Sunday, January 20, 2008

No T = No Dice

Director John Singleton (Four Brothers, Boyz n the Hood, 2 Fast 2 Furious) has announced that he is creating a silver screen version of the infamous '80's TV show, The A-Team.

He hopes to begin production later this year, so a 2010 release is possible, but he first has to assemble a cast. So far, his efforts have been rewarded with a rumor of Woody Harrelson playing 'Howlin Mad' Murdock. But, what makes me mad is the rumor that Ice Cube, yes the former ganster rapper turned cute and cuddly Are We There Yet? star, is being cast as the next BA Baracus!

Mr. T's beloved role is being dished out to a guy that sold out his rap career to star in horrible kid movies and an unnecessary XXX sequel.

Mr. Singleton needs to direct some sense into his brain before he makes a huge mistake in giving this role to Ice Cube, and if he doesn't, I'll personally ask Mr. T to PITY THE FOOL!

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