Monday, June 1, 2009

Pixar Makes the World Go Round

Yes-- above is a "preview" of the upcoming Toy Story 3 (?!?@?#@$!). Don't soil yourself just yet... the movie comes out in June of next year. Even the teaser is ill! Honestly, has Pixar done any of it's loyal audiences wrong?! Let's ponder some of their most recent works to date (the studio was conceived in '95 i believe): Both Toy Storys (dopeee), Monsters Inc.(brilliant!), Finding Nemo (brilliant!), The Incredibles (brilliant!), and their very latest Up which was dopeeeeee-- especially in 3D. And let's not forget Disney's signature heart warming music numbers.

Pixar is like Bad Boy Records during the Mase, Biggie, and Puffy era... "can't stop...won't stop..."

Peep the Up interactive website if you have a moment as well.

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