Friday, March 21, 2008

If I Lived In Hong Kong And had A Ton Of Money To Blow...

I'd be hitting up the Bape store to get my hands on these. Hypebeast has the new clothes that are being released this weekend. I'm not one to drink the Bape Kool-Aid, but these are fresh. The stuff coming out this weekend include a reversable tee, a couple other shoes, some khaki pants, a dress shirt, and a belt.

These shoes show the positive side of the Bathing Ape dynasty. They are what the clothing line, at its core, represents. The kicks are exclusive, unique, and fun. It's the type of stuff that make you want to spend $300 on shoes (If only they made them in size 15!!).

On the flipside, there are so many reasons I get turned off by the clothing line. For one, they overprice way too much stuff. I am willing to guarantee that the belt that is being released this weekend will be a coll $100 to $150. I feel that the higher ups at Bape have become complacent and know they can sucker people into buying their products for 5 times as much as they should. There are tons of other street lines that have good looking clothes for like a third of the price of Bape. Then again, those shoes are just so sick.

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