Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote Obama. Vote McCain. Whatever. Just Vote. And Watch This Clip.

Say what you want, but Johnny Mac is absolutly hilarious in this clip. This is the funniest campaign speech I've ever heard. He rips on the Clintons and himself so much. Barack was dying. This is the first campaign I've watched where i get the feeling neither guy has any real hatred for the other. Yeah, they both did some real slanted ads against each other, but that's more business than personal. Anyone who thinks Barack is the messiah (and, at the same time, anyone who thinks he's an anti-American terrorist) is sadly mistaken. I like Barack, but he's not going to single handidly change this nation. Same goes for John McCain. Yeah, he was a P.O.W., but that doesn't mean he's going to save the situation in Iraq. Both sides need to stop their respective pole-jockin.

The best part about this speech: "Oprah calls him the one. I got another name for him: that one"

Note: he's mearly making fun of himself. He's not meaning any harm to Obama. Oh, and by the way: the anchor in the 2nd video, Keith Olberman, is a douchebag who is looking to stir the pot for absolutly no reason. He's like the bizarro Bill O'Reilly. Can there please be an anchor who isn't absolutly biased, one way or the other?

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