Tuesday, May 12, 2009

La La gets asked to politely "get the F&%^ out of here"

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Here is Ms. La La, AKA the voice of reason in all those Flavor of Love reunions, going ape-sh** after being kicked out of last night's Nuggets-Mavericks game. The game was in Dallas, where her 4-year fiancee Carmelo Anthony and Co. failed to sweep the Mavericks. I guess she and the two confused-looking/older-looking."wiser"-looking women got into a heated argument. This is not a good look for her.

Another point: why have they been engaged for 4-years? Shouldn't their be a limit on how long you are engaged. If you have been engaged more than 2 years, you either have to do a shotgun wedding in Vegas or call the whole thing off because one of you does not really want to get married.

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