Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I know I've done wrong... and I'm sorry

To the 18 people that still read this blog, I'm sorry. No, I'm really sorry. I've been busy with more irrelevent things than maintaing this site. In the last week and a half, I have done everything from fall asleep on the beach to fill out my tourney bracket. I actually spend way too much time analyzing matchups and my bracket will still be ruined by the sweet sixteen.

Anyway, here is everything that has gone on recently. Obama has a campaigner calling Hilary a monster and Clinton has an advisor saying Barack is only where he is because he plays the Black Card... Lupe came out with a new music video, but you got to pay 2 dollars on iTunes to see it (the 30 second sample looks good, for what it's worth)... these two old men are about to kill each other... Break Sk8 went home on America's Best Dance Crew... The Boondocks has mysteriously disappeared... Gnarls Barkley's new album officially came out... St. Patty's day came and went with nothing exciting... The Houston Rockets forgot how to lose a basketball game... Chuck Anderson (who designed the Food & Liquor cover) and Burton have collaborated on the illest jacket I've seen in awhile... Georgia won the SEC tournament despite not being very good at the sport of basketball... E! decided to renew the series Keepin up with the Kardashians (why!?!?)

There's a lot of other stuff that happened but I can't remember. Again, to the 15 people that still read this... I'm sorry and I have returned.

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