Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not an N.E.R.D. post? What the hell!?!?

In case you didn't know, we actually have an NBA Finals worth watching. The people at ABC were hoping for a Lakers-Celtics series since the start of the playoffs. even posted a cover story of how great the Celtics and Lakers series will be on April 19th. At first, I refused to buy the hype. Before I continue, let me first say THIS ISN'T BIRD-MAGIC 08'. It just isn't. The rivalry isn't that heated anymore, no matter what Paul Pierce chants or what shirts UNDFTD prints up. Of course, my opinion will change if Kendrick Perkins does this to Lamar Odom:

Having said that, I did watch the first three games. The first game was unimpressive because Kobe failed to carry his team (note: it isn't selfish if you are the only hope your team has for winning the title). The second game was boring for the first 7/8ths before LA built up a comeback and got within 4 points. Last night, the game was the first truly good game as it went back and forth for a while before Kobe and Co. pulled away late. This is the main point: I might have been wrong. The first three games have set the stage for an exciting Game 7. So far, there haven't been any classic games, but I am wiling to bet there will be an awesome Game 6 and 7 around the corner. I predict a game where Kobe and Paul Pierce match each other, point-for-point, until KG comes up big and the C's take it in 7.

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