Monday, June 2, 2008

Damn Reggie!!

There were some rumors about Reggie making a brief comeback to a playoff team to get a much coveted ring. All great athletes are ultimately judged by whether or not they can win a championship. People assume if you are one of the best, you should carry your team to at least one championship. That type of thinking is somewhat justified in all sports but football since everyone's favorite contact sport requires a team effort for success. The list of great players who never won "the big one" is probably better than those that got over the hump. Dan Marino, Karl Malone, Barry Bonds, Andy Roddick, Barry Sanders, Patrick Ewing, Tony Gwynn, Kane (that's right, I just named a fucking wrestler. he did actually win the title in the 90's, but he preceded to lose it the next day.), Allen Iverson- you and I both no he's never going to win a championship-, Chris Carter. And those are without using Google. Regardless, when Reggie walked away, everyone wanted to know how it felt for him to know that he wouldn't reach the ultimate achievement. I'm willing to bet that he feels pretty damn good seeing that all he has to do is work the easiest job in the world (color commentator for any sporting event), tease Spike Lee about the '94 Eastern Conference Finals, and get wasted. Tight.

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