Thursday, April 2, 2009

"I'm Back In Your Life, Return of the Jedi..."

I haven't been up here in a minute, and I apologize to our readers (although minimal, we know you're out there). Just got in from the Big Apple the other night, nothing was really poppin off there but i enjoyed my stay. However, I did come upon a pair of beauties that I just had to cop, and since this is a blog I'm free to share whatever I want, right? Here's my sole (pun intended) souvenir from my bon-voy-age to the city:

The Nike SB Dunk Lo Gibson. Yeah, I went there.
Other than this featured remnant, nothing (affordable) really caught my attention.

And since we kinda do feature music quite a lot on this thing, I thought I'd share with you what I got going on inside the headphones:
-Buncha Ryan Leslie... Next Selection Stand Up... that means you Cassie
-I'm the Shit Remix feat. Yeezy... Good luck coping those kicks today
-The Knux- Remind Me in 3 Days... Shouts to Nola
-Lady Gaga... Woops! Is that bad?
-Basically anything G.O.O.D.

Anyways, its getting kinda late, in the East Coast at least. Get at yall later...

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