Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A link to a link to a download

I was doing a little browsing today and decided to check out Mr. Hudson's first album, A Tale of Two Cities, which he did with his group Mr. Hudson and the Library. I'd post the direct link, but I don't want any cease & desist emails (which I have gotten for putting stuff up on this blog, by the way), so I'll give you a link to a site, which will help you get the album.

Is it worth going through all this trouble, I have no idea. Regardless, click here if you want it.

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Atari said...

I've had this album for almost 2 months, and didn't have the sense to post it myself.

Its pretty good stuff, reminds me of a mix of Interpol and Rilo Kiley (any chance I get to push RK, I will).