Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Won't Trade

In case you haven't noticed (because everyone watches the first 20 or so NBA games religously, right?) Flash is back. Watch the clip above and don't tell me that first play wasn't Jordanesque.

Just incase you forgot, Dwayne was sidelined for almost half the season last year, and although he looked good in suits on the sidelines, the Heat's season could be compared to many of Craig Sager's catastrophic wardrobes. Yeah, that bad.

This season D is back like he never left, maybe even better. The face of Converse/Hexpad/Miami is leading the league in scoring, over the King, and is droppin' nearly 8 dimes a game. The performance he has displayed through only 18 games has 89% mitigated my pain-we let J-Will go- from last year, and it'll only get better. That's why I'm going out on a limb NOW and proclaiming Dwayne Wade this years MVP. Call me biased-being I'm from the Miami area-but without number 3 on the court, we'd be lucky break the double-digit mark in the W column, let alone fill up those eye popping orange and red seats.

Remember this post come June.

BTW, the reason for I titled this post 'Won't Trade' is because I'm almost positive that that is the voice of Flash in the last bit of Tip's joint. If anyone out there knows, drop some knowledge on me.

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