Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Back Off Hiatus.... Atari's Gotta A Vision That's Clearer Than Evian

Its been a while, I know, but I've been busy with Spring semester starting up and getting reacquainted with my new home in Crime Capitol, USA (aka Jacksonville, FL).

So, over my hiatus I realized how much I truly love the music industry right now. So much incredible stuff is going to launch in 09, regardless of genre, but of course we look at the hip-hop industry for amusement.

Here's a list of artists set to release new albums in the year of the Ox:

- Asher Roth
- Wale
- B.o.B (who I have had in constant rotation the last 3 weeks)
- Jay-Z
- Outkast (oh yeah, its coming)
- Eminem (I'm not sure how excited the rest of my Boogie-mates are about this)
- Yeezy (though he's hinted lately that it may be like an extension of 808s)
- Common (No ID and Ye produced... My knees are already buckling)
- Mos Def (I'm Ecstatic)
- Colin Munroe (I think everyone here is officially addicted to this cat)
- Kid CuDi

If I left anyone huge off of that list, I'm sorry, but those are the one's I'll be sweating it out for this year.

More to come, my thoughts are a bit jumbled right now.


SkateBoardD said...

Can't forget bout the Cons (fool, word)!!!!

Produced by Ye AND cousin Tip, may i add.

Andre said...

you forgot Drake.

can't act like his album isn't gonna be dope.