Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are You Not Entertained?

UMC dropped today.

Am I gona front and say it surpassed the 2nd best album of '07-next to The Cool-and possibly Be? Not a chance. But if you're looking for some club bangers, Com and the Neps got you.
Back to the evaluation: this CD gets 3.25 mics from me; nice but not too nice. I mean, if this record was put out by someone like, lets say, Africa Bambaataa, then maybe I'd be feeling it a little more. Frankly, this isn't the raw Common Sense we're-or at least i am-used to, and Common tends to seem like an average MC in songs like Sex 4 Sugar and Announcement (yea, sorry) due to lack of lyrical creativity. That is something I've never thought I'd say.

Anyway to stray away from the negative aspects of the album, Common does indeed find 'The Light' in songs like Gladiator and 'What a World' (Waddup CF!). The rest you'll have to peep for yourself.

Go cop the album! I still think its worth a purchase and your time-its only 10 tracks.

'This is that new sh*t...'

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Atari said...

I'm amazed at how disappointed I was in this album. The stuff he did live on the STISOS Tour got my hopes up way too high.