Monday, October 20, 2008

XXL Actually Does A Good Job With This


I was upset with last year's Leader's Of The New School edition. I felt XXL dropped the ball by naming guys like Lil Boosie, Rich Boy and Plies to the team. And the guys that were actually good -- Lupe Fiasco and Saigon -- had already broken through. This year's edition is way better. The only guys I'm not feeling are Ace Hood, Curren$y and Cory Gunz. The rest are mad dope and we've featured them here like every week. Get the magazine November 4th.

Update: Apparently Kid Cudi is wearing the Air Yeezy's in the 2nd picture. Kanye Posted it on his blog.

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Gonzo said...

i agree with the list, XXL made a good one and went hip-hop this year instead of southern, but cory gunz is the man and he deserves to be one their in my opinion, and instead of currency, they should have put drake lol