster when you ran away from that fat girl who was waving a dildo in your face?

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