Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Even Though I Am Legand, I Can Say Will Smith's The Best Rapper Alive"

Ever since Jay-Z came out with the Black Album, all people have been ranting about was who is the best rapper alive. First it was Jay-z singing Dirt Off Your Shoulder and at the end going "the best rapper alive", then Wayne picked it up and ran with it for a good year or two before Jay-Z came out with American Gangster and proclaimed that he was once again king. But i think i found the real deal, the true greatest rapper alive, and he goes by the name Joe Budden.

Yep, joey. The same dude who Pumped It Up a couple years back just came out with his highly anticcipated new mixtape Mood Muzik 3. I have been waiting for a second coming to his first lack luster album self-titled Joe Budden which came out in 2003, but due to recent feuds with Jay-Z his 2nd album The Growth, is yet to be realeased.

Although in todays hip-hop its hard to find a good mixtape/album let alone a great mixtape/album. Mood Muzik 3 is a classic. It is by far one of the best mixtapes i have ever heard in my life. It is all i've been listining two since i got my copy. Joe's flow is on point in every song, his lyrics are dynamic, and his punchlines are sensational. Its refreshing, because other rappers (like lil' wayne) punchlines are mediocre and give you a slight laugh, Joe's punchlines make you rewind the track because you are in awe he said something that crazy. My favorite was on his diss to Jay-Z on the track 'Talk To Em' where he says "when the new generation thinks about Jordan, all the remember is when Iverson cross him"

And even if anyone were to start dissing Joe or go in a battle with him, no one can take him down. Not lil wayne, not Jay-z, not anybody. Joe is a unique rapper who does something that i have never heard before and he dictates your mood. If Joe is happy your happy, if he is telling a story you want every detail, if he is struggeling you feel like these are your problems.

There is no one better in the game right now. Normally i would put up a link for Mood Muzik 3, but i think we all need to support Joe budden and actually buy this one. it's that on-top music!!!


Tej Relite said...

r u serious!?!? Joe Budden??? the dude's mediocre at best... do u really think Jay-Z is holdin him down? Its because the album wasnt done. Joe's not even tied to Def Jam anymore. If he was and the album was ready, then Jay would have put it out. Jay's a businessman, it would be pretty stupid to not put out an album just cuz u have beef with a person. The beef dosent exist and the album wasnt ready. Even if it was, it wouldn't make Joe Budden the best rapper in the game. He wouldnt even be a Top 20 rapper with a new album. Boy, get ur head on straight before u post somethin this stupid.

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Cassidy could beat him