Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Watch The World Series. Root for the Rays. Unless, of course, you lost your soul (to a woman so heartless)

In a world where sports have become a business more than a passion, we've found an owner worth loving. There are basically three types of honors:
1) The ones in it for the money (i.e. Bill Bidwell, Jeffery Loria)
2) The ones who are passionate, but also evil (Jerry Jones, any Steinbrenner, Mark Cuban... please don't buy my Cubs)
3) The ones who love sports and haven't forgotten why

The third group is pretty small nowadays, but the Rays' Stuart Sternberg is most definitely one of them. This New York Times' article talks about how the former Goldman Sachs executive still manages a middle-aged men's softball team. He makes sure everyone plays equally, and can be found out in centerfield when it's his turn. He coached little league teams before he even had kids of his own.

He bought the Rays in 2004, and the team is now in the World Series. If the Cubs can't make it, at least good people did.

1 comment:

Atari said...

Mark Cuban evil?

I pulling for the Phils to win it all, because its been 28 years since my pop has watched his team win it all.

But I think the Rays have that 'Team of Destiny' thing going for 'em, so...

Rays in 6.