Friday, December 26, 2008

BET May Actually Maintain a Half-Decent TV Spot

No it's not Rap City 2.0, but recently BET has devised a Rap City-esque show airing hip-hop videos and with featured guests. I stumbled upon it-at 2 a.m. i may add-and much to my surprise it wasn't Shawty-Lo or Plies doing what they do (nothing), but rather Naledge and Double-O. The show-The Deal- is hosted by Memphitz & Diamond Kutz (got me there) and it may potentially be a good look for the network.

Heres the Kidz in the Hall freestyle, with Naledge wildin' out and Double-O doing his thing:

(Notice the smooth transition into Go Hard)

Also heres another exclusive video via the Deal. The boys of Camp Lo do a reverse edition of Pop Champagne and although ephermal its dope:

Now you can actually listen to the song with a refined beat and minus Jim Jones.

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