Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Highly Anticipated Post

If you read this blog or any blog of that matter, you must be familiar with the good folks of G.O.O.D. music who are indeed getting their dreams out. Not only are they the best dressed label (its a fact) but they are headed by blog hogger-and a prominent writer himself- Kanye West. Alongside the LV Don, the supporting cast includes the likes of Common, the Cons, GLC, Sa-Ra, Fanzworth, and other talented artists of the Hip-Hop and now Experimental genres that these dudes represent. If you didn't come to the assumption already, this label is super diverse (even though diverse isn't politcally correct nowadays lol). They're like the label version of the ladies via the Facts of Life-I'm not calling them gay, believe me-and each of them bring something to the table.

As if i couldn't love the organization enough, they recently implemented a 3-headed monster that you may not be 100% familiar with. Lemme break it down for you-in o favorable order:
First you got the homie out of Ohio, Kid CuDi. Whether we Hip-Hop heads like it or not, CuDi is blowing up around the globe with his single Day 'N Nite, Crookers Remix. I can't seem to figure it out, but apparently the production wasn't impelling to the mainstream audiences so they had to generate a wack beat. Whatever, thats another story.
Anywho, dude is doppeee; from his baby milo hoodies to his swag, CuDi is nice right now. Theres a reason 'Ye signed the dude outta Cleveland, and he even gave him a look on 808s and Heartbreak, and the two conceived one of my favorite tracks on the record. Check him out

2) I introduce to you: Big Sean. Yeah, hes been featured on this blog previously, but BS needs some respect. He's working on his album, Finally Famous, probably as we speak right now. You've seen the vid with him in the studio with Leonardo P, so you know its going to be a hot album. 'Ye recently gave the Detroit native some love in the Paranoid Remix (its not really a remix like Diddy would do it, but Big Sean did his thing), which is pretty dope. Peep it

3) To cap things off, you got most overlooked artist of the trio, Mr. Hudson. Cue the suprise right about now. Don't let his pigment-or lack thereof- deceive you. No offense to the fellas above, Hudson may be the most talented of the recent signees. He hails from the UK and is a singer/songwriter. He even wrote a few ballads on 808s which aside from Paranoid it may have been Streetlights, but i could easily be wrong. Peep his space and don't tell me this guy isn't gonna blow up; he's already established himself overseas. But who am i to judge? Hudson is nice right now.

So basically 'Ye has devised what the Giants have over in the Meadowlands. No, not a crappy stadium, but the triumphant trio AKA Earth, Wind, and Fire. CuDi is Brendan Jacobs, BS is Derrick Ward, and that leaves Mr. Hudson as Ahmad Bradshaw.

Watch out.

Its about to be a TKO

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