Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Longest 2 Days of My Life

I can't take it any longer. Just a few moments ago I couldn't resist myself and streamed-not downloaded-Love Bomb... its crazy! I'm not promoting you to down their tracks, but i assure you in just a few clicks you will find it and other snippets. Come June 10th (or the lucky Germans who its already available to OR to the fortunate Euros who get it a day early) N.E.R.D. will be the much needed savior to music(sorry Plies and Dwayne). It's not that hip-hop has been on a drought with albums like Finding Forever, the Cool and oh yeah Graduation-to name just a few- to have blessed our airwaves. Its just that this album will surely bring back a much needed freshness to the music industry. I thought In Search Of... was the best of the 2 albums via the N3RDS, but this album can surely exceed both. I indulge you all to cop this album come this Tuesday. Even if you normally don't buy CDs or simply think the Neps have enough money as it is, at least buy it for the credit sheet it comes with pictured above lol.Its dope. Support music and buy Seeing Sounds!!!

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