Monday, October 27, 2008

Lupe Fiasco has something to say....

Lupe Fiasco has said he will make a huge announcement on Halloween (Friday). This only makes sense seeing that the man's latest album centered around a man who rose from the dead and other eerie themes. Some are hoping he'll promise to not retire while others think it will be the debut of a music video for The Coolest. If this is a huge announcement, I'm hoping it isn't related to a music video.

According to lupEND, Lupe dropped this knowledge at a recent concert concerning his Oct. 31 announcement:

"When I told people lupEND would be my last album, I also said it would be the greatest album ever. I am doing something completely new and different, that hasn't really been done before and it's something people wouldn't expect. On Halloween we gonna make a special announcement telling you what that kinda special thing is."

Here's to hoping it is one of the following:
A) Lupe is not retiring (which would not surprise me)
B) He's well into his work for lupEND and it features Pharrell, Michael Jackson, Andre 3000, the lochness monster and $port from Waymorefresher.
C) The CRS album has been complete, is 45 tracks long, only cost $5 and can cure AIDS
D) Lupe just got in a fistfight with Rick Ross and Kimbo Slice, defeating both of them and putting the fight on YouTube.

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